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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 15

Our Association With Nanna - Part 15
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author

Guntur Ashram: January 2000

Nanna was glowing with Sri Radha's hladini power. Radhaji gave Her divine loving message through Radhasakhi to uplift the human beings.

" Mother granted some verses in hindi and vraj languages. I went through them thoroughly and gave a commentary in English. These will be circulated internationally also. I will print a book incorporating the four divine principles stated by Mother. In this kaliyuga, you cannot move up with your own self efforts. Vivekananda wrote to Tureeyananda that 'Only one in a million may reach the goal without hurdles. It is very difficult for ordinary man to cross these hurdles' "

" You must understand the four main hurdles. The first hurdle - you are in the illusion that your body is the real you. In this false illusion, you contemplate on small objects thinking they are permanent. That is how you fell. "

" At the time of death, your body consciousness is your biggest hurdle. Your relatives appear before you; you cannot go up. Vivekananda said 'one who has the interest to reach God faces many hurdles that stop him from going higher.' This could continue for years or even some births. I suffered, Ramakrishna also suffered. You do not have the power to face these hurdles. Mother granted Her hladini power. I will take you there. Mother gave a great power. You must adopt and follow Venu marg, the path of love. "

" Venu marg (flute path) means Mother is everywhere. There is no place where She is not there. You need not do any other japa or tapa. Live with the bhava that Mother is always with you. That is enough. That is only your penance. The supreme Lord Krishna himself surrendered to Radhaji. She is nameless and formless. That is why She is our deity in dhyana. How should we contemplate on Her? "

" Though my Mother is nameless and formless, She is with me always, looking after me. How could She inspire a total stranger to convert this room to AC? She can do everything! We worship Her. She does not belong to this Prakriti world. Those who contemplate on Her and do dhyana remain in a peculiar silent state. 'Mother, I do not know Her but She is with me, protecting me all the time.' If you maintain such a bhava, prakriti will not affect you. Gradually, at the time of death, traces of prakriti will not touch you. "

" So, the first stage is the thought that 'Mother is with me. She is protecting me. She is never away from me.' The second stage: you must effortlessly feel that 'You are with me, Mother, You are only with me. I do not have anybody else except You. None other than Mother. Live with the bhava that 'I am not alone, Mother is with me.' You must lead such a life. Mother's bhava is the highest. Some people forced me to permit them to write a book about my experiences. I do not like it to be printed as long as I am alive. "

" Mother gave such a divine message. God is all pervading. She said 'I am all pervading'. If you continuously maintain the bhava that the all pervading Mother is with even for a short period, you will find a great change in your life. You will attain a thoughtless mind. Whenever a thought enters your mind, it gets disturbed. That is why you will obtain a thoughtless mind in a short period of practice. "

" Avoid all thoughts. We fell from the higher world only due to these thoughts. In God's divine dham, thoughts do not exist. They belong only to this world of prakriti. You must have thoughtless mind. A few days of practice will give you the thoughtless mind which will link you with the divine dham. This is Mother's important message. You will experience this link with the divine dham by yourself so do not have any other goal. You must maintain incessant bhava that 'I am never alone in this world. I am with the divine being always'. This is Mother's Venu marg. There is no other penance. Feel the presence of Divine with you. You are never alone. You are always with the Divine. Always feel that you are never alone but with the Divine.' Do not worry that the Divine has no form. So what if the divine is formless? Divine is seeing your every minute, observing you. That is the greatness here. "

" Many people had great experiences so maintain the feeling that 'I do not fear even if I cannot see Mother. She is watching me. I am in Her sight. She is seeing me, that is enough.' You must practice like this for some time. Many people followed in this way. This only is my path. I have Divine interference. I am moving forward only with that divine interference. I will not tell you about that now. You will experience it within few days. Only two points: Always feel that that Divine Mother is with you, near you. You need not see Her form. She is seeing you. She will show you Her presence in few days. That psychological effect is very great. When you live with the Divine ., you will not need anything else. Everything will come to you. Everything is with you. "

Saying that we will face many hurdles in dhyana yoga, Nanna clearly stated that he is Radha's hladini power in his words: 'you do not have the power. I have Radha's hladini power. I will take you' He declared that 'I am moving forward with divine interference' Each and every word uttered by Nanna is the essence of Sri Radha bhava dhyana. He is in direct contact with Radhaji every moment. No wonder he said 'She gave Her points in Hindi and Vraj languages, I discussed and gave a commentary in English.'

Nanna explained the divine incident when Radhaji asked him to adorn Her.

" We decorated Her idol with original diamonds. She came that night and said 'Kuch accha nai - it is not good. I did not like this decoration remove it' She did not like anyway we adorned Her. I could not understand Her intention. I asked great scholars and devotees in Brindavan why She is removing any kind of clothes or jewelry we adorn Her with, even original diamonds. 'What does adorning Her mean?' 'What should I do?'They replied 'Only Mother knows the meaning of Her words. Even Brahma cannot understand them. You must go to Ravali and do penance in the night for some hours. Her sakhis will come and tell you how to adorn Her' some of us reached Ravali at midnight. God granted me the vision to see in the astral plane. Two members from Mother's world came down. "

" My son, Adorning does not mean decorating in a materialistic. Adorning Mother means following 4 principles. One who follows these four principles becomes beautiful. A groom will accept the bride when she is beautiful! These principles will beautify your mind. Without this, you cannot enter Her world. Note down these points.' "

" The first principle - 'Tatsukhena sukhitwam' Mother's happiness is your happiness. You have no other happiness. You must derive your joy only from Her. Your happiness should come only from the Divine Being and not from your senses. Sensual pleasures are trash. We don't need them. Mother will send you happiness from the divine plane. Accept that joy. I took that happiness, that divine bliss.. "

" The second principle - see only Mother everywhere all the time. Do not think She is present only in one place. She is present within good people and also within the wicked and dangerous people. So do not fear Don't have hatred for any soul in the world at any time. "

" Only he who sees Mother everywhere is a mahatma. He has attained the real state of a mahatma. The world is filled with people who hate each other. Purity is lost. That is why Mother told to give up hatred. "

" The third principle - Combination of form and formless! Some people feel worship on form is good while some others feel worshipping formless is better. Both should be combined. Divine creation is the combination of form and formlessness. If you remain in the state of combination of form and formless for 10 days, you will be coming very nearer to Mother. Mother has form; She is formless also! So don't question about form. I will teach you how to live in this combination. Your life will move smoothly and happily. "

" The Valimiki Ramayana explains one incident. After their wedding, Rama and Sita sat in the chariot to go to Ayodhya. 'Sita, why were you delayed?' 'My Lord. My mother was telling me that my duty as a wife is to serve you like a maid' 'I won't allow it. A wife is not a maid' 'I shall follow whatever you tell me' 'You must be with me always' "

" Mother is with me always, I also will not leave Her even for a single moment. This is your last birth with me. Then don't leave me for one minute.' If I do not feel Her presence for half an hour, I fell She is leaving me. If I am away from Her even for 10 minutes, I cannot live . (Nanna was weeping). You will also experience this agony of separation from Her. Some day you must also feel this grief; then only you will become detached from the world and move towards Her. Maya will prevent you from detachment so always live with Mother. You cannot get happiness from anything in this materialistic world. Your happiness is with Me only. Search for Mother continuously. She will remain with you always. Do not have anything else in your mind. Have your mind engaged only with the divine. Mother is present in Her form. She is here this moment. She is present in some other place also, in Her form. She gave me the skill to combine the form and formlessness. Probably one or two people in the world have this skill. I will tell you about it because you are interested only in tattwa. This is not theory. "

" Anantakrishna is a devotee residing in America. He may be far away from you but he is very near to Mother because She is there, in America also. He knows Her presence there. I will tell you how to appeal to Mother as his agent. 'Mother, that boy in America is suffering a lot. Please cure him.' Mother will certainly see him within a few hours or days. So any plane is not distance at all. Every place is very near to you because Mother is there. If your agent is near Her, it means you are near Her too! So any place in the world is my place. Where Mother lives, that is my place. So feel it as your own place. Mother is there and seeing into that. "

" I received a letter that an engineer in America wanted to commit suicide as he was unable to bear the headache. He consulted the biggest doctors in the whole of America. He is a wealthy man and can afford any treatment but the doctors said 'your disease cannot be cured by the world. You cannot live. You must die..' They gave in writing that he could not live. Then he wrote to me about his problem. "

" Man is only a small fool. Don't run away from man. Always believe that you are sent by Divine order. The Divine tells me now that if you behave in such a way which I tell you, you will be quite all right. You will be normal. Do that. Don't question. Follow it. "

" Penance is your life only. Thapas is not counting beads or anything else. It is life. You must lead not that life but this life. Gulab baba thought 'There is no use of my living. If I cannot serve Mother, I will die. I won't live.' He stopped eating because he wanted to die. "

" The Gita says - so don't think you know. It is not by the process of what you call dhyana or this, but live the right life. If you live the right life, then the divine forces will help you. Man is not living the right kind of life, so he has problems in life. If you have any problems in life, it is because you are not leading the right kind of life because that only purifies the mind. Mind purification is not physical or mental; it is living the right life. "

" Mother showed the right life to be led with some examples. I will narrate one of them. Such a life is difficult. A Bengali sadhu, a great scholar and yogi came to Brindavan. He was sitting under a tree and weeping one day. Hundreds of pilgrims and devotees passed by but nobody even looked at him. An eight year old girl came near him. 'Baba, why are you weeping? What is your difficulty? Please tell me' 'I am a Bengali. The food here is not suiting me. I want to go back to Bengal. I will get good food there but I will go far away from Brindavan. Brindavan is Your personality. Your personal swaroop is Brindavan. How can I leave it?' 'I cannot' He began to cry loudly. 'My Mother Radha will come sometime and give me peace. I am waiting for Her' Nobody cared for him. Each person takes care of himself or his family .. "

" The girl said 'Baba, Go to that fourth house from here. They will look after you carefully. Tell them that their daughter sent you. Ask them for the porridge prepared at noon and stored in the shelf. When he went to the house and told about the porridge, they took him inside affectionately. As soon as he went there, his mind changed totally. He thought why he left Mother and came here for food. 'Food is not my criteria. Outer life is not my criteria. I wanted to live my life completely for the sake of my Mother.' His mind changed so much. He was weeping in one corner for Her. "

" Now his weeping has a divine purpose. 'To leave this world and to see Mother' He wants to live a perennial life of living with the Divine Mother. Rama told Sita 'You be with me perpetually. Don't leave me.' When Rama was about to leave the kingdom, his mother cried. 'Rama, as soon as you go to the forest, your father will die. That is inevitable. I will not have any life after that. You also will not be there. I will become lonely. I cannot live like that. Why don't you leave Sita with me? I will have peace of mind'. Rama asked Sita if she would stay back with his mother. She refused. 'Lord, you told me that I have to be continuously with you. I can't think of staying back.' "

" In the same way, try to follow the Divine Mother. Always be following me just as a wife faithfully and loyally follows her husband. Divine Mother is our husband. In a world conference on spirituality held in Patna, the question arose 'Who is Radha?' The scholars all over India debated and gave the answer 'She is the inner most Soul.' "

" Mother is coming towards us slowly. She said 'Don't leave Me under any circumstances. You may have all worldly things, no harm. Within all these things, feel the presence of Mother.' You must feel the divine presence in your heart continuously. "

" 'Antarmuka samardhyayai namah bahirmukha sudurlabha'. Your worship must be inwardly. Not this kind of external worship. She has already come to you. She is already within you. Why do you search for God here and there? Stop searching for God and develop the habit of living with the God who is within you. You must live with God continuously just as a faithful wife lives with her husband. "

" If you pass this stage, you live continuously with the divine. You cannot leave Her. I could not leave Her at one time. I went to the forest and lived with Her alone. I cannot live without Her even for a single moment. Chaitanya said 'I cannot live without Krishna.' Similarly I cannot live without my Mother. So every minute, I am with Mother only. I cannot live without Mother. It is impossible for me to live without Her. "

" That is exactly what Rama told Sita 'Be with me always. You don't have any other thapas. Your only thapas is to be with me.' That is why she never left him. "

" Let us always be with Mother. We don't need anything else. You will get everything that you need. You will get money and whatever you want. The only thing is don't look outside for help; don't look outside for anything. Your only help; your only prop; everything is within you. This is what Mother told us. Finally, that is the secret of success; that is real beauty (soundarya) of the mind. Mind must attain beauty. It is only when the soul is attached with the divine that is the beauty. "

" Radha is not only a female, She is also a male. You may think She is female, She is a male also. That is why Krishna surrendered to Her. The Vedas mention that he falls at Her feet saying 'I belong to You. I surrender to You.' We must not see in terms of masculine and feminine bodies. Forget the body. You will see who is male and who is female. The complex of male and female is only Divine Mother. We say Mother. It is not Mother, it is divine. So follow the divine Mother every minute. You don't need anything else. This is the effect of all the sadhanas, the highest effect. I followed many sadhanas for many years then I realized this truth. "

" I will give another example. One man in America was almost dying due to lack of medical care. He told me on phone. 'No. I will tell Mother who will save you.' I prayed to Mother who is with me here. 'Mother - You are there with him. He is desperately suffering, please save him' After three days he called up and said 'I feel much better now.' It is not like in this world, this is separate and that is separate. The whole world is one single unit; that unit is controlled by divine Mother. And the divine Mother is only in your heart. She is always with us. Don't run to any place. I am telling you again that the whole world is one unit. That unit is always with Mother; then She is within you. That is the equation. You will certainly see that She is with you. No doubt about it. She will certainly see you. Some divine element is working within you. "

In his talk, Nanna stressed the secret of spiritual sadhana - You must always remain with Mother just as the faithful wife lives with her husband always. Each word is spoken from his experience; hence it touches our heart. 'It is impossible for me to live without my Mother.' This divine sentence reflects his state of dhyana. He explained that beauty of mind means constantly being in Mother's presence. Having followed and understood many paths of sadhana, he declared that 'being with Mother every moment is the highest' This is what I realized.'

Only Nanna who publicly stated - that 'where Mother lives, that is my place', has the authority to give Sri Radha's loving message to humanity. That is why he categorically said 'Do that. Don't question. Follow it.' Knowing that the whole world is one single unit and unit is under Radhaji's control is real beauty of the mind. Our guru also gave us the message that 'don't have any hatred for any soul in the world' because Mother is present within each and every living being.

'Mother, please grant me such love that I will not forget You even for a single moment. I will see You only in everything and everybody and reach You.'

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