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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 15

Our Association With Nanna - Part 15
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
Amma's Words

Sridham, 23.04.2011, 06.00 a.m.

Nannagaru, the embodiment of love handed to the world, the essence of Sri Radha dhyana along with his own practical experience and messages. He explained the single topic of Radha bhava dhyana with so many bhavas in great detail. Every time he spoke, he gave us the feel of newness which touches our heart.

The mahatmas who gave us Ramayana and Mahabharata experienced the essence that they gave to the world. Rasikacharya Nanna, the personification of Sri Radha dhyana yoga's essence gave us this tattwa in so many bhavas. Whether he spoke about Gulab Baba's divine life or little Rehman's story, he spoke in different perspective each time. While speaking, he went into complete bhava, became bhava himself and gave us the touch of that bhava. Narrating Vithal das ji's story, he became so much immersed in that bhava, unified himself with Vithaldasji and said 'we do not come down generally; we have no link with this world.'

What is jeeva's real dharma? Nanna explained in minutest detail and simple words about the dharma that we must follow to reach our goal. He emphasized that the jeeva must know what true wealth is, how to attain it and also how to utilize it fruitfully. He explained these aspects in a straight forward and detailed manner.

The three base modes (eshanatrya) pulls man down. Man must disentangle himself from these strong modes and follow the spiritual path to reach Mother. To achieve this, Mother's grace is inevitable. Nanna clearly told us that life to lead such that we can attain that bhava to enter the bhava world.

Though you amass a lot of wealth in this world, you must leave it here only when you leave the world. The only wealth that will come with us forever is Radha wealth. This can be attained through incessant dhyana on Radhaji. The wealth is such that, though jeeva takes innumerable births; though we leave Mother; She will always hold us. We must obtain that wealth, that spiritual wealth. Though you live in your family, you can maintain passivity and earn that wealth. Nanna said, this is the only sadhana. Though it appears difficult, when you practically implement in your life; Mother will be with us and sees that we are not attached towards anything. When Rehman was suffering the beatings from his father; though his parents were against him; he contemplated only on Mother continuously and filled his hear with Her! No wonder Mother sent Her instrument for the boy to reach Her. In the same way, though you are with your family, do not give up the link with Mother. If you incessantly contemplate only on Her, She will organize Her instruments according to our need. You must reach that state of complete surrender to Her. Only then, She will look after you.

Rasamani collected the cassettes of this volume with great difficulty; listened to them attentively and carefully drafted this volume. I pray that Nanna's divine blessings will always be with her.


Sri Radhasakhi charanarenuvu


(A speck of dust at the holy feet of Radhasakhi)




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