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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 15

Our Association With Nanna - Part 15
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
Author's Foreword

'Ya Lakshmi Suka Narada ....... Krupa drishtim kada dasyasi' - Sri Radhasudhanidhi (Verse 85)

'Sri Radha. Serving You is filled with awe and rasa every moment. It grants great happiness to Lakshmi Devi, Sage Suka and Narada. By Your grace, the women in Vraja are filled with ecstatic love. I wish to obtain such rasa too. Mother, when will You shower Your grace on me'. Thus Sri Hitacharya pleads for Swamini's service.

When Sri Radha's service is filled with rasa and is exquisitely wonderful every moment even for Lakshmi Devi, the source of wealth; Suka Maharishi, the wealth of penance and even Sage Narada who is always immersed in Lord Narayana's name; then what can be said about ordinary mortals like us?

Sri Radha's confidential sakhi, our Nanna also wrote in one of his songs - 'Can innumerable powers and heavens equal the sweetness of Your service?' Nanna described the prominence of Her service and how difficult it is to attain!

Sri Krishna said 'Radha's name is more prominent than my hundred names. I do not know what fruit those who are constantly in Sri Radha's thoughts only will attain'

Sri Krishna himself declared that Radha's name is greater than his 100 names and the fortune of doing dhyana on Her is beyond description. Then who can explain about Radha, the embodiment of rasa? Nanna also stated that 'I am the partner in Radha rasa' and 'I can realize the inner meaning of tattwataha'. We are fortunate to attain that divine rasa, which even Brahma and other Gods could not get, in the form of our Nanna! Radhasakhi, the manifested form of rasa, distributed rasa through his books, speeches and teaching dhyana. After withdrawing the physical form, the all pervading light expanded the horizon of spreading his love and continues to distribute rasa. The Vedas also could not describe Radha, Radhasakhi or divine love!

The volumes of 'Our Association with Nanna' contain and invisible touch of Radha and Radhasakhi shining in them. Every word in the book is uttered by Nanna so he is the author too! He declared that moksha is nothing before rasa tattwa. Well versed with every aspect of rasa, he was always engrossed deeply in the waves of rasa! In such a state, he questioned the jeeva 'Why are you born? Is it for Mother or for the bases modes in this world? and lovingly taught that 'every relationship in this world is due to owing something in the previous births. Link with Mother only is true and everlasting' Speaking about worshipping rasa, Nanna said 'If you worship Rama or Krishna, you are not worshipping rasa. You must worship the love and rasa tattwa in divine Gods' Radhaji is the sovereign of such a rasa tattwa and rasa world! Nanna is the aspect of Her Hladini power, which is inseparable from Her! Radharani blessed us by granting Her sakhi as our Guru. Every word uttered by Nanna makes us aware of this fact. He granted us the fortune of reproducing his words in the form of books so that we can read and recall them again and again. 'Mother's grace is so intense and powerful.'

'I don't want any pleasures. The world is only after Mother. My life is also only after Mother. I don't want anything else'. Nanna's words exemplify his divine life. He came down only to follow rasa dharma; that is why he gave up all other dharmas as in Vedas. Narrating Vithal Das ji's story, he said, 'generally we don't come here; we don't have any link with the world.' This tells us the truth about his life! Saying 'use my message as much as you need', he instructed 'jeeva is born only to do dhyana. Do incessant dhyana'. He taught us how to be attached to Mother through his speeches. 'I am never alone in this world. I am with the Divine- Be in this bhava all the time. This is Radhaji's path of love'

'Unless you weep with the bhava of separation from the divine; you will not become detached from the world and go towards Mother. So you always live with Mother only.' This is Radhasakhi's loving message to the world. Nanna, please grant us the boon of being with you constantly in bhava, as you are Radhaji's shadow.

Nanna declared 'where Mother lives, that is my place'. So being with Nanna is being with Mother' ' As we were invited from Brindavan, I Radha came' Nanna's words clearly indicate that he is one of Radhaji's inseparable aspects.

This book is Nanna himself! It is being printed with the cooperation of his devotees. I pray that they are blessed with Guru's grace.


Always at the lotus feet of Radhasakhi




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