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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 15

Our Association With Nanna - Part 15
*Nanna's words
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Sri Radha sahacharineem rasa sakheem Radha sakheem
Sri sakheem ... Radha prasadam Gurum

I pray to Srisakhi, Sri Radha's companion, Rasasakhi, Radhasakhi, who propagates bhava love and rules the three worlds. I pray to our Guru who is Radha Prasad, who has a unique and wonderful body, invisible skills, who follows rasa dharma, the manifestation of Radha's love.



18.9.1999, Radhashtami

Nanna invited everybody to participate in the Radhashtami celebrations, the holy day when Radhaji came down to earth. Nanna lovingly said 'I will call Mother on that day. She will not refuse. She will certainly come. Though you cannot see Her, She will see you. Come to be in her sight. Don't miss this great opportunity.' Many devotees flocked to participate in the function. Nanna and the devotees reached Ravali, the place where Mother came to this world. After the rituals early in the morning, Nanna went to a state of deep bhava. He might be having a vision of some divine plays in that divine plane!

" Radhaji's incarnation is the highest. It is the greatest because She descended directly from the sky as a two year old girl. She does not have parents. The portrait we worship is Radha as She descended to earth. "

" The Vedas mention Brahma's words about Radha's prominence. 'I wish to describe Radhaji's wonderful life but my life span is not enough for that. I can speak all my life without any repetition. Her life is like such a vast ocean'. There is nothing that She cannot do. "

'Radhnothi Sakalan Kaman Tasmath Radhethi Keerthitha'

" When Sati burnt herself to ashes, Shiva was enraged. He declared that he would destroy all the worlds if he did not get Sati back. Goddess Earth approached Lord Vishnu to protect from Shiva's anger. 'I can't help you. I don't have the power to bring back Sati Devi to life and hand over to Shiva. I am helpless.' She approached Lord Narayana and Gopala Krishna but they also said the same. All the Gods were worried that Shiva would burn down all the worlds in anger. They found out that only Radha has the power to bring Sati Devi back alive. Krishna and other Gods prayed to Her. "

" Shiva prayed to Her. 'Mother, I lost my wife. Maha Vishnu and Krishna expressed their inability to bring her back to life. Please grant me Sati'. 'Take my mantra and chant it daily. When you do such penance in the Himalayas, I will grant you My darshan and give your Sati back to you.' Mahadev followed Her instructions. Mother came to him as a little girl. 'Mahadev, Do not weep. Your wife is with Me. I will give her life and send her to you' Mother granted life to Sati even after she burnt herself to ashes. Radha is the manifestation of such super power. "

" Radhaji is an infinite ocean of power. Radhaji could do what Vishnu, Narayana or even Krishna could not. Radhaji told Shiva 'I will make her alive but you both must live separately in penance. Your temple and her temple must be different.' He agreed. That is why; you will always find Mahadev temple and Shakti temple separately. They are not worshipped together like Rama and Sita. They practiced brahmacharya deeksha (vow of austerity) "

" Don't get entangled in your family. This will remain only for some time. Only Radha will maintain a permanent link with the jeeva and can uplift him. So under all situations, you must only think 'Radhe Radhe; Mother is with me'. Radha is nowhere else; She is always with you. She is a small child! Love Her as you would love a little girl. Within few days, you will realize Her kindness and greatness! That is why we all gathered here to celebrate this occasion. Fortunately, Dr. Prasadraya Kulapati garu, a renowned pandit and poet is with us today. He will speak a few words about Radha. "

Nanna spoke about Dakshya yagya and Sati burning herself many times to highlight that nothing is impossible for Radhaji. Each time he stressed on a different point. In this speech, he stressed on the vow of austerity. Saying that since Radhaji wished them to accept this vow, they are worshipped separately Nanna said 'don't develop excess attachment towards your family.' Thus he hinted that we also must follow the vow of austerity to please Mother.

10.02.2000, Vasantha Panchami, Guntur Ashram:

On this sacred occasion, Nanna's speech highlighted the love showered by Radhaji in the lives of rasika mahatmas and Her hladini power.

" Radha is all pervading. This is the first principle. She is everywhere. The Vedas also proclaim this truth. She is here now as I am speaking to you. Even for a moment do not give up the bhava that She is with you. That bhava must remain permanently. You must always be in awareness that this materialistic world is temporary and Mother is always with you. Mother gave these two principles to the world. Be careful about this transient world. Wherever I go, Mother is with me. 'I am not alone. She is with me.' I remain in this bhava all the time. It is a great bhava. She is invisible. She clearly said 'I am watching you. You cannot see Me but you are in my sight. So you need not fear anything. You cannot see Me here but you can see Me in that world.' "

" The all pervading Mother is present everywhere. Bhagawad Gita mentions that a real mahatma is one who sees only God everywhere. He may be any God - Radha, Rama, Krishna . but see him everywhere! Don't limit him to an idol. Such a great message! "

" A great devotee spent all his life serving Lord Visveswara in Kasi. 'God, give me a message; that will be my penance' .I will narrate an incident that happened here. A wealthy man loved his mother very much. After she died, he built a seven storied building with a temple in her name. The next day after the building was completed, it collapsed. He constructed it once again. Just before inauguration it collapsed. Why did this happen? He sincerely wanted to install the holy mother in the temple. He asked the Lord why this was happening. 'What sin did I commit?' 'My son, it is not a sin but you are trying to limit God and restrict to an idol. I don't like this. I am infinite. You are trying to imprison me in this little space. That is why, I am demolishing the building every time.' What a great truth! "

" 'Bahunam janmanamanthe .' . When his father asked Prahalada where his Lord exists, he replied 'How can I say where my Hari is? He is all pervading. He is everywhere. He is in your heart and my heart also. If we want to see him here, he is present here. Do not doubt his presence anywhere'. This is the great principle in the Bhagawad Gita. One who can see the divine presence everywhere is a real mahatma. People need to take several births before this knowledge is awakened in them. Then only can they attain true devotion. "

" My Lord is everywhere. He cannot be confined to one place. Where ever you go, you will find him. Where ever you wish, you will see him. Prahlada saw him in every tree and pit also. The gopikas also saw only Krishna everywhere. 'Yatra yatra mano yathi tatra tatra Madhava' - They saw only Madhava everywhere. That is why, they became so great! Their state is extraordinary. Due to gopikas, soil of Vraja also became sacred. Uddhava said that he would sprinkle the soil at their feet on his head as a mark of respect for them. The spiritual scriptures also preach to see only the all pervading God. "

" Radhaji told her father, King Vrishabhanu 'Do not think of me as a little child. I am filled in all the 14 worlds'. Krishna also showed his mother, Yashoda his greatness in childhood itself. When she asked him to open his mouth to see whether he ate mud, he opened his mouth and showed her all the 14 worlds. What did he imply? 'I am not a small entity. I am infinite. See me everywhere. Don't restrict me.' "

" It is easy to see God everywhere. My path is very easy. The Gita and Prahlada also showed this path. Mother is all pervading. Mother told us 'Wherever you want to see Me, I am present there' "

" When I was writing Her book in peak summer, that all pervading Mother saw me suffering. Listen carefully. I need not ask Her to provide relief. She is watching me. 'Oh, he is suffering. I must do something for him.' She gave inspiration to a stranger to convert this room to AC. He did not spend so much money on his own. A divine power entered and changed his mind. That divine power is Radha. She possesses the hladini sakthi (power of sublime ecstasy). Many people are not aware of this power. I will show you. Radha is the embodiment of hladini. That is why, She is worshipped even by Krishna. "

" Every year, rasa leela is enacted in Brindavan where thousands of people gather to watch. The actors literally live the roles played by them. Each leela is acted in different scenes. "

" Scene1: Manmatha (God of cupid) enters with his companions. 'I conquered Brahma by making him succumb to worldly desires. I made Lord Shiva also give in to desires. I have one enemy left. I must conquer Krishna also. Everybody is flocking towards him. "

" Scene2: Gopala is playing with his friends. Manmatha enters 'Madana, please come. Sit down.' 'I did not come here for pleasantries. I came on an important mission.' 'Please tell me about it.' 'You know that I defeated Gods and rishis by evoking desire in them. I upset many rishis and disturbed their penance. Now I want to control you also.' 'Manmatha, Maharas will take place after a few days. Many girls will be present from different places. They are young and will dance around me. If you can change the mind of even a single girl and create desire in her, I will accept defeat.' He agreed and left. "

" 'Daivihyesha gunamayi mama maya durutyaya' "

" 'Many people fell from their elevated state due to my maya. Nobody can resist maya because it has divine power. This is my maya. What you call maya is, really my power. How can you defeat it?' said Krishna. Manmatha is the embodiment of the Lord's maya. No wonder Brahma, Shiva and many sages surrendered to maya. We too will bow before maya. "

" Vivekananda wrote in his letter: 'when you do dhyana, involuntarily desire is evoked in you. Why does this happen? Every living object in this world is made up of three base modes. When even Brahma and Shiva had these gunas, man is no exception. Rajoguna is made of anger and desire. That is your body. As you move higher in dhyana yoga towards astral plane, desires increase. When you become a prey to these desires, you will fall. Thus, many sages fell from their elevated planes. This is the danger from desires. "

" Well! Manmatha, the cupid God accepted Gopala's challenge. Now Krishna thought 'I challenged him to evoke desire even in one girl. They are ordinary women. Suppose there is even a single fallible of opike?' His power is not an ordinary one. Then what will be my state'? 'I made a mistake' Aware that nobody except Radha can save his honour, he prayed to Her and She appeared before him. Hearing his predicament, She assured to protect him. "

" Scene 3: Maharas - Great Transcendental Play "

" Thousands of women and young girls immersed in dance. Manmatha enters with his five flowery arrows which have the highest force. When he shoots the arrows, Mother extends Her hand outwards. Immediately, he loses all his power. Manmatha fell at Krishna's feet. Krishna did not surrender to him; he surrendered to Krishna. Mother's hladini power created an unprecedented divine ecstasy and transformed everyone. Since then Krishna became Madan Mohan and Radha became Madan Mohan Mohini. "

Thus Nanna explained Radhaji's hladini power. He stressed that desire is very powerful; when joined by maya with the three base modes, the effect is devastating however hladini power can diffuse this effect in no time.

" The Vedas proclaim that Mother is worshipped by Krishna. All religious scriptures, Devi Bhagawata , Garg Bhagawata also deify Her powers. Those who worship Her wholeheartedly are strong willed. She can change the mind of anybody easily. I saw Her power personally. I told you about Her divine play wherein She changed this room to AC. When we worship Her and surrender to Her completely, She will change our life. "

" I will narrate a unique incident that occurred in U.P state. Kulachandra was a great kind and mighty warrior. The Britishers invaded his kingdom many times but could not defeat him. They made a plan to win the war. They took advantage that he is Radhaji's devotee; he would not do anything that would displease Her and Radhaji likes cows. They placed a cow before every British soldier. Either the king must kill the cows and calves or accept defeat. "

" He realized that Radhaji is very fond of cows. When Krishna killed a demon who came in disguise as a bull, Radhaji was very sad. Krishna tried to convince Her that he killed a demon. She did not accept his words that he is not really a cow but only took the form of a cow. She argued that 'Everybody worships the Shiva linga knowing fully well that is only his form. They respect that form. I also looked at that form only. Create a pond that can remove such sins. I will not speak to you till that time.' Krishna dug the pond. She was not satisfied and dug it Herself with the flute. When She dug into the earth 2-3 times, a fountain of milk emerged! Later water from all the rivers was lead into the pond. That is how, the sacred Radha Kund was created.It is believed that whoever bathes in the holy water of Radha Kund exactly at the time when it was formed, their sins will be dissolved. More than 1 lakh people old, young and children take a dip in that holy water every year. Elaborate arrangements are made because all the devotees take a dip during the sacred period of 58 minutes, 11.02 pm to 12 midnight that day. "

" Kulachandra knew Mother's fondness for cows. He simply decided to give up his kingdom. See his tranquility and sacrifice. Mother saw his decision and determination. She ensured that he gets the respect he deserves. "

" That is how, Mother fills the hearts of the devotees. Why did the King give up his duty towards his kingdom? He surrendered to his deity, Radha Devi and gave up all the dharmas. He did not want anything for himself. "

" So don't do anything that would hurt Mother. If you lose something, it does not matter. But She must not become sad. She will certainly save us from all predicaments.This is our first lesson. Another important point to remember is that we are born in this world to do divine dhyana and reach an elevated plane. The worldly dharmas are petty ones. You can easily give them up. The dharma of all dharmas, the highest dharma is divine service. When you do divine service, She will see that you don't lack anything. "

" We did Her coronation ceremony in our ashram. About 700 people participated in the function and took prasad. I did not ask anybody for a rupee. Mother told me 'Don't ask anybody for money. I will arrange everything.' This is Her manifested leela so you must surrender to Her. When you live in the bhava that She is everything, your next life will not be what you wish. Maya intervenes and you are nothing, She will take care of you.When Brindavan called, I Radha came. "

" Gulab baba was a great muslim devotee who believed that he was born only to serve Mother. One who does not serve Her does not deserve to live. In this leela Mother showed that every jeeva's next life depends on what he contemplates during the last moments of his life. Gulab baba and his daughter served Mother by his songs and her dance every day. After her marriage, he was unable to do Her service alone. He did not eat for 4 days. 'I don't deserve to eat because I did not serve You.I am such a despicable man who can't serve Mother. I cannot eat food.' Mother understood his state of grief. She did not want the grief to determine his next birth. 'During his last moments, he shall see Me only; not any worldly objects.' With this divine intervention, She took the form of his daughter and danced while he sang Her favorite song ('Maine rath na lagayi') 'I chant Radha's name; I put Her name as tilak on my forehead; Radha is in every part of my body; Radha is with me; around me. Radha is in my eyes and on my tongue. My whole life is Radha! I don't want anything else. Mother asked him to sing this song. "

" So when you surrender yourself, this body to Her, She will look after you. I gave you my example also. So let us surrender to Mother. I can't say more. Radhe Radhe. "

Nanna's speech on 10.02.2000 on the auspicious occasion of Vasantha Panchami clearly explains about Sri Radha's hladini power. Sri Krishna constantly worships Her hladini form. Whether he speaks about Madan Mohan Mohini leela, Kulachandra's story, Gulab baba's story or his room in Guntur ashram being converted to AC, Nanna always stressed on the hladini aspect of all pervading Sri Radha. His exemplary message to us - we must surrender our life to Mother.

Krishna told jeeva to give up all other dharmas and surrender to him. He assured that he would look after the welfare of the devotees who surrender completely to him. The Vedas state that such a Krishna, the Lord of Lords worships Radha incessantly. Krishna came down to protect dharma; Radha came down to shower rasa. With references from Vedas and his own experience, Nanna said that jeeva's dharma is to surrender to Radhaji and be engaged in incessant Sri Radha Bhava Dhyana.

" Self surrender is your majestic path; the blissful and sublime path. Radha, Mother of all worlds, the embodiment of hladini power will reside in the hearts of the devotee who surrenders to Her. "


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