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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 15

Our Association With Nanna - Part 15
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author

09.01.2000, Guntur Ashram

Glowing with Radhaji's aspects, Radhasakhi, our Nanna replied to all the questions asked by devotees about rasika mahatmas, vedic rules, worship of rasa etc.

" Bhukti (craving for food) and mukti (salvation) are two ghosts "

'Nanna, we want Mother only.'

'The Vedas speak about artha, dharma, kama and moksha. Then should we remove artha and kama from this old age saying?'

" It is like going back to primary school after post graduation! "

'Nanna, it is mentioned in the Vedas that one should marry. Nowhere does the Vedas speak against marriage .'

" The Vedas speak about persons who married and also those who did not. There are unique persons who married, yet went for penance independent of husband. See how strange it is! Madalasa was a queen. Yet she gave up the kingdom and family and went to do penance. Generally men leave the family and go for penance. Madalasa had three sons. She made all of them into yogis. When the fourth son was born, her husband stopped her saying that if even the last child would become a yogi, who would look after the kingdom? She left her husband, child, palace and kingdom to do penance. She is such a great yogini. Irrespective of vedic age or present age, it is individual's free will. There is no force. She left her husband with her free will stating that her sons would be yogis only! "

'Nanna, is it not wrong to hurt the parents by not listening to their words regarding marriage and give them sorrow?'

" Sorrow comes from pure, divine association. Nothing else is sorrow. When a son stops his father from drinking alcohol, the father is sad. Likewise, the son is sad when his father prevents him from drinking. Then is it sin to make them sad? A person came to me and requested me to make his brother stop drinking as he was spending all his money for drinks and his family was suffering even without proper food. The person came near me. I thought of Mother and said 'my son, why don't you stop drinking? This is my request to you.' 'I will stop totally.' 'From when?' 'Just now' That's all. He gave up drinking once for all. When the time comes, Mother takes care! "

'Some people say that you cannot achieve anything by going against parents wishes and not marrying .'

" Marriage is an absolute waste. Gautam Buddha was the ruler of his kingdom, a pure minded person. He gave up everything and left leaving behind his weeping father, mother, wife and son. He simply left without informing anybody. Chaitanya also left his aged mother and loving wife. He left while they were sleeping. Now is that not a sin? Kabir said 'Why should you take the permission to sing the name of Lord Rama?' Ramadas heard Kabir's words and left everything for Rama. "

" So nothing is wrong when it is linked with divine. Vivekananda literally abused God for giving him such a situation of poverty that he could not get a job or feed his hungry mother. One day he came home hungry after struggling for a job without success. His mother gave him porridge. He knew she did not eat anything the whole day. He left the house on the pretext of some work. He fainted on the way due to fatigue and hunger. The neighbours took him home and gave him food. That was Vivekananda's life at one time. With whose permission did he take sanyas? So there is no need to seek anybody's permission. You must follow your own inner conscience. "

Nanna spoke thus about rasa tattwa:

" Srisuka narrated the Bhagawata for 7 days. It is the highest book on devotion but it does not even mentions Radhaji's name or any of Her eight sakhis! It refers to so many other insignificant characters. Why? Nobody could give a plausible answer till now. I read about this in-depth and located the answer. Radhaji beckoned Her devotee Srisuka and said 'You are narrating the Bhagawata and thousands of people gathered to listen to you. I am watching with my divine sight. I do not find a single rasika in this huge gathering. So don't mention either my name or My sakhi's names in your discourse. That is the reason, why I am not there.' "

" Now who is rasika? Because a rasika was not present there, why nobody could not attain Mother's presence? Mother told the real reason. This happened! I can challenge that nobody knows what actually took place. Our hindu philosophy is very deep. Though we have a justifiable answer, the philosophers and scholars cannot understand it. Nobody understand who a rasika is or what rasopasana means. In the materialistic world, a rasika is one who is immersed in carnal pleasures but in the highest philosophy, rasika is in a higher plane than a yogi! "

" I do rasopasana. What did Radha lack if there is no rasika in the gathering? Suppose you invite me for lunch, arrange the banana leaf but do not serve any items of my liking. I may refuse your invitation then how can I be wrong? When you invite me, you must serve what I like. Mother likes rasikas. She wants you to lead a rasika's life. That gathering of Bhagawata saptaha consisted of only people leading a worldly life. Not a single person could give Her happiness by living as She likes. "

" Our final goal is Mother. What is the use of this life which cannot satisfy Mother? For whom is your life? Is it for Mother or for your desires (dareshana, dhaneshana, putreshana)? Sankaracharya clearly stated 'Matha nasthi pita nasthi.. Jagrata'. Either he is a fool or we are fools who are unable to understand him. These words contain the essence of his life. "

" 'Runanubandhuroopena pasupatni sutalaya' - all relations are only due to debts in our previous births. "

" One scripture narrates the incident where in a couple were blessed with a son after intense penance. He bought a bottle of oil and told her to apply only that much quantity which the tip of a needle could hold. She was upset at his miserliness towards the child who was born after so much waiting. She applied a good amount of oil each day. The little boy died after 13 days. He told his wife 'We were indebted to the child. He came to collect his debt. I want to prolong his life. That's why I wanted you to apply only a tiny drop of oil. Now his debt is cleared with your oil and he left us.' "

" A similar incident happened in my life also. Komarraju Ramachandra rao was the only son of his parents. Since childhood, he was a great poet. I visited their house one day intentionally. The boy was suffering from fits. His body was bent in the shape of a rainbow. His suffering was unbearable. I understand that he was suffering only due to debts due to him. Only because of this debt, he was born as their son. Maya is beyond the relation of mother and son. I approached his father and told that the parents and I owe the boy some debt from previous birth. That is why, I was made to come here. I sat beside the boy. Suddenly he said, 'Veerabhadra Rao, you owe me Rs. 12. When will you repay my money?' I told his parents 'If I give him the money, he will die this evening. If I do not give the money, he will live for some time but with unbearable suffering. All your debts are cleared. Only I owe him now. What do you want me to do?' They told me to repay the money and relieve him from the suffering. He took the money and put it below his pillow. Then he had another massive attack of fits and died. "

" The boy publicly proved that our relation is only due to debt. Every relation on earth is based only on debt. We think of them as parents, children, siblings but in reality everything is linked to debt only. Each one is on his own. Though many may not like it, this is the fact; the solid philosophical elemental truth. Nobody has any relationship with the other. Otherwise how would such a great person as Sankaracharya say that mother, father, brothers, relatives, wealth, property, house - nothing exist really. Beware of this truth. When Sankaracharya's mother did not agree to his accepting sanyas, he prayed to Lord Shiva. The Lord blessed him and created a maya whereby a crocodile held his leg. 'Mother, the crocodile gripped my leg. I cannot escape. My life is over. You did not fulfill my desire to take sanyas in this life.' 'My son, I permit you to become a sanyasi.' 'Immediately, the crocodile left his leg and he came to shore. The relationship between him and his mother is only by debt. He cleared the debt and took the sanyas. She was not ready to leave him so he planned in this way. That is not wrong. When she cried that nobody would perform her last rites after he leaves her, he promised that wherever he would be, he would certainly come as soon as she called him. He was in Kedarnath when he heard his mother's voice calling him to perform her last rites. He possessed the power to listen to words spoken to him as they are transmitted through the sky. He immediately went there and performed the last rites. Everybody ostracized him because he went against the rules of a sanyasi and cremated his mother. He did not react. He did his duty and left. Though he became a sanyasi, he did not give up his dharma towards his mother. So you can leave your mother and take sanyas or do penance. "

" Chaitanya also left behind his aged and poor parents to suffer without him. He left even without informing them. You must not see this form from the worldly angle. You must see it from spiritual angle. Nobody knew about him .. What did I say? "

Suddenly Nanna came out of a divine trance.

'Nanna, are Rasika bhaktas (devotees) really present?'

" Yes, in that age and present time also. Otherwise why would Mother mention about them? Even now, unless one becomes a rasika devotee, he is not eligible to enter into Radhaji's service. She will not permit him. They cannot come from the lower world to the upper world. That is the greatest difficulty. "

" A rasika is one who worships rasa. If I will keep the juice of the mango and give you the skin and seed, will you accept it? "

'Nanna, nobody will accept it'

" That is what complete God is! Skin, seed and juice together make Bhagawan. In rasopasana, the skin and seed are separated from the juice. They are not interested in the appearance (form) of God. They want only his love, his rasa. They worship only divine rasa. "

" Today's so called gurus and devotees do not worship rasa, not even those who worship Rama. Lord Rama is only form for them. But Rama is the fruit filled with Mother's rasa. That is the real tattwa. "

" We follow sakhi's tradition. All sakhis, not even a trace of a man is present near Mother. I explained this point to sekhar and said don't marry. Remain as bachelor for life! He accepted. "

" Why are you born as a human being in this world? The philosophy commences from here. It is sastric and also scientific. Nobody knows that science, yet it is the truth. You must know the circumstances in which you were born here. The penance you are doing is not enough. You cannot do such penance again. Your strength is not enough. I will give you that strength. "

Speaking about Radha bhava dhyana with thoughtless mind, Nanna said:

" The Vedas say that the same mind is responsible for your salvation (moksha) or bondage(bandha) . The mind will take you up or bring you down. There is a scientific reason for the qualities that the mind will pull you up or down. Your dhyana begins with this scientific reasoning. You must train your mind. Same mind is the cause to uplift you or for your downfall. The thoughtless mind will pull you up; a mind full of thoughts will pull you down. There is a scientific reason. Esoteric science! You can develop thoughtless mind with five minutes ... "

" What is your sadhana (spiritual practice) to develop thoughtless mind? What are the powers of a thoughtless mind which will be automatically developed? This is the important message of a yogi's soul. "

Nanna quoted point 4 of divine wisdom book.

'When we worship the all pervading, our mind becomes thoughtless; free from all the thoughts or forms or images. Thus a thoughtless mind easily reflects the Divine light, love and power'

" This is the secret of the whole philosophy. The condition is that you must worship all pervading. You may think that Lord Rama is all pervading. Your thinking is not enough. Rama and Krishna came in their incarnations for a specific purpose - to destroy evil and make good triumph. 'Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya chadushkrutam' That work was finished and he has gone away. Radha did not come for that purpose. She will not move. She will remain here not for a short period but till eternity. That is why we are constructing a building to celebrate Her birthday functions as long as the sun and moon exist on a grand scale. It will go on every year till eternity. I created a corpus find. The interest earned every year will be spent on these functions.. "

We are indeed fortunate that in the present time, a rasikacharya, Rasikasiromani, rasa sakhi, our Nanna moved in our midst! He stated very clearly that worshipping Rama or Krishna is not rasopasana, it is worshipping the love and rasa tattwa within these loving divine beings.

'Avayorbheda buddincha yah karothi naradhama,

tasya vasaha kalasutre yavacchandra Divakarou.

" Krishna says 'Hey Radhe. Those who think that we both are two different entities will suffer in hell as long as the sun and the moon are present'. They both are inseparable, they are always one only. There is no Radha there (Bihariji temple). In our ashram, we have single Radha, no Krishna. Here, Krishna is within; there, Radha is within. The second entity is invisible; it is not seen by us. We can see Krishna there and Radha here. The leela is going on. Mother's leelas are unimaginable. She took up whatever Rama and Krishna could not accomplish. "

" Srilanka is the land where Ravana lived. It became a habit for the people to commit religious atrocities which are unpardonable. They were filled with such hatred that they would take a procession of the images of Rama and Sita and burnt them near Triplicane (in Chennai) "

" I appealed to Radhaji 'Mother, they created suicide squads. These people are trained to publicly kill people and then kill himself. He commits suicide after murder. They are very dangerous. They killed our prime minister in this way.' She told me to wait for some time. The leader was brought to our ashram in a kind of trance. He listened to my talks and then brought idols of Radha and Krishna on the spot, worth almost Rs. 35000. He worshipped the idols here, packed them neatly, took them to Srilanka, constructed a temple and installed them there. I told Dr.Prasadaraya Kulapathi to be there as my representative and give a speech. The atmosphere filled with animosity towards God changed. Now it has become almost filled with Radha's presence. He wrote a letter saying ' Without my knowledge, some divine power came and took me there.' Mother showed Her miracle so publicly. She is showing unimaginable powers. If somebody in America or Australia is sick, I am able to cure them through phone within 2-3 minutes. She granted this unique power to me so She is showing Her grace in a very wonderful way. "

Nanna mentioned about the atmosphere prevailing in Srilanka many times and was always disturbed. Swamy murugesan lived in Nuwuaraelia in Srilanka. He wished to establish Gayathri peeth there but each time, he faced some hurdle or other. When he came to Delhi, he heard about Nanna and came to Brindavan, met him and told about the problems he faced in establishing Gayathri peeth. Through him, Nanna saw the situation prevailing in Srilanka in the astral plane. That is the place where Meghanath did penance to conquer Indra. Some demonic forces in that area were causing hindrance to the activities related to Gayathri path. Nanna removed the effect of demonic forces. In 1996, the installation ceremony was successfully conducted during Dasara. At Nanna's suggestion, Swami Murugesan came to Brindavan, took the idols of Radha and Krishna from Nanna's hands and later installed them in Srilanka. Dr. Prasadaraya Kulapathi went as Nanna's representative. He told that he had darshan of Nanna's bright form moving in the sky while he was performing homam there. Thus Nanna's request to Radhaji was fruitful and traditional worship began in Srilanka.

Nanna continued to explain about thoughtless mind.

" When we worship all pervading, our mind will automatically become thoughtless. Man becomes divine because the thoughtless mind easily reflects divine light, love and power. Everybody in Mother's world will have that power. We must have the all pervading in our dhyana. Prior to our descent to this world, in our earlier birth, we were in an elevated status, in a higher plane. We saw these worldly images with our mind. They are all small images. You concentrated on these small images and became small. You are not really small; you are very big. Spiritually, you are a giant but when you worship and concentrate on these small idols, you reduced yourself. Man descended and fell. He became attached to small objects. He(Bharata) concentrated on a little deer and became a deer in the next birth. 'Yadbhavo tad bhavathi' That is the law of creation - (What you think-the same happens) "

" All pervading represents big size! As we contemplate on the bigger element, gradually we lose our smallness and develop consciousness on the all pervading! There is a good chance of such development in the last minutes of life. Though I am physically here, if you call me from your village that somebody is ill, I can control it within two minutes. How does my divine thought's current reach there? How does it touch that person? How does it cure him? This is all mystery! No doctor can explain it. I showed him (Pedda, a devotee) some miracles. Narrating the incident when his mother-in-law was trapped in flames, he remarked 'Today, I have seen a wonderful miracle, Nannagaru.' A divine power works like that. When you achieve thoughtless mind, you will automatically become almost a superman. Unless you attain such a position, you cannot reach Mother. Today nobody has supermind that means thoughtless mind. It is very difficult to get it. But when you worship the all pervading, our mind automatically becomes a thoughtless mind. "

'Nanna, though we have a thoughtless mind, we must have the bhava of Mother!'

" It will begin with Mother and come naturally. I played with a cobra publicly in the presence of many people. I lost fear complex of cobra, though it was wild, ferocious and 5 feet long. I used to feed it coffee and made it drink from the bowl. That is divine love! Divine powers will automatically develop in you. All of them are intrinsically present in us. The stunted growth is due to our meditation on small objects. Hence, we must go beyond prakriti. As long as we are in the gamut of prakriti, we are in the control of the five elements, the five senses. Man cannot develop. So we must go beyond prakriti plane. "

" Radha and Krishna are playing here in our ashram. A devotee had a vision. I was sleeping in this chair and covered myself with a blanket. Krishna entered from side of the blanket and Radhaji from other. They both were playing! This is the scene. Everything changed from the next day. You don't need penance here. Straight service is penance. Such vibrations are present here. Our ashram has more intense vibrations. Once Sanatana Goswami was returning after bathing in Yamuna. He saw little Krishna playing here and prostrated before him. Krishna said 'This area is an ideal place for penance. It will develop to become a centre for penance in future.' and disappeared. That is true. Guru Behenji, a great yogini did penance in our ashram for 12 years and shifted to the next building. On the other side, in Dheera sameere ashram, there is incessant penance. "

" Some people address God as Shiva. Some others Vishnu. That is the problem. Each is worshipped as a separate God. That is wrong. You must clearly understand that one supreme God is manifesting himself in thousand varieties of bodies with thousand names. "

'Nanna but only the Supreme God will have Supreme powers, not the others!'

" It is one Government. As Tahasildar he has more powers, as a revenue inspector he has less; but as a village head, he is more powerful. He is the most powerful in the Government because he reports to the Govt. He is the representative of highest Govt. you must worship the Highest only. "

'Nanna, we cannot identify the lower entity as the highest!'

" If it is lower entity, we will love it. He is you and you are he. I will give an example. I was working as deputy inspector in S.Kota. I saw a house was locked because it has a snake pit inside, so nobody went there. I took that house for rent. A 5 feet long snake actually lived there. I believe in superimposition philosophy. Radha alone is real. Radha is acting through the snake so as snake it is false. As Radha, it is correct and true. Do you understand? Radha's power is acting through the snake. That faith is permanently established in me. I fearlessly took coffee and called out 'Mother' The snake came out of the pit. Why did the snake come out when I called Mother. She only brought the snake. You must realize this difference. "

" I was writing Mother's book in Guntur one hot summer afternoon. A stranger came to meet me. He saw me sweating and said 'Why can't you continue tomorrow' 'I must complete it tonight' He called an electrician and got the room air conditioned within a few hours. That man was only an instrument. Neither do I know him nor did he see me before. Then why should he spend so much money on me? That is known as instrument. Mother acts through Her instrument. She is seeing me. 'I must come to the help of my child.' She brought him and acted through him. We must understand this point. "

'The Lord said he will look after our welfare if we contemplate on him all the time ..'

" Not directly. He will use an instrument to do his work. You must see only Mother, nobody else; See only Mother everywhere. 'Bahunam..' God is all pervading and one. He is Vasudeva. One who sees only the Lord everywhere is a mahatma. Such mahatmas are one in million and very rare to find.' "

'Nanna, you told that Mother's bhava (awareness) should come effortlessly.'

" It will come effortlessly. You must practice for some time. "

Nanna is the Rasika Siromani who sees Sri Radha rasa every moment everywhere, in everyone and everything. Krishna said the one who sees divine's all pervading nature is mahatma. Our guru is the mahatma of mahatma! This fact is endorsed by Brindavan mahatmas like Purushottam Das ji, Kishori Ali ji, Ramesh Baba, Guru Behenji and many others. Since he constantly remained in super imposition state by seeing only Radhaji everywhere, he saw Her only in every human being and even the snake. 'Radha alone is real.' This is Nanna's philosophy. What can we say about Nanna who casually says 'She thought I must come to the help of my child' He revealed his philosophy - 'Radha alone is real.'

'Your dazzling brilliance is filled in the whole world, stating that You are the only One God. You are the power of Para world.' Mother, please fill my heart with Your love.'

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