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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 15

Our Association With Nanna - Part 15
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author

Guntur ashram, January 2000

Our benevolent Nanna, Sri Radha's aspect of bliss gave his devotees the essence of Sri Radha tattwa. Constantly experiencing Her love towards human beings, he gave speeches on Mother's all pervading nature and Her hladini power. Sri Bhanuprasad asked Nanna some spiritual doubts and he answered all of them.

'Nanna, does Radha Devi have any dharma related to yuga (time)? Krishna came down in Dwapara yuga.'

" She has no yuga dharmas. Hitaharivamsa belonged to Gowdi math. On one Ekadasi, Her betel leaf fell in his hand! So She is not limited by time at all! "

'You also have no time but we read that Krishna came in Dwaparayuga. That is how we hear about Radha. There is no mention about Radha or Krishna in Trethayuga (Rama's incarnation). When we suddenly hear about Mother now, we are hesitant to accept easily.'

" That is limited knowledge. Vivekananda moved all over India. He asked everybody he met 'have you seen God?' and received the same reply 'No'. When he asked Ramakrishna Paramahamsa 'Have you seen God?' he replied 'Yes. I have seen God. I will also show you the God'. He was taken aback in shock. Such power! He showed him too. "

" The power of rasa is the highest among all powers. Devotees who reach the state beyond Vaikunta wish to enter Rasaleela! You cannot describe rasaleela entry in words. No world is equal to world of rasa.Rasa for powers, Rasa for beauty; Rasa for leelas! She is known as Raseswari - the Sovereign of Rasa! Recently a Raseswari temple was constructed in America in a sprawling area of 200 acres. The Brahmins sprinkled the holy water of Ganges bought all the way from Kasi on the temple top from helicopters! My Mother went to America also! She has pervaded everywhere. "

" Radhaji is present in all the worlds. One of the Upanishads mention that Brahamadeva said 'My life span is not enough to describe Radhaji's divinity and greatness' Well! His life span is 12960 thousand crores of years!! Even after praising Her for so many years, still something remains to be said. This is what the Vedas proclaim. You cannot describe Her. Radhaji is such a great and luminary form. "

" You will understand more about Radhaji after you listen to my speeches; now you are not aware of Her greatness. In one of the Upanishads, all the Gods ask Lord Brahma why we must worship only Radhaji when so many other Gods are present. Great question! "

" The ritual of worshipping Radhaji exists since more than 5000 years. None other than Mother! You do not need anybody else except Radhaji! The Upanishads clearly mention what Brahma replied to the Gods. 'I cannot answer your question. It is beyond my capacity. I will bring down the Vedas which are far superior to me. I will make the Vedas give the answer. The Vedas are formless. They are not spoken by any human being. It is a dazzling light. I will invite that radiance. They will tell you about Her. I need not speak anything.' Ah! The Vedas came down shining brightly. 'Respected Vedas, I request you to answer the Gods, why should we worship only Radha?' "

" Well, this question arose 5000 years ago! There are innumerable Gods in the world. The power that shines in the hearts of all these Gods originates from Radhaji's heart. Radhaji is the Centre of the power! She is the origin, the main source of power. That is why we worship Radha. Her prominence is extraordinary. "

" Why did She get the name Radha? The Vedas elucidate why She is Radha. The Devi Bhagawata states that there is nothing that She cannot accomplish. "Radhnothi Sakalan Kaman Tasmath Radhethi Keerthitha'. Even Lord Narayana and Krishna may accept their ability to accept some tasks but not Radha. She can do everything! Parvathi's episode proves this fact. "

" Parvathi Devi, mother of the world heard that her father was performing a yagna. She went to Lord Mahadeva. 'If you permit, I will attend the yagna being performed by my father.' 'We did not receive any information from them' 'Maybe they forgot. When I go there, they will welcome me at the entrance with open arms. I will go.' 'Sati, Let me tell you a secret. Your father considers me as his enemy. Though you are his daughter, you are also his enemy's wife. This might create a negative situation for you and cause unpleasantness there. I fear that you might cause harm to yourself. If you do so, I shall jump into the fire. This is my vow.' "

" Well, Parvathi attended the yagna. Neither her mother nor father greeted her. All the relatives ignored her; she felt very upset. 'Is this my maternal home? Are they my mother and father? Why doesn't anybody acknowledge my presence? My husband is not an ordinary man! He is mahadev-the Lord of Lords. He told me that I would face such an insult. He warned me not to take any hasty step.' "

" The sages came to King Daksha and said that it was time to make offerings of yagna to the Gods. They suggested to make the first offering to Lord Mahadev as he is the highest. Daksha refused. 'I don't agree to give anything to Mahadev. Offer to any smaller Gods but not Mahadev.' "

(Nanna was weeping as he narrated this part, as he was completely filled with Parvathi's bhava)

" Parvathi Devi became very sad. 'You are not my father. You are a degraded man. This body consists of your impure blood. I cannot allow my pure husband to touch this body. I must burn this body immediately. Her body became ashes'. "

" Mahadev heard about this incident. 'I want my wife, my sati who became ashes back in her original form. We cannot live apart from each other. We have only one body. I cannot live without her. If I do not get my Sati back within 40 days, I will burn down all the 14 worlds and myself also. I will not live without my Sati.' "

" Mother earth approached Lord Vishnu. 'O God. We all will burn to ashes when Mahadev will burn all the worlds. We do not know where Goddess Parvathi has gone after burning her body. If she is not brought back and given to Mahadev, the consequences will be very severe.' 'Bhudevi, I cannot do anything.' They approached Lord Narayana. He also expressed his helplessness. They all approached Goloka Krishna. 'Please help us. You are the original and complete God. 'Krishnasthu Bhagawan Swayam.' You only must show us the way.' 'I know where Goddess Parvathi is but I do not have the authority or the power to bring her from there however I can give the mantra to Mahadev. By doing penance on that mantra in the Himalayas, he will certainly attain the darshan of the supreme form of power. She will grant whatever you wish.' Indeed, Radha only returned Sati to Mahadev. "

" The Devi Bhagawata says 'Radhnothi sakalan Kaman tasmath Radheti keerthitha' Radha has an extraordinary power which no other Goddess has. That is known as, hladini sakthi power of divine ecstasy. There is no other power equal to or higher than hladini power. Radha is the manifestation of hladini power. The Vedas categorically stressed this fact. Radha hold the soul of Goddess Parvathi in Her hand after she burnt herself so she must release that soul! How strange! Mother came to Mahadev when he did penance on Her mantra and granted Parvathi to him. "

" Goddess Durga Devi gave mantra to me saying 'This is your last life. You will not come back to earth, my child'. 'O Goddess, you are so great. I am a small man. Why did you come here to me, my mother?' 'My son, The supreme Mother above me sent me to you. She is SriDevi or Radha Devi. She is the sovereign of rasa, Raseswari. She will select the persons who must come near Her. I came here because she called me otherwise I do not have the power. This is Her order that I must grant Her mantra to you. Accept the mantra and do penance on this mantra for 40 days on the top of my hill in Vijayawada. After that, you can leave the place. This is Mother's order! "

" Radha is an extra ordinary power. She can take even an ordinary man like me to any state with Her resolution and grant any powers. The penance was completed as She willed. Nothing is impossible for Radha Devi. "

Nanna, our guru, Sri Radha's confidential sakhi spoke in a state of complete bhava. The mahatmas of Brindavan say that Nanna is the manifestation of that hladini power which is inseparable from Radhaji! Such a Rasa sakhi, Rasikasiromani says that he is an ordinary man. How generous Nanna was! He showed us the inherence qualities of a sakhi - humility and softness.

Speaking about Krishna granting Radha mantra to Mahadev, he mentioned about Kanakadurga granting him the mantra. 'With Her resolution, She can take anyone to any state and grant any power. The penance is completed.' Thus he linked the two significant incidents. Mahadev finished his penance; Nanna finished his 40 day penance. Since nothing is impossible for Radhaji, She gave Sati back to Mahadev and granted Nanna extraordinary powers to use for mankind's welfare and upliftment.

" Radhnothi .. Keerthitha' 'Krishnena aradhyathethi Radha! Krishna, the Lord worships Radha. She became Radha due to his worship. There is no power equal to Her. Radha's power is the highest. Krishna worships that power. This is proclaimed in the Vedas. If Krishna worships Her, then how great that power must be and how infinite? It is indeed the highest power. It has pervaded all the world. She has no name or form. Nobody gave Her a formal name! Her qualities and power got Her the name! Being worshipped by God, Bhagawan, She is Bhagawathi; She is Radha! "

" Why do we worship Radha? Firstly, She is not linked to Prakriti. Her birthday is celebrated grandly every year in Ravali. Radha Devi has no father or mother. Rama and Krishna have parents but not Radha. She came down from above as a two year old girl while everyone watched Her descent. She publicly declared that She does not have mother or father. She came down as a fully adorned two year old girl. 'I am a child. I have no link with human beings. I do not have mother and father who belong to this world. I am beyond prakriti'. Every child is given a name at an auspicious time but nobody need to name Her. She got Her name due to Her inherent qualities and powers. She is all pervading, filled in all the worlds. Such is Her power. Innumerable powers are present in the power of rasa! "

" There is no leela higher than rasa; no power higher than rasa; no worship higher than rasa. I worship rasa. My path is rasopasana!; 'Yeh Vraj dham mein sab upasana karte hai - Rasopasana! (Everybody in Vraj dham worship Rasa). That is the highest because our goal is not God; our goal is rasa; Strange indeed! That is God's amazing attribute. She chooses every small devotee. She participates in every small activity. She is here this moment participating in my speech. This is a very small activity but She is present in it. She is watching me as I am speaking to you. Believe me, this is absolute truth. "

" Some time back, I was writing the 3rd volume of 'Brindavaneswari Sri Radha' in this room. It was peak summer. In addition, there was a power cut. Mother cannot see us suffering. Believe this truth with faith. Radha is so benevolent. She is 'Bhaktanugrahakata' - always eager to generously bless Her devotees. The scriptures state that She is the only God who eagerly waits to bless Her devotees. Well, that day a gentleman came to our ashram for the first time. He went near the temple first and then came to this room. The gentleman was a total stranger. 'What are you writing my son' 'I am writing a book on Radhaji' 'You are sweating so much. Why are you suffering in this heat' 'This is my dharma, my duty. This suffering does not matter. Nothing is mine. Everything belongs to Her. It is Her wish.' Immediately he called and electrician and got the room air conditioned by the same night spending a big amount of money. "

" You need not plead with Mother for anything. Her nature is very generous. She will give whatever you need. We need a lot of money to celebrate Her birthday function every year. When somebody decided to collect donations for the function, She shouted in the dream. 'Do not ask anybody. Don't make any efforts. Money will come to you. Amazingly, money is flowing in. We get just that much which is sufficient for the function. Nothing remains. The same phenomenon repeats each time! "

" One aspect of Mother's is eternal bliss (nitya prasanna kala). Mother is present with Her devotees every moment. She is with us each and every second. Why should we ask hundreds of Gods? She told us not to ask anybody for anything. She personifies divine bliss. Brahma stated that his life span is not enough to narrate Her leelas. By listening to Her leelas, you will understand about the standard of Her devotees. They are extra ordinary. "

" In rasa tattwa, one of the innumerable power is hladini power. The Vedas clearly state that hladini power is the highest power. No other power can equal or supass it. I will narrate leelas depicting the hladini power. This is a historic incident. "

" King Kulachandra ruled a kingdom in North India. He was a powerful king who fought war with the Britishers several times and defeated them. The higher British officials devised a devious strategy to defeat Kulachandra. 'Radhaji is his deity of worship. She likes cows. That is why, he looked after cows very dearly. We shall tie thousands cows and calves in front of our soldiers. He will not shoot them because he will not harm the cows. He will not agree to kill the cows. They are more precious to him than his own life.. (Nanna was weeping) "

" The war began. The soldiers asked Kulachandra. 'O King, what shall we do?' They tied the cows before their soldiers. If we shoot them, the cows will die. Then you will not live.' 'Don't shoot. I will surrender to them. You must not kill the calves.' "

" In another leela, a demon in Brindavan dressed himself to look like a cow and came before Krishna. The Lord know who was inside the external coat and killed him. Radhaji became very sad when She heard about this. 'Krishna, what have you done? You killed my cow without reason.'Radha, he is a demon dressed like a cow to cheat us. That is why, I killed him.' 'I will not see your face from this moment.' You must find a way to atone your sin of killing a cow. Otherwise, I will not stay here'.'What shall I do?' 'Get a pond dug here. It shall be known as Radha Kund. I will fill it with the water from all the rivers. I will also get some underground water. If anybody drinks this water, bathes in this pond or does penance on the banks of Radha Kund, they be freed from sins. I will make them do such penance.' Krishna dug Radha Kund. Even today, many devotees and pilgrims visit this place and take a dip in the holy water which Mother created Herself! "

" Kulachandra recalled this incident. 'Though he was a demon, Mother did not agree when Krishna killed him when he came in the guise of a cow. If I allow these calves to be killed, I will go to hell. I will move away from my Mother. If She is not with me, what does it matter if I am alive or dead? What will I do with this kingdom and pleasures?' I don't want anything. Nothing is more important than Mother. The world comes only after Mother. In fact, my life is also only after Mother.' His commanders felt sorry that he would be made a prisoner. 'I can sacrifice myself for Mother 'Sarvadharman. Vraja' Even if I give up my dharma by surrendering all my soldiers with me; whether I lose my family; whether they torture me physically; I am ready to die but I cannot do anything that will displease Radhaji. I cannot live as Her enemy.' He raised his hands in surrender. "

" Now see how Mother showers love on Her children. The British soldiers came towards him with hand cuffs. Their commander stopped them saying 'I will bring him myself. 'He held him by his hand and took him respectfully and made Kulachandra sit in his throne like seat. That is hladini power! She can easily turn around the people and the world as well! Who will offer his own seat to a prisoner? But it happened. 'I will not treat you like a prisoner. I feel like respecting you. I will treat you like a king. I know that you are very fond of Radha Kund. I will construct two buildings on the banks of Radha Kund. You can do penance in one building and take rest in the other. I will arrange a horse and some soldiers for you. You can reach Radha Kund comfortably.' Even today, these constructions are present. He did penance in one building and started a school in the other. Though he was a king, he gave up everything and surrendered to the British army. It is an insult to a brave king like him but he put Mother before everything else. That is why, they respected him so much. Such is the power of Hladini! "

" This is known as Radhaji's Venu marg, the path of love. Krishna followed the Sudarsana marg, the path of punishment. In this path, the sinner is mercilessly killed. That battle field is filled with the warrior's corpses. Their spirits move in the same place after death. Mother's path of love is wonderful. She regulates the life of Her devotees smoothly and happily. "

" Mother showed another extraordinary leela. SriLanka is that country where Ravana was killed by Lord Rama. Recently a few people went to Madras and got effigies and images of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Valmiki and Ramayana made. They took special permission from the police and took these effigies in a procession, abusing the Gods. Finally, they reached Triplicane beach and burnt the effigies. That is how, they vented out their hatred towards Lord Rama who killed their ruler Ravana. That hatred continues till today. Seeing this hatred, I meditated on Radhaji for some days. 'Mother, please reduce this hatred towards God. The hatred will reduce only if you enter SriLanka. Rama and Krishna went there but did not change the situation. You are the supreme power. You must intervene and dilute the situation.' I prayed to Mother to create a peaceful situation in SriLanka. "

" I think Mother heard my plea. A spiritual leader in SriLanka told one of my friends 'I never visited Brindavan since I was born. I am 72 years old. I am sure, I will not go there in future also.' Within a few minutes, a miracle happened. He narrated the incident in his letter thus: 'Without my knowledge, some mysterious divine power came to me and took me from SriLanka to Brindavan to the house of Sri Radhika Prasad'. In the same place where Rama and Sita's idols were destroyed, a temple is constructed now. Radhaji's idol is installed in this temple. She pervaded the place where hatred prevailed for millions of years; where devotees had no freedom of worship; where death squads moved mercilessly; kill the devotees in public and end their lives too! The people were ready to kill and die but now, with Radhaji's presence .". (Nanna became silent) "

With Radhasakhi's resolution, Radhaji's love spread in SriLanka which was boiling in hatred. Radha Krishna's temple was constructed. For this to happen, a lot of activity took place in the background. Nanna sent his devotees to SriLanka and through them he saw the situation prevailing there in his dhyana. Then through Sakhi, Sri Radha's benevolent grace flowed there. During the idol installation ceremony, while Dr. Prasadarai Kulapathi garu was giving a speech, Nanna's dazzling form was seen moving in the sky by some devotees. Well, there is no doubt that the land became blessed with the holy presence of Sri Radha and Radha Sakhi.

'Koti Kamyamulu.. Neevega'

(Mother, You are the supreme deity who can successfully accomplish any and every innumerable tasks. You are the unparalleled flow of Rasa. You are the blissful Radha.)

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