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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 15

Our Association With Nanna - Part 15
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author

Guntur ashram, January 2000

Nanna described the highest tattwa which manifested as Radhaji. He explained how Her grace is bestowed on Her devotees and advised everyone to follow Her path of love, Venu marg.

" 'Swayameva nayikaroopam vidhaya' Krishna became two. He did not create another female form. He himself became a woman. So he only is the leading man and the leading lady (hero and heroine) of his divine play. Then who is that woman? 'Tam Radham rasikanandam veda vido vadanthi!' The Vedas watched while they were in samadhi. Who is this supreme power who filled all the worlds? She came to be known as Radha. The Vedas also address Her as Radha. Radha is present in the Vedas! "

" She took a form and descended on earth 5000 years ago just before kaliyuga began, towards the end of Dwapara yuga. She descended one about a million years ago and again only 5000 years ago. The Vraja vasis who lived in Ravali were linked only to the divine. Mother came down at 5 am on Ashtami day to earth in Ravali. Prior to Her descent, divine music could be heard from the upper worlds. They all came in large number to witness Her divine descent. King Vrishabhanu and his wife did severe penance. 'Mother should come to Ravali and we must play with Her. That is our only wish.' Some Gods appeared in their dream and said 'Mother is descending on earth in Ravali very soon. She wanted you to be present at that time.' The king came to that place with thousands of people. At 5 am, Mother descended on a lotus flower in Prem Sarovar as a three year old girl shining resplendently. The smiling little girl blessed him. When he touched Her, he began to weep loudly due to the hladini power flowing from Her. 'Mother, so many ages passed before You came to me. I do not want anything else except You.' Nobody loved Her as much as he did. He carried Her in his arms till the golden chariot and brought Her to his palace. All these incidents are mentioned in the Padmapurana. "

" Within 30 minutes, Sage Narada came to the palace. 'Did a child come from the upper worlds?' 'Yes, She is sleeping in cradle in the adjoining room.' 'Are you sage Narada?' 'Yes, I am Narada.' 'Please go into the room' He entered the room and bowed before the 3 year old girl. 'Mother, You came here in this form. Please give me Your darshan for just one second in that form which You have in Your divine dham; how You appear to Your sakhis. That is all I want from You my Mother' He pleaded with Her to grant darshan in Her original form. Immediately he went into Samadhi. She took him to some dham where he had a vision of a 12 year old girl. 'Sada dwadas varsheeyam' - She is always only 12 years old. 'Mother, please grant me your darshan in this original form when I wish to see you again' Mother consented. "

" Vrishabhanu looked after Mother. She will not stay anywhere beyond 12 years. She descended as a 2 year child so She would stay with him for 10 years only. She hinted to him 'I will not live with you for a long time. After I leave, you will become sick with the sorrow of separation from me. I am cautioning you in advance. I will be with you for 10 years and play with you as you wish' She played innumerable leelas in Her childhood which have great depth of hidden meaning. "

" Yashoda used to take the child to any function celebrated in her house and drop Her back. One day King Vrishabhanu asked Her 'Was the function celebrated grandly in Yashoda's house?' She began to weep and said 'it was okay.' 'my child, on one hand, you say it was okay and on the other hand you are weeping. Did you face any problem from somebody? Let me know' He was a good friend of Kamsa and equally chivalrous too. 'Three people did not have containers so they were sent away without giving food. I am weeping thinking how sad they may be. When everybody got a gift, why only three of them were denied?' 'My child, do not cry. I will arrange silver containers for them'. He summoned the three persons to his palace and made Her give them the silver containers. "

" There are two meanings for container here. In fact, every sentence uttered by Mother has two implications. Every person has a container attained due to his karmas. Accordingly, he will suffer with diseases and ailments. Radhaji's greatness is such that 'even if you do not have a container in the other worlds, the eligibility to come near Me, I will give you the eligibility and uplift you.' Really amazing! They were brought to the palace, given the containers and served porridge. So what is important here is not the vessel. If you wholeheartedly think of Mother, all your jobs will be completed. Radhaji showed a great leela to illustrate this point. "

" Mother resided in Barsana village. Barsana literally means rain. The village got that name because Mother showers rain of Her love. Gulab Baba came with his little daughter to stay in that village. He prayed 'Mother, we don't want anything. We wish to come up the hill everyday and serve You. We cannot give any money. I play the sitar and my daughter dances beautifully. We will offer our music and dance to serve You daily. We cannot offer anything else' Mother gave Her consent. They served Her in this way for many years till the girl, Radha, grew up to marriageable age. The villagers suggested that it is not good for her to dance at this age when she must get married. They found the right person and celebrated her wedding. "

" After she left with her husband, he became very lonely. He missed the accompaniment of dance with this music. 'Mother, my service to you is incomplete now. How can I serve you with only my music? My daughter left, so our seva is not complete. I do not deserve to live a life without serving You. I shall lie on the steps of your temple till I die'. Mother's principle is clear. The scriptures also clearly state that one who has the opportunity to do Mother's seva,yet does not do so, doesn't deserve to live. "

" He remained like that for 5 days. He was almost 65 years old. He would die if he remains like that. Now let me tell you what happens at the time of death. Even man sees a vision about an hour prior to death. He sees the sweetest and memorable incidents of his previous births as well as this birth. It will move before his eyes like a movie reel! That will decide your next life. "

" Mother thinks of Her devotees with full attention. 'If he sees only the worldly incidents, he will become an ordinary jeeva. He spent all his life in penance and tried to uplift himself. In the last moments of his life, he sees some wonderful incidents of his previous birth and falls. I must avoid his descent. I must uplift him.' "

" She came out of the idol in Barsana temple as a 12 years old girl in the form of his daughter Radha. He was lying down unconscious. 'Baba, I came to dance.' 'My child, you have come!' He completely forgot that his daughter was married and left the place. He was in the bhava that She is his own daughter. 'I will sing whatever song you like' She told a song She likes. He played the sitar as he sang while Mother danced. "

" She cannot take him to the upper dham if She dances on the ground. She continued to dance and gradually She moved above the ground. She was actually dancing in the air. He opened his eyes and saw Her. 'Mother, You came! I thought it was my daughter. You have danced to my song!' He simply fell unconscious and breathed his last. Since he died looking at Mother, he will certainly go to the upper worlds. That is the rule! She created that situation for him. She is so powerful. 'Mother, You came here personally and made me sing a song which You like. That is why this song is so melodious. I don't want anything in this world. I want You only.' Even as he spoke, he fell at Her feet and lost his life. As soon as he died, Mother disappeared back into the temple. "

" After this incident, some people saw Gulab Baba in a splendid form. This is an indication that he is with Mother. Mother stated that whoever cannot serve Her does not deserve to live. The day you are in a state where you cannot serve God, there is no use of your living anymore. That is why, Gulab Baba wanted to die. This is a great lesson. Mother did not want him to die worthlessly; that is why She created the situation such that he would die in a yogic state. As She desired, he was overjoyed to see Her and died in that ecstatic state. Mother's grace is very intense indeed. "

" In another great leela, Mother showed how She protects Her devotees irrespective of caste and creed. She is beyond such materialistic aspects; She is the manifestation of bhava. Lord Krishna stated that that four castes were created by him. Radha is beyond creation. Caste differences do not exist in that kingdom. Only bhava is present there. That is Bhavaloka. Rehman, a 9 year old muslim body belongs to bhava loka. His father was mirza sahib in Mathura. One day, he was returning from school. On the way, he saw the idols of Mother and Krishna in a house. 'Who is this Mother? What is Her name?' He did not know anything about Radha! 'She is Shyama' Shyama is one of the many names Radhaji has. The people in that house called Her Shyama. From that moment onwards, the boy was transformed. He began to chant 'Shyama Shyama' without any gap. His mother was worried. 'Why are you chanting a Hindu name instead of Allah? Your father will kill you. Stop this at once and take the name of Allah' the boy could not stop uttering Her name. Shyama Shyama. His father came home. When he observed the change in his son, he asked his wife why he was chanting a new name. He slapped the boy and threatened to beat him if heard that name instead of Allah's name. "

" The boy was silent. He did not utter a word; he did not stop chanting Mother's name throughout the night. In the morning, they took him to a mosque. The mullah (head of the mosque) listened to what the boy did. 'The boy is affected by a black spirit. If he is beaten with a whip, the spirit will leave him and he will become normal. There is no other problem with the child.' They beat the poor boy with a whip till his body was bruised. His mother was weeping at his state. "

" This is our Radhaji's path, Venu marg, that path of love. Krishna followed the Sudarsan marg, path of punishment. Our whole life moves only in Venu marg. If you want real upliftment of the world, follow this path of love. This is the path for those who wish to reach Mother. "

" Rehman also followed this path. He did not speak when he was beaten. At the same time, he did not stop chanting Her name. He fainted but still did not try to run away. He did not scold or shout at anybody. That is Venu marg! 'Ananyaschintayantho.' You must have one pointed devotion. That is very important. "

" The Bhagawad Gita stressed on one pointed devotion. The boy saw only Radha everywhere, nobody else. He was chanting Her name incessantly. He was contemplating on Her without any gap. His father was annoyed and instructed his wife not to give him food for 45 days. The boy was starving. On one hand, he was facing insults from his father; on the other hand, he was freezing in the cold winter. He was silently crying. This continued for 5 days. That night, he had a vision asking him to come to Brindavan, 7 miles away from Mathura. The boy woke up abruptly. He wore only a loin cloth, he had bruises all over his body, it was biting cold outside and he was starving. Unconscious of these aspects, he was walking ahead uttering Shyama. A great scholar, Mahatma Sisir Ghosh was an eye witness to what happened to the boy. "

" Rehman arrived at 3 am and sat down to do penance. A 12 year old girl descended from the sky. She is none other than Radhaji's champaklatha sakhi. 'My child, is your body aching?' 'Yes' 'did you eat food?' 'No' 'Drink this liquid sent by Radhaji' He drank what she gave him. Within 5 minutes he regained energy. 'I am fit now. I have no pain, worry or hunger. I am feeling elated. Who are you?' 'I am champaklatha. Mother sent me to you. 'When will I go near Shyama?' 'you will certainly go near Her when the time comes' 'After drinking this porridge, I am experiencing great sorrow of separation from Shyama. I feel I cannot live without Her. I reached such a state. If I do not go near Shyama by tomorrow, I will drown in this river and die so please take me near Her quickly.' "

" The sorrow of separation from the divine is unbearable. Chaitanya was always in this state. He said 'Man weeps only when he faces materialistic problems. He does not weep when he moves away from Mother. I came to teach man to weep for God' Rehman was also in the same state. 'If you don't take me near Shyama before tomorrow, I will not live. I will die.' 'My son, don't cry. Mother told me that She will take you near Her. I will come back tomorrow at the same time and take you near Radhaji' "

" Sisir Ghosh, Aravind yogi's brother came near Rehman. 'My son, I would like to record your story narrated by you. It is strange that though you are a muslim, though you are not aware of Radha tradition, you have reached such a state. Though I am 62 years old, I am not able to chant Radhaji's name incessantly. I am so unfortunate. You are so young, you are a muslim; yet you have such one pointed devotion for Her. Amazing, truly amazing! I must record the point that though you were beaten, you neither ran away nor gave up chanting Her name. Ah!' Sisir Ghosh also wept along with the boy. "

" The next day he made a note narrating this incident, signed and handed it over to Sriji press for printing. The boy went to the same place the next night. Champaklatha Devi came to take him. 'You have come to take me, Mother I am going up. I cannot live anymore' shouting out to Mother loudly, he collapsed. The Swamiji was watching this scene. We do not know when and how she took the boy with her. At 4.30 am, the boy was not seen. It is strange how he was taken along with the physical body. It happens very rarely. That is the greatness. The boy could not be traced. The whole incident was printed later. "

Explaining that Radhaji showers Her grace on all jeevas irrespective of caste and creed, Nanna cited Rehman's story. Each and every time Nanna spoke about Rehman, divine waves of bhava flowed from him. Once he compared Rehman with Prahlada and gradually spoke as if he only was Rehman. Another time, he told how Rehman, who was ignorant about bhava world was immersed in Her bhava as he chanted Her name. Every time it is as new as ever. RadhaSakhi's bhava vibrations touching us makes us experience a new bhava every time.

Anjani Amma also went into a state of complete bhava while recalling Rehman's story. 'The boy's body had blood marks. It was biting cold at midnight and he was wearing only a loin cloth yet none of these affected him. How? Why? Dhyana was continuously taking place within him. Due to dhyana, heat was generated in his body and did not allow him to feel the cold. The yogi's bodies are not affected by changes of heat and cold only because of their incessant dhyana. The same happened to Rehman' It is not surprising that Anjani Amma, who accepted the repository of rasa from RadhaSakhi and continuously strives for welfare of mankind made such a commentary about Rehman!

Nanna spoke about excerpts from Chaitanya Charitamrutham written by Krishnadasa Goswami.

" Krishna says 'I do not derive happiness from my happiness, which I provide to all the worlds. Only one person in all these three worlds can give me happiness. She is Radhaji. Except Her, none other can give me happiness.' This is the first verse. 'I have profound knowledge of various scriptures. I believe I am a great scholar but amazingly. Radhaji is 100 fold more knowledgeable than me' She speaks about many more topics from different sources. So when compared to me, Radhaji has 100 times more knowledge than me' This is the second verse. 'When I play the flute, thousands of cowherds and gopikas come running to me; leaving behind their home and family but I do not derive happiness from this flute. When 12 year old Radha comes near me with a smile, addresses me as Kannayya and soothingly puts her hand on my head, I get happiness. I lose consciousness and go into Samadhi. Innumerable flutes cannot equal the happiness given by Her. This is Radhaji's life. "

" In another instance Krishna made a promise to Narada, 'Satyam satyam. na vidyathe' "

" 'I am speaking the truth and only the truth. Whoever wants to really go to the upper dham, he must continuously contemplate on Radhaji. Never leave Radhaji. Hold Her tightly. If you leave Her, I cannot help you. You do not need my grace; you must attain Radhaji's grace.' "

" Krishna preached us in many ways. He showed a significant leela which never occurred in any world in kaliyuga. Radhaji told Krishna 'Our path is Venu marg, the path of love and not chakra marg or sudarsan marg, the path of punishment. I do not kill anyone. With my touch, I will bring about a change in the jeeva in his conscious state. I will not adopt any other path except Venu marg. I will prove that this path will attract millions of people.' "

" Hitacharya, the great mahatma who came from Radhaji's abode was doing penance on Her. Vithal prabhu came near him and listened to his words every day. Gradually, without his knowledge, he surrendered his life to Radhaji little by little. At that time, he received summons from King Akbar. 'Junagadh kingdom is highly disturbed and agitated. You must report there immediately and control the situation. This is my order.' He wept 'Mother, why should I get entangled in these politics. I want to remain near You. I don't want anything else.' 'My son, this is Mother's plan. We cannot understand Her words and intentions. You must go there without any protest. Take charge of Junagadh as prime minister.' 'Master, I will do as you say but on one condition. You must send a parcel of God's Prasad to me every day. The horse will carry it from here. I will wait till 10 pm every day for the Prasad; till that time I shall not eat anything.' The guru agreed to his condition. "

" Vithaldas ji did not dress lavishly nor lived in the palace. He made a small hut for himself and lived there. He had a portrait of Radhaji and one his guru. He did penance there till the Prasad arrived from Brindavan, even if it became midnight otherwise he would fast that day. He controlled the situation and peace prevailed in Junagadh. The king was happy with him. This created jealousy in the chief justice of Junagadh state. Within 3 months of Vithaldas taking charge, the state became peaceful. There is no war or turmoil anymore. Surprisingly, everybody is singing his praise. I am unable to accept this importance given to him.' He planned to put Vithaldas ji in a tricky situation. "

" Krishna is worshipped as Chaturbhuja (four armed) or Dwibhuja (two armed), The two armed Krishna is associated with Radha; he is the highest. The four armed Krishna is Lord Vishnu who emerged when Bhagawata was started. Vithaldas worshipped the two armed Krishna while the king worshipped the four armed Krishna. The chief justice complained to the king that Vithaldas never entered the temple of the four armed Krishna even a single day; hence he is a culprit. The king wondered that he never harmed anybody yet he called him to his chamber and said 'You have been charge-sheeted. You are an accused now. All the people in the state are complaining that you do not worship the four shouldered Krishna. I am told that you worship the two shouldered Krishna with Radha. I do not like such behavior. Tomorrow morning, we will meet for a hearing on this case.' "

" Around 5000 people gathered to witness the hearing. This was created by chief justice because he could not trap him in any case related to bribe or cheating! 'You are the accused so you cannot be offered a seat now, you must stand' 'I do not mind at all' He stood in his place and said 'The two shouldered Krishna is not an ordinary God. His power is Radha. She is extraordinary power. We came here due to our karmas. Normally we do not come down here (to earth). We have no link with the world. "

Nanna narrated the incident that took place in the court. Quoting Vithaldas ji's statement that the two armed Krishna is the highest, Nanna said 'we came here due to remains of karma otherwise we do not come to earth. We have no link with the world. Why did he say so? Vithaldas ji is an accused in the court. Would he declare that he is a Sakhi or Rasikacharya? Maybe not! Nanna envisioned the incident that took place almost 400 years ago. Sri Hitacharya was sent down to earth by Radhaji. Vithaldas ji was his dearest devotee. Nanna was upset that the mahatmas who came to earth to uplift human beings were insulted in such a way. That is why; he stressed how the descent of Rasikacharyas like him is so precious.

Nanna continued.

" Vithaldas ji said 'I will stand here only. You can to do what you want. As I continue my penance here, Brindavan will come here before you. I will be in that Brindavan.' 'If you are in Brindavan, why do you need these clothes, remove them.' 'Why should you take the trouble, I will remove them myself' He removed his clothes. Well! His body was not visible, Brindavan appeared! There were many kinds of dances, music, birds, flowers; the whole place was filled with fragrance. Vithaldas was weeping there. 'This is my Brindavan. I cannot live away from here anymore. My Radhaji is showing me this Brindavan.' The king was humbled and bowed to him. 'I vow that from today you are my master, the king. You shall not move from the throne. I will bring all the papers to you myself. Ah, the divine Brindavan filled my heart and mind. I also cannot work any longer. My life is transformed by you.' That was their state. "

" After a few days, his Guru (Hitacharya) thought 'Now I am peaceful. I completed my work. I shall go back.' He was offering Aarthi to Mother in the presence of hundreds of devotees. He came towards the devotees and became unconscious and suddenly disappeared! "

" We can't even imagine what happens in Vrindavan dham. Venu marg is adopted in this divine dham. Unlike in sudarsan marg, there is no violence in Venu marg, only divine love. When you surrender to Mother, She will take care of you. She will guide your life. You need not worry for anything. She will give you whatever you need. You need not try for anything. You will get everything! "

" Ah! This is Mother's divine message. If you live in a devotee's house for a week, you can understand how his life moves. Mother interferes in every step of his life. Mother is here now. She is interfering in my speech and cautioning me to tell only what is essential, not everything. Use my message to the maximum extent.This is the constant message of divine love, the Venu message which was shown by King Kulachandra. When the cows and calves were tied before the British soldiers, he decided to surrender to them rather than kill the calves. He was ready to give up his kingdom and luxury for Mother. In this way, many people surrendered their life to Mother. This path will bring about amazing transformation. You must follow this path only. Gulab Baba's life is another example. Mother emerged from the idol and danced with him. These are many devotees who surrendered their lives to Mother, each one in a different way. The great message from their lives - Surrender to Her completely. Nothing else matters! There is no need to live when you cannot serve Her. "

Nanna explained about Sri Hitacharya's disciple, Vithaldas ji and how Junagadh was transformed by his stay there. He shared the essence of his life and stressed that Mother will guide the life of mahatmas who surrender to Her. Saying that Radhaji has given a great message through the life of such mahatmas Nanna added 'use my message to the maximum extent' His words clearly state the truth that 'Nanna's pure life is Radhaji's message' Sri Radhasakhi, the Rasikasiromani reflects in the lives of the mahatamas like Kulachandra, Rehman, Vithaldas ji and Gulab Baba who surrendered to Her.

'Sri Devi Sri Devi.'

(Mother, I cannot forget Your sweet grace and glory. I surrender my complete life to You. Please drown me in the flow or Your love')

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