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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 8

Our Association With Nanna - Part 8
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Lesson to the Mind
2Sakhi's Sweetness
3Quintessence Radha
4Whoever Divine Chooses
5The Importance of Yoga
6 Divine Power
7 Message To All Living Beings

: 18.12.2000, Guntur Ashram

Nanna described how Radhaji uplifted him from a normal state to a supernatural state.

" That is life! There was no man poorer than me in the world at that time. A street beggar was better because he can beg but I cannot. I am maintaining certain prestige. I don't ask anybody for money. Then it is certainly difficult to live. I have reached today's state from that difficult state. Now, I can maintain 500 people at a time. Mother will bring you here. We are worshipping and holding to such a Mother. Goddess incarnate! Love incarnate! She is eagerly waiting for us. Leaving such a Mother even for a minute ..... "

Nanna could not continue as he was filled with bhava. Nanna, are you the poor one? You are the attribute of Sri Radha's love; that Radha who is worshipped by Krishna himself! If the head of the wealth of rasa considers himself as poor, then who is wealthy in this world? Nanna said that he can maintain 500 people at a time. But the reality is that our Rasa yogi, Nanna who distributes rasa to the 14 worlds is providing nourishment of rasa to the whole creation. Yet, he always puts Mother before him saying 'Mother will bring you here' and himself stays behind. Such a way of living is the message given by Nanna to the living beings.

Nanna asked to sing a song composed by him.

Na prana pranama Sri Krishna roopama

Sakhiyala jeevama nanu veedake sakhi

Kshnamaina ninu vidichi brathukalene priya...

" That was my stage. I did not write this song for someone; it is only for myself. After leaving this body, I will go near Mother. When I go there, I will fall at Her feet and sing this song.....How did we leave each other? Even now I did not leave Her? Never....! Then I will be pacified a little. Such is my state. You also are in a similar state. I must install Radha. I must maintain two ashrams. I am constructing a building worth nine lakh ruppes in Brindavan. I must be there. I cannot live away from Mother; I must be near Her. "

Suddenly he said

" What did I say? I told you three points.. "

'Yes Nanna. Satisfy the mind; satisfy the society and satisfy Mother.'

'Nanna, I shall take leave. I must attend college...'

" Okay. Conduct your life in this way. Mother will become yours. I am doing all the three. To satisfy the mind, Mother's birthday function should be celebrated eternally. I have arranged the fund for these occasions. I must permanently run both these ashrams. I arranged a separate fund for this purpose. Now I must open a separate fund. An unknown person from America sent $2320/-. Mother sent this money! "

" This body will remain for a short time only. Why do I need such a short lived body? This body must be left one day or other. Normally, when the jeeva leaves the body, he has many desires which were not satisfied during his life time. He is restless with these desires because they cannot be satisfied in that world. There are no markets, hotels or shops in the upper world. There is no food, rice, dal or vegetables. There are flowers of different varieties. They drink the nectar of these flowers. This is the state of everyone after death. When his desires are not fulfilled there, when his senses are not satisfied, he comes down to this world and enters a human being. He enjoys and satisfies his desires through this person. Such unsatisfied souls are known as ghosts (pisachi). Except a few, most of the souls are in the same stage. When desires are not satisfied and there is no means to satisfy them in the upper world, they catch hold of a human being. Once he holds a person, he experiences his remaining karmas in the form of diseases and other sickness through this person. This is what actually takes place after death. "

Before giving the message that man's duty is to do incessant Radha bhava dhyana, he explained the actual state of the jeeva. He saw and told us the state of the soul after death. His intention is not to scare us. Though truth is bitter, the Mahatmas must reveal it bluntly. Having told the miserable state of man's soul, he also told us how to avoid this state. We must do incessant dhyana on Sri Radha, the embodiment of bhava, who is the deity of Krishna in dhyana. To do dhyana, one must attain the thoughtless mind which comes from silence. Nanna added ' be enriched with power'. He exemplifed through his life how to be enriched with such power.

" One day, Radhaji and Krishna had an argument. 'You said in the Bhagawad Gita that 'Dharma sanstapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge'. But has dharma been established on earth? What did Rama do? What did Krishna do? While Rama fought with arrows, Krishna fought with Sudarshan chakra. Innumerable people died. So many warriors did in the battle field; the vultures perched on their bodies. None of the dead souls will attain salvation. Their desires were not fulfilled. So they will catch hold of someone to satisfy their senses. How can it be considered that dharma is established. Though the people died here, they are weeping as ghosts. Dharma should not be restricted to this world only. It must apply to the upper world also. So, Krishna, you are not establishing dharma.' "

" Radhaji is endowed with Supreme powers. Krishna cannot say anything. How can he deny that the souls are restless in the upper world? Such souls are strewn everywhere. Every country and the world is full of desirous people. God has come and gone but dharma was not established in the true sense. That's why violence and injustice is increasing in this world. If you visit the court, you will realize how many people are appealing for some injustice or other. This is not fair. "

" 'Krishna, if dharma must be established, you must transform the human being without harming his body. Only if you can bring about this transformation, it is dharma.' "

" 'Can you send someone and accomplish this?' "

" 'Yes, I will do and show you how real dharma must be established. Give me the flute. Yours is Sudarsana marg (path of punishment); mine is Venu Marg (Path of love). "

" Radhaji sent the flute to earth as Hitaharivamsaji. His life is wonderful. He transformed so many people without even touching them. We have included the history of his life in our volumes of Brindavaneswari Sri Radha Devi which are available, free of cost, in our ashram. They also include the divine plays. "

" Naravahana was a dacoit who committed so many atrocious crimes. He also wept. 'O Hitaharivamsa, I committed so many sins. Is there any redemption for me?' "

" The world is full of sinners. How can they be uplifted? Who will uplift them? That's why Mother sent Hitaharivamsa prabhu. "

" Our books contain details of how to conduct your life, how to attain Radhaji's grace and how to be blessed in this life. You can read the books, I will speak about the unique principles handed to us by the renowned Mahatmas in Brindavan. "

" I will teach dhyana yoga according the preachings of Hitaharivamsaji. This dhyana yoga was taught by him. We learnt that and moved higher. I will explain one principle each day. Later, I will make yu do dhyana. You can go back home and do dhyana on your own. (Today is the second day). "

" Such a dhyana yoga cannot be seen anywhere else in this world. It is a peculiar dhyana yoga granted to us by our Mother Radhaji Herself. Radhaji is my Deity. She is present here right now. She is all pervading . You can find Her wherever you look. There is no such place where She is not present. God is always all pervading. Our duty is to worship the all pervading God. It is not wrong to have an idol. If you worship God in a limited form, you will remain small and be reborn. If you do dhyana on the all pervading God, he will give you darshan as the all pervading One. He will grant you moksha. So do not love small things. You will be reborn as a small object again and again. Remember the story of Jada Bharatha. 'Yadbhavo tadbhavathi' - Don't love your family or house so much that you will reborn as a small object. The scriptures emphasize on this point. You cannot reach the all pervading Mother in this way. "

" The mind attains extraordinary power. This will happen only when you are in deep silence. There is a connection between silence and attaining power. Thoughtless mind is achieved through silence. From this, we will obtain three powers - Divine knowledge, divine love and divine power. What is Divine Power? Our power is not Divine power. The sages could curse because they had Divine powers. The young boy who cursed King Pareekshit possessed Divine Power. His mind was very strong. That's why whatever he uttered happened. Previously, many people had the thoughtless mind. Silence means wiping out the unnecessary bad impressions, bad association with objects. We cannot be in proper silence when these are disturbing us. When silence is obtained, the thoughtless mind will also be obtained and then the three powers will be attained. Silence changes the mind. "

" As we get used to inner silence and one pointed concentration, we create an island within us. That island is known as 'Kunj'. The Maharshis have declared that once you develop this kunj in your mind, any external disturbances cannot control you. When you face mental stress, you must enter the kunj within you. You will gain energy and mental balance only from inner strength. If you have hatred towards anyone, Gods grace will not enter into us. "

" I will teach dhyana yoga according the preachings of Hitaharivamsaji. This dhyana yoga was taught by him. We learnt that and moved higher. I will explain one principle each day. Later, I will make yu do dhyana. You can go back home and do dhyana on your own. (Today is the second day). "

" One aspect of the body makes silence while another aspect breaks silence. Silence means absolute silence. Every particle of the body must move in rhythm. You must obtain that rhythmic silence. When the mind and senses become still, silence is deeper. When does the mind gain power? There are two aspects - inner and outer. When the outer aspect becomes still, inner aspect gets more power. That is very important. How to produce power? How to develop a silent mind? This must be developed first. Some people do sadhana daily evening. Do tapasya and then take Mother's name or Her leela after 8 p.m. You can practice in this way. "

" I must celebrate Mother's function but I will not beg anybody. The higher beings will help us. People will offer money on their own. Money will flow. The sages practiced silence in the early days. In your house, you must make sure that your mind and senses are still even in regular life. You must control yur senses. The outer being must be still; then inner mind will gain power. Outer being means mind and senses. The senses wander here and there. Control the senses. Do not leave even a single sense, do not have any desires. Silence...! "

" The lecture is finished. You must practice silence practically. I will give the message. Make a note of it. You must receive that message with all your concentration. It is a very peculiar experience. That's what positively receptive means. Lets say important news is being announced; for example IAS results will be announced during 7.50 to 7.55. In what state will he receive the results? How will his attention be? If the results commence at 7.5- all your attention is concentrated there. Think psychologically. You must maintain such attention every minute with reference to Mother. From this positively receptive state, you will attain a blissful state. In that attention, your mind should not wander. Only Mother. It is a meticulous bhava. The awareness should be in total. Some experiences actually emerge from this fully aware state. This is psychologically the highest state. If you practice dhyana yoga in this state, within three months, you will certainly get some experience which cannot be described in words. Some people weep in that state. If you maintain this fully aware state, you will have experience within three months. "

" Lets say that the judge is about to give his verdict on your case. If you lose the case, you lose everything you have. If you win, you will become a multi millionaire. The critical result will be announced by High Court full bench. What is the state of mind then? You are all ears, all attention and all concentration. My life is finally going to be settled tomorrow... Shakespeare brought out the same effect in his love drama..... "

" I met one Swamiji in Naimisa forest and asked 'what about your food?' He replied 'we are not concerned about that. Mother will take care.' I waited silently. In the evening, a truck arrived. The driver came, gave some food and left. He provided food to many devotees. 'This is how we get food. We are depending on Mother. Food is never a problem for us.' I was astonished. Mother is looking after us and solving all our problems. "

" You might have visited Naimisa forest and Himalayan mountains. Badari Narayana resides in the Himalayas. Lord Narayana told his consort Ramadevi, 'I shall remain in penance till the end of kaliyuga. In dhyana, only I and my deity must be present. There is no place for a third person. So you must leave from my heart'. She left him and became a berry shrub around Badari hills to serve him. He shut his eyes-only he and his Deity. He is showing us the ideal way of dhyana constantly, day and night, you must be engaged only in thoughts of Mother. Don't count hours. Do penance in this way. Do dhyana with love and affection towards Mother. "

An ordinary man may find matters related to God as mystic and incredible. This mysticism is evidently visible in the divine life of our rasa guru. Nannas teachings and his life give us knowledge and inner sight which no education can offer. The Vedas and scriptures may not clear our doubts but Nanna's life clears all the spiritual doubts because his life is associated with experiences. 'I don't preach what I don't practice,' he said. That's why his words and path must be followed by each one of us. He is Universal Nanna! His teachings are not restricted to any particular religion or sect. Nanna belong to all the human beings irrespective of caste, creed, race, sect. In his prolong life of 104 years, many Hindus, Muslims and Christians became his disciples and experienced that Divine love!


Nanu brovave thalli na hrudaya vasini
Nee dhyana sukhame ne koru bhagyambu
Adi devathavaina ninu siddhimukthulu nenu kornau
Needu sevaye nakosangi aadukonave nannu Devi.

Bless me Mother. You are in my heart. I want the fortune of the bliss of being in your dhyana. You are the supreme Goddess. I will not ask You for powers or even for salvation. Kindly grant me the opportunity to serve You and protect me.



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