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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 8

Our Association With Nanna - Part 8
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Lesson to the Mind
2Sakhi's Sweetness
3Quintessence Radha
4Whoever Divine Chooses
5The Importance of Yoga
6 Divine Power
7 Message To All Living Beings


Kaisoradbutha Maduribara durinangachaveem Radhikam
Premollasabharadhikam niravadika dhyanthi yetadhiyaha
Tyaktaha karmabhirathmanaiva Bhagavaddhrmepyaho nirmamah
Sarvascharyagatingata Rasamayim Tebhyo mahadbhyo namah

The luster shining from every part of Sri Radha is Supreme due to the wonderful sweetness of her youth. She is bubbling with love and excitement. Incessant dhyana on Radha Devi will shed the karmas of the devotee. He will lose interest even in divine dharmas. I bow to the Rasika Mahatmas who attained such a surprising and wonderful state of rasa.


-Verse 80 Sri Radhasudhanidhi


Nanna referred to this verse many times and explained its importance. He stressed that the prime purpose of Sri Radha’s incarnation is to free mankind from his karmas and uplift them. If man surrenders completely to Her and does incessant Radha bhava dhyana, his karmas will be destroyed even without his notice. Radha Devi uplifts mankind through Her Sakhi. Sakhi is the manifested radiant form of Radhaji’s formless radiance! Radhaji sent Her Sakhi, Her representative, Nanna to carry out the activities for the welfare of the human beings. The activities initiated by him seem endless since they continue even today. So many of us who have been redeemed from the karmic effects by his love and grace are the living examples of his endless divine continuity…

" Mother knows what I need. She will provide me; I will not ask Her. "

This is what he practiced and preached to his disciples. He said..

" it is not an ordinary matter to attain the darshan of sakhi. "

We not only attained the extra ordinary sakhi darshan but also had the fortune of his constant presence. Sri Radha, who does not grant Her darshan even to Brahma and other Gods blessed us by taking a manifested form as Nanna, Her confidential Rasa Sakhi ! By saying

" I am giving this lecture to your minds, not to your body. "

he clarified that he is introducing the dhyana sudha (nectarine flow of dhyana) directly into our hearts.

We had the fortune of listening to series of lectures on Dhyana Yoga by Nanna. During these lectures, he explains in depth, whether he refers to Ramayana or Bhagawata. Some may feel why he is explaining the examples from these Epics in so much detail. If we observe keenly, we will understand that they are a part of the Dhyana Yoga subject. When Nanna speaks in a state of Radha bhava, the bhava is superimposed on his words and touches us directly. There is no question of repetition. We do not know how many lives of penance have earned us this fortune of listening to the words spoken by Radhasaki !

Nanna's life exemplifies the principle of 'Tatsukhena Sukhitwam' -

" if you want Radhaji's grace, train your mind. Even if you face problems, Mother must be happy. We must also teach our mind the bhava of companionship because it pleases Mother. She said, 'the mind of those who worship Me should be inclined towards companionship, otherwise they cannot attain Me.' In this dhyana you must be bright and have extra ordinary devotion and confidence in Her. "

In this way, Nanna elucidated the depth and intensity of Sri Radha dhyana yoga.

When I requested Nanna, 'I wish to write a book about you, kindly grant me the bhava and make me write the book' he said

" you must do Radha nama (Mother's name) non stop for three days before you start the book. It will give tremendous power. She will give new ideas. "

By Nanna's grace, I could do Radha nama for three days. That means, to write about the divine life of Radhasakhi, you must do dhyana on Sri Radha, the supreme sovereign and life force of even Sri Krishna. He always said that 'language is always subordinate to bhava'. We can understand Sakhi who belongs to bhava loka only through bhava.

" I will not believe when somebody says that he realized what Tattwataha Radha is ! "

Nanna knows that the realisation is beyond human comprehension. He declared that

" I can realize the inner meaning of Tattwataha' because he knows its depth. Tattwataha sakhi only can realize Tattwataha Radha. 'Krishna is unified in Radhaji. She is so high! The God himself is nowhere before Radha'. "

Nanna alone can make such significant statements! If he could say 'the so called original God', then who would Nanna be? What was his state?

" I am beyond logic. You want everything logical. I want everything super logical. So, I don't argue. "

Nanna who made such statements is not the child-like loving personality who we moved with. He is Radhasakhi who realized Tattwaha Radha, who witnessed Sri Krishna merging and unifying with Sri Radha. No wonder he cautioned..

" Don't describe! Don't define! She is beyond definition. "

Nanna clearly explained how dharma is established in the world. Many of those who died in chakramarg (Krishna's path of punishment) became ghosts and are causing harm to humanity. Radhaji follows Prem marg (path of love) wherein She transforms man into Mahatma without even touching him. That is the actual meaning of establishing dharma.

" In Radha bhava dhyana, every part of the body must move in rhythm. That rhythmical silence must be attained. Don't keep track of time; do dhyana with love and affection towards Mother. "

This is Nanna's loving message to us. Nanna's divine life history is the gateway to rasa dham. By reading about his divine life, we will involuntarily move on the path of rasa. Every word spoken by Nanna and reproduced in the volumes of this book 'Our Association with Nanna' is a step leading us to rasa dham. Nanna, who knows everything, spoke to us, who knows nothing, in such a simple way. In his seemingly ordinary talks, he infused so many secrets of rasa. His kindness cannot be expressed in words. I pray that we must follow the path exemplified by Anjani amma and reach Nanna's feet. His words reproduced in these books must guide us in our spiritual sadhana. Nanna often said 'Mother is benevolent'. There is nothing which we cannot obtain by the love being showered by Nanna, the manifestation of Mother and Her benevolence. I pray that we attain the divine state where we want nothing except Nanna!

This book is Nanna himself! It is printed with the contribution of the devotees intending to do seva in this way. I wish they experience the companionship of Radha sakhi at all times.


Na Guru Daivamu na dhanameeve
Na sarva sukhambulu neeve
Nee sevaye na nomula phalamu
Ninne nammithinamma Devi

You are my Guru, my God, my fortune. My heart is your temple; serving You is the fruit of my penance. My Mother, I surrender to you.




Always at the lotus feet of Radhasakhi






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