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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 8

Our Association With Nanna - Part 8
*Nanna's words
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*Foreword by Author
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2Sakhi's Sweetness
3Quintessence Radha
4Whoever Divine Chooses
5The Importance of Yoga
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Radha- Srisakhi bhavabandhamathulam bhavaikya roopam maha
Sarvavyapaka premaroopa yugalam anyonya premasritham
Ekam premarasaikamoolamaparam prema pradaneratham
Dhararooparasapravaha madhura dwandwam rasonmatthakam

The relationship of bhava between Sri Radha and Her Sakhis is incomparable and unique. It is a radiant unified form of bhava; all pervading and complementing each other by their pure love. While one (Radha) is the origin of rasa, the other (Radha's sakhi) is eager to shower that love and rasa on human beings, The sweet combination of both immersed in rasa results in the perennial flow of rasa.



23.01.2001, Guntur Ashram:

Nanna came to earth to uplift all human beings, draw them into the stream of Sri Radha dhyana and lead them to the holy feet of Radhaji. He spoke of dhyana yoga throughout his life. Yet each and every time, his words appeared new and filled with rasa. Today he spoke of Gulabi Sakhi and continued with dhyana yoga.

" The girl was dancing as Gulab Baba played the sitar. Mother came from the temple, took the form of his daughter and danced. After a while, She stopped dancing on the ground and began to dance in the sky. Immediately, he realized 'this is not my daughter; Mother came near me! Oh! Mother, You have come near me! I could not fast the whole day'. He wept and fell at Her feet. He died instantly. That love is so sublime. "

" When somebody loves the all pervading form, he gains extra ordinary, cosmic and sublime love. You too must seek only such a form. We don't lack anything.Mother will take care of everybody at home. She knows what I need; She will provide them. I must not ask anything; She will give everything.Remain in this bhava all the time. Mother is the all pervading consciousness. She assured that 'I will be with you'. "

" I will explain the four principles to reach Her later. Today, we shall discuss on dhyana yoga. On this occasion, I want to tell you some facts. The jeeva is of three types-lower, middle and upper levels. Krishna gave the Bhagawad Gita to all the three types of people. He does not tell the middle level what he told the lower level; he does not tell the upper level what he told the middle level. He tells the lower level only about name (nama). "

'Yagyanam japayagyosmi'.

" He tells them to chant God's name and do yagya. Only name is not enough for those who at an elevated plane. This penance is not enough. They must go higher. "

'Ananyaschithayantho mam ye janah paryupasathe thesham nityabhiyuktanam yogakshemam vahamyaham'.

" At the higher level they need ananya santhi and ananya chintana (one pointed calmness and devotion). This is certainly greater than name. Krishna assured that he will always be near the Mahatma who does one pointed contemplation on him and will take care of their welfare. He will not take as much care of the lower level as he takes of the higher level Mahatmas. If they have one pointed devotion, he will definitely look after them. Arjuna said 'I don't want both these levels. I want to go directly near God and see him in his original form, just as I am seeing you now. I want that God, that darshan and that sadhana. I don't want these lesser levels.' 'Alright, I will tell you what you must do. Can you implement it?' 'Definitely'. "

'Bahunam janmanamanthe gyanavan mam prapadyathe Vasudeva sarvamithi sa mahatma sudurlabaha'.

" This is your level! There is no other dhyana yoga equal to this. There is no dhyana yoga higher than this anywhere in the world. This is the highest. I am granting you the highest dhyana yoga.' "

" What does this imply? Only after several births, you will gain total knowledge; realize what is right for you; and attain the bhava that you can ascend to greater heights spiritually. This dhyana yoga is very great. 'Bahunam janmanamanthe'- at the end of several births, your knowledge will fructify. In this state, the jeeva will wish 'I want the highest; I want only god. I don't want family and this world. I want darshan of God in his original form.' People like Arjuna want it this way. This path is very difficult but the highest. "

" You need some basic knowledge to understand this path. Just like you need to study lower classes to move to higher classes! You must complete the lower two stages first. Arjuna desired to have God's darshan, he wanted only the highest stage. This is the highest dhyana yoga. As you move towards the highest, more difficult it is! Higher the education, more the expenses! Similarly, you need more intelligence and experience to listen to dhyana yoga. You must not get irritated and impatient. Listen carefully and try to visualize. "

" In 1990, while I was sleeping, a 5 year old girl appeared in my dream and said in Hindi 'Mujhe alankar karo' (Adorn me). Mother spoke these words and left. We brought silk clothes and ornaments, perfumes and decorated Mother's idol beautifully. She appeared in my dream that night. 'Mother how is the decoration?' She replied 'Yeh acchha nahin hain humko' ( I do not like this). She had a frown on Her face. Immediately I removed them. Now what to do? When I decorated Her, She said that this is not what She wanted. I met the Mahatmas here and told them what happened. 'How can I satisfy Her? What should I do? You are Vrajavasis (residing in Vraja), you know everything. Please guide me.' All of them said 'we can tell you even the meaning of Vedas but we cannot tell the meaning of a single word uttered by Mother. She is beyond Vedas. Even the Vedas could tell about Her only upto some extent. Beyond that the Vedas said 'Nethi, Nethi!-not this, not that. Mother is present in the 'not this and not that.' That's why the mahatmas in Brindavan could not describe Her. They said they cannot tell me the meaning behind Her words.' 'Then what shall I do?' 'Go to Ravali village at 11.00 p.m.' "

" Radhaji descended to earth directly from above as a 2-3 year old girl into a lotus flower. She has no parents. Strangely, about 10,000 people were present at 5 a.m. when she landed on earth. Nobody knows how they came to know of Her arrival. It is said that they were informed by a divine voice from the sky. The Gods informed from the upper worlds and the people here flocked to see Her! King Vrishabhanu came with his family to ceremonially welcome Her with musical instruments and a golden chariot. The ashta sakhis also came from somewhere. They all were well adorned. When Mother moved---My mother.we are sinners, we could not come near you. You only took the trouble to come all the way down The ashtasakhis embraced Her and kissed Her. They gave Her arthi. She granted the king a boon in his previous birth. She assured him that 'I will play in your palace as your daughter.' She came down now to fulfill that boon which She granted to King Vrishabhanu. The king and queen carried Her and made Her sit in the golden chariot. They took Her to the palace amidst joyful trumpets and band music. This is Her mystic birth! Her play would soon follow. "

" Narada came after sometime. He first went near Nanda Baba and said 'Krishna is born here. So Radha also must be born somewhere. She is the supreme power of Krishna. So She will certainly be there.' 'I don't know.' Narada searched for Her and came to know that She is in the palace. He paid salute to the king and asked about Her. 'Please be seated. Yes, the little girl came. We brought Her here only last night. She is asleep in the cradle.' Narada went near the cradle, paid his respects and prayed to Her. 'Oh Supreme Goddess ! Mother of all worlds ! Bless me and grant me darshan of Your true form. I don't want this external form. I want your true form; within you'. He fainted when he saw Her true form. He opened his eyes after some time. He was weeping . All the sakhis were present there. 'Mother is telling you to stop. Get up now.' They gave him the holy water from Her feet. He drank and left after singing a hymn. "

" 'Oh King, She is not an ordinary girl. If She is an ordinary girl, I , Narada will not be visible to anybody. I came here in anticipation of Her. I bowed at Her feet.You must look after Her dearly with care. She will be here for a very short time; we don't know when She will leave. You have done great penance that Mother came to your house.' Narada disappeared. This is the fact about Her childhood. "

" In 1990, I saw the 5 year old girl in my dream who was born in Ravali village in a lotus in a small river, Prem Sarovar. The Mahatmas told me to go to that place to get the answer saying 'as you have the power of vision of the astral world, you will somehow realize Her message.' Many of us traveled in two buses for 20 miles and reached there. Sakhi's darshan is not easy. I sat down in the forest after paying my respects. Mother sent two sakhis. They were glowing radiantly. I folded my hands in respect and said 'this is what happened. How can I adorn Mother'. They both laughed out loud and said 'How ignorant you are! Mother has pervaded all the worlds. She is a complete Goddess. We cannot even see Her totally; She is so vast. She filled all the worlds. Can you adorn Her? Is that possible? How can you even imagine to adorn Her, who has filled so many other worlds like this earth? Who is capable of doing so? Even Brahma couldn't. Neither could Narayana! Her words are very peculiar. You cannot understand the implication of Her words by yourself. We shall explain to you. Listen carefully. "

" Man should adorn himself and move upwards. Then only he will become eligible for moksha. What does adorning oneself mean? Do articles and vehicles mean adorning? No. You are not aware that the human being cannot go near Mother unless he adorns himself. She does not want material decorations? Spurn them. She does not even want chinmaya related ones. She wants only bhava related decoration. Only those related to bhava can go near Her. This world is a material world; it is the lowest among all the worlds. Chinmaya world lies above this world. You must cross this world also because Mother is not there too. Above chinmaya world, lies bhava loka. She is at the pinnacle of bhava loka. Krishna belongs to Goloka. That is also a small world. One must cross Goloka towards Mother. Radha is higher than even Goloka and Krishna. "

" The Vedas say 'Krishnena aradhathethi Radha'. She is being worshipped by Krishna. That is why She is Radha. Radha is not a name given to Her by anybody on earth. That is Her title. The Vedas declared that She is worshipped by Krishna, then what can we say? She is so great and powerful! Otherwise, Krishna will not respect Her. She has greater power than Krishna. That is why he is worshipping Her. Mother has two roopas - form and formless. She can be in the form as well as formless simultaneously. No ordinary person can be like this. She will be talking to you in the form and suddenly disappears; She becomes invisible. Again She becomes visible in another form that's why we worship Her! "

Nanna spoke about Sri Radha dhyana yoga in so many lectures on so many occasions. Every time we felt newness and a flow of bhava. He never thought that he would be brief today because he spoke about this aspect earlier. He enquired whether everybody could hear him and ensured that they all got the benefit of his talk on dhyana yoga. This is the difference between other gurus and our rasaguru. Nanna speaks about Sri Radha dhyana yoga and also checks within the devotee's mind. He is fully aware that there is no other way except Sri Radha bhava dhyana to reach Her holy feet. That is why he is repeatedly telling us the greatness of dhyana yoga so authentically and molding us towards dhyana. As Nanna spoke about the leela of Radha's descent on earth we feel that he is actually visualizing the leela before his eyes at that moment.

Nanna said that Sakhi's darshan is not easy. Such an inaccessible Sakhi, Radhaji's confidential sakhi granted us his constant presence. He took us into his heart, ignoring our inadequacies. Even Goddess Saraswathi may not be able to express this love and kindness in words!

" You must adorn yourself. How should man adorn himself such that he qualifies to attain Radhaji's darshan and participate in Her Rasaleela? Normally, nobody can enter Rasaleela. It is very difficult. You must adorn yourself first. What must you do? Our question is how to adorn oneself and do penance to attain Mother's darshan? The two sakhis gave the answer to this question. "

" They said 'we are coming from Mother. We know all questions. We shall tell you how man should adorn himself without which he cannot have Mother's darshan and witness the divine leelas in Her Kingdom.' They told four principles to adorn oneself. The Vedas said 'Manayeva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoh'. The mind which must be ready for moksha must be adorned first. This is the lesson for your mind. If you want to have Mother's darshan in any birth, this is the only way to adorn yourself. I shall tell you the four principles granted by Mother with which you must adorn your mind. This is an intellectual teaching. I am giving this lecture to your mind, not to you! "

" The first principle granted by Mother Herself is Tatsukhena Sukhitwam. Unless you understand this principle, She will not come to you. 'Your happiness is my happiness. I will give up my life for Mother's happiness. I want only Her happiness, not mine.' Those who want their own happiness should go near smaller Gods. Only those who give up their own pleasure, who spurn even Moksha and Vaikuntha as small ones and desire to be a part of the highest Maha Rasa leela will reach that height. Brahma and other Gods were also unable to have darshan of Rasaleela. If we learn the lesson taught by them, gradually, in some birth, we will also have that fortune. "

" What does Tatsukhena sukhitwam mean? You must live for Mother's happiness, for Her pleasure, not yours. Krishna chose the Gopikas to depict what this happiness is! He staged a drama. This is a leela believed even till this day. This is a play which he staged for the welfare of mankind; to teach man how to conduct his life. This is a great leela. One day he had a severe headache. The whole of Dwaraka was weeping for him. While Rukmini and others were crying, Narada reached there 'O Lord, If you are unwell, it is something extraordinary. What should we do? What is the cure for your headache? Please tell us.' 'You must locate such Mahatmas who love me deeply and surrendered to me. Wash their feet and get me the water at their feet. I will be cured if I drink even one drop of that water. Ensure that they are Mahatmas who totally surrendered to God. When I drink the water at their feet, I will be alright.' "

" Narada went to all the worlds but did not find such a Mahatma. He came back to Krishna and said 'My Lord, I went to all the worlds at lightning speed with the power given by you. I did not find a single Mahatma specified by you. Who has the status to give you the water at their feet? Nobody, Please tell us another way out.' ' Did you go to all the worlds?' 'Yes'. 'Did you visit Brindavan? Did you see the Gopikas there?' 'No, I did not go there. I considered them to be ordinary people selling milk and curd.' 'Then you must go there now. You went to all the worlds and saw the rishis. You did not see the Gopikas thinking they are insignificant people. You must go there at once.' "

" Narada went to Brindavan. The Gopikas fell at his feet. 'How is our Lord?' It is so long since we saw him. We are grateful that you came here. Did he send some message to us? Does he think of us?' 'What can I say? You Gopala is sick and bedridden since 20 days. So many doctors are giving medicines but there is no relief.' ' What is the problem?' ' Severe headache and slight fever. He is unable to open his eyes, speak or eat anything.' Most of them fainted when they heard about Krishna. 'Why did you wait for so long? Why did'nt you tell us till now? Ask him what is the cure for his illness. He will tell you the cure.' 'He already told the cure'. 'What did he say?' 'He told to give him water of the feet of the Mahatma who loves him deeply and surrendered to him.' 'Oh! That's so simply. Could you not get such a simple thing there?' 'Well,iIt may appear simple but he added a condition. The person who gives me the water at his feet will go to hell for seven births. They must be ready for this.' 'Whether it is 7 or 70, what's the problem? Our Lord must be happy; then we can be in hell also happily. You made such a mistake in delaying for so long.' "

" All the gopikas came forward. 'Come and take the water at my feet'. ' You are still young. I am old. Take the water at my feet.' 'How can you give? You are not well' ..Everybody were individually eager to give the water at their feet. Narada was astonished. 'All of you take Krishna's name and dance together. I will collect the dust that is raised from your feet. I will mix this dust in water later.' "

" The Gopikas began to dance. Rasa! The dust at their feet was rising in the wind. He collected that dust and packed it carefully. 'I shall leave without further delay. Krishna is suffering there. The queens are weeping. I must leave.' 'Krishna, here is the dust which I got from the Gopikas.' Krishna was relieved. "

" This leela is enacted in Puri even today. The Gopika adopted the principle of Tatsukhena sukhitwam. Your happiness is my happiness. We are ready to go to hell if that will provide you happiness. How can we be happy when you are not happy? We can neither eat nor live when you are suffering. So this is the first principle. "

Nanna explained the principle of Tatsukhena Sukhitwam elucidating with the Gopikas's incident in such a flow of love. It seemed that Nanna was actually visualizing that leela as he spoke. He wonderfully explained the fact that Krishna proved to the world through his leela that the Gopikas are the true devotees who love him dearly and surrendered only to him. Saying that, man must adorn himself to qualify himself for Radhaji's darshan and to enter Rasa, Nanna added that this is intellectual teaching to our mind. He clarified that he is directly introducing dhyana yoga into our mind. There is no way to express that Nanna's love and kindness only can uplift us.

" If you want to attain Radhaji's grace, you must train your mind in such a way that it satisfies Her. You may suffer, you may face problems, but Mother must be comfortable and happy. You may even go to hell for Her happiness. You must develop such love. You must surrender to God like this and consider that God's love, God's seva and God's happiness only can give you happiness. This is the first principle desired by Radhaji. "

" The two sakhis then told about the second principle. We must adjust our mind according to this principle and be ready to do seva. Ananyanishta. My Mother Radhaji is present everywhere. There is no such place where She is not there. She is superimposed on all other Gods You must develop such ananya bhava (one pointed devotion). Never think that 'he is a lower God, he is a muslim God or I don't what this God.' Ananyanishta means there is Rasaleela everywhere. When Mother is above all others; then what does it matter who is below? She occupies the highest position. There is only Rasa everywhere in that plane, nothing else but Rasa. Such ananyanishta must be developed to reach Her. "

" Narada taught ananyanishta to Prahlada even while he was a foetus in his mother's womb. When Hiranyakasapa, his father asked him 'Where is your Hari? I will kill him', Prahlada laughed. 'Father, where can I show my God? If it is a small object, I can show you in a box or in a room. You don't know my Hari. He is all pervading; he is present everywhere. He is in your heart and my heart too. You cannot catch him.' "

'Bahunam janmanamanthe gyanavan mam prapadyathe Vasudeva sarvamithi sa mahatma sudurlabaha'.

" This is the experience stated in the Gita. This is the daily life of the Gopikas. They see their Krishna everywhere. They can't bear his suffering. They are not afraid of hell. We don't have such love for Hari, that is why we are afraid of losing our life. They treat their life as nothing before him ! Their love is such that they are ready to give up their life if their Lord would be happy. This is the lesson taught by Narada to Prahlada. "

" When the demons were throwing Prahlada into hot oil, he was chanting only 'Narayana ! Narayana!'. That was his sublime state. He fell in the hot oil but was not burnt! Infact, he felt cold. The Lord thought 'When this little boy surrendered to me totally and considers only me as everything, how will allow him to be killed?' and saved him. "

" The boy's one pointed contemplation and thoughts of the Lord is dhyana. That should be our dhyana also. See only Radha everywhere. Mother is not present only in an idol or in a temple. She is everywhere. She is here just now. Only by Her resolution, so many people came here; such arrangements were made. I am speaking by Her inspiration only. She is very happy that I am putting Her words into practice. "

" Ananyanishta ! See only Radha everywhere, always. Except Radhaji, there is nothing. See only Mother everywhere. She has pervaded all the worlds. There are so many leelas to show Her greatness! All the maharshis approached Brahma to describe Her leelas. 'I cannot complete even if I speak about Her all my life. There are so many leelas. My life span is not enough to describe Her great leelas. Nobody can describe them'. "

" Chaitanya Mahaprabhu found a statement in an ancient scripture. 'Krishna was sitting in solitude, shedding tears and contemplating on Radha.' He wanted this sentence to be included at the beginning of his book 'Chaitanya Charitamrutham'. That is why this is the first sentence of that great book. Krishna is weeping 'I am providing happiness to innumerable people. Eswaraha paramo krishnaha sacchidananda vigrahaha Anadiradir govindaha sarva karana karanam. I am Sacchidananda (sat-chit-ananda). I am providing happiness to all the three worlds. Without this happiness, man cannot live. He is surviving only because he has bouts of happiness. Yet there is nobody who can provide happiness to me here. There is only one Supreme entity who provides me happiness. She is providing me happiness every second. Just as the mother provides her milk to the child, Mother is giving me Her blissful love every moment. I am invisibly obtaining this bliss from Her. Radha is the only maternal form who is providing me happiness and protecting me.Radha and Radha only!' "

" That is Radhaji's role ! Krishna is the unlimited divine form. How much milk would you need to satisfy the unlimited one? She is providing abundant milk to the unlimited swaroopa! You can now imagine Her status and Her importance. God is providing us sustenance; She is providing sustenance to God. That is the secret. "

Nanna told us about the second principle Ananyanishta told to him by Her Sakhis in a highest level of bhava, 'Ananyanishta means Rasaleela everywhere.' He explained that 'Rasaleela is filled everywhere. Sri Radha is the sovereign. She is superimposed on all other gods. Wherever you see, you find Rasa only. You must attain such ananyanishta. Thus, Nanna clarified that only Radha and Her Rasa have pervaded everywhere. Whatever may be the name and form, be in the bhava that She is superimposed on everything and do dhyana. That is ananyanishta!

Prahlada saw only Lord Narayana even in the demons threw him into the boiling oil. The Lord thought 'will I allow the boy who considers me as everything to die?' and saved him. Nanna said 'that boy's contemplation is our dhyana.' Prahlada saw his deity in every atom of this world. Nanna taught that we also must have ananyanishta towards Sri Radha who has filled the 14 worlds and is superimposed on everything; who is providing sustenance to Krishna ! Krishna himself said that the only Mother who gives him happiness and protects him is Radha. Such deep bhava. As we move deeper, the delicate bhava touches our heart.

Nanna continued about the third principle.

" In ananyanishta, Mother is present everywhere. You must not do dhyana yoga with an idol. We must worship only the all pervading Mother and contemplate on Her. "

" Sahacharini vratam! Her Sakhis told about this third principle. We must teach our mind the vow of companionship. How to learn this? The first two principles are not enough. What is Sahacharini bhava? This is explained in the Ramayana. After Rama's wedding, the chariot arrived and he sat in it. Sita did not arrive there yet. She was a little late. 'Forgive me. I am late. My mother gave me some advice told by my father. She said that 'A true wife must be like a maid to her husband. This is what your father, Janaka taught me. He is a great rishi. He told you must learn to live like a servant. As you are going to your husband's house, you must live like Rama's servant.' Rama did not accept the concept of being a servant. ' Don't say that again.' 'Then tell me how I must be. I will do whatever you say.' 'My wife should be my companion. Sahacharini! She should be along with me, wherever I go. She must move along with me. I cannot live away from my wife.' "

" Shiva told Parvathi 'I cannot bear this distance between us. What shall we do? I will be glad if both of us have only one body.' 'Let it be as you wish.' Shiva and Paravati have only one body. That's why he is Arthanareswara! 'I am one half and you are the other half of the body.' Such is their love which is unparalleled and not found elsewhere. "

" That is the companionship he desired. The wife must move along with the husband wherever he goes...There are many great persons in India. One of them wrote a book which every Hindu must read. He highlighted the vow of companionship and cited the example of an ideal wife. This incident occurred to a lady who hails from Kashmir. According to their custom, the wedding is not celebrated with the bride and groom sitting together. The initial wedding ceremony is conducted with a sword. Then the bride comes near the groom along with that sword. The bride was crossing all rivers and coming near her groom. Somebody stopped her on the way 'I heard that you married Dhrutarashtra.' 'Yes.' 'How sad!' ' Why?' ' He is born blind. He does not have eye sight since birth. You are married to a blind man.' ' Is it true?' ' Absolutely true.' ' Are you sure? Did you see him personally?' 'Yes, it is true'. Many people on the way gave her the same information. Immediately, she tore a piece of her expensive silk saree and covered her eyes saying 'I must follow the vow of companionship diligently. I must follow my husband. I also must not see light. He is in darkness. It is not right that he lives in darkness and I live in light! I too will live in darkness from this very moment!' she went near Drutharashtra blind folded! She is none other than Gandhari! Dhrutarashtra entered the room. 'Gandhari, you have arrived.' 'Yes'. 'I am in darkness. Why did you come here yourself to be in darkness too?' ' It must be like that only. How can you be in darkness and I be in light? I am your companion. I must be along with you'. "

" After some time, they were blessed with a son. The baby was brought near Gandhari, 'Look at your son atleast once.' 'No. I shall not see him. If I look at him, my love may be divided. My love towards my husband may decrease. It is also possible that once I see my son, my maternal instinct may over power me, I may think only about my son all the time. So please take him away.' Gandhari is a real devout wife. She is a true companion. All Mahatmas unanimously agree that she is the perfect example for companionship. Such an ideal wife cannot be found any where else. "

" Radhaji desires Her devotees to be like that. 'The mind that worships me must follow the vow of constant companionship. Otherwise, I cannot be attained. So, if you want Radhaji, you must live a life of ideal companionship.' "

" The fourth principle mentioned by the Sakhis is the most difficult one. Sakaranirakara samanvayam- Coordination of the form and formlessness. You must live with both - form and formless. That is Radhaji's life. She is both form and formless, simultaneously. She speaks to you now, then suddenly disappears. One day She was having an argument with Krishna. 'You are sending your weapon, sudarshan chakra and killing thousands of people to ensure well being of human beings. But they all are becoming ghosts. Is this really well being? I don't agree. Is this what establishing dharma means? "

" While She was having this argument, She suddenly disappeared. As She spoke, She began to weep and disappeared. She will come back again, sometime. 'Radha, I agree with you. I agree with your principle. We accept defeat.' 'So many people died. That very thought makes Me sad. They are suffering so much before death. How will their wives feel? How will their parents weep? What can you tell them? My tattwa is different. I do not follow the chakra marg; I follow Venumarg. Give me the flute. The Venu (flute) is Radha's, not Krishna's! "

" 'You must reform the man without touching him or killing him. He should become a Yogi. Even a worst, heinous person must transform into a yogi. That is truly welfare of mankind.' Thus Radhaji sent Her flute down to earth as Hitaharivamshji. He did incredible feats which never occurred on earth ever before. He transformed the person even without touching him. Brindavan became popular due to him. I visited the place where he did tapasya. I saw the tree under which he sat. He is a great Mahatma who sat in just a loin cloth. "

Speaking in this way, Nanna went into total bhava. Anyone would understand that Nanna visualized the descent of Hitacharcharya on earth as instructed by Mother and all his activities towards uplifting the human lives.

" The fourth principle is the coordination of Form and formlessness. That is Mother's life. She is both- form and formless at the same time. She disappears while She speaks and takes another form. That is Her life. We must worship such a form and formless nature. Ah! What a unique life! She showed us a leela to make us understand this principle clearly. This incident took place in Guntur itself, to one of our devotees. "

" Another Guru told this devotee that he would make him have Radhaji's darshan. 'I will show Radhaji to you within ten days. You must take mantra from me.' 'I shall take mantra'. The guru arranged for mantra deeksha at 9.30 p.m. Just 30 minutes prior to giving mantra, there was a big sound. Then they heard a voice, my voice! Some may have heard and some could not have heard my voice. I was in Brindavan at that time! But they heard my voice in Guntur.. 'Oh, what a voice. He is in Brindavan right now. How can he speak so loudly and clearly from thousands of miles away?' He heard my voice saying 'Leave this person who is giving you mantra and come to Brindavan immediately.' That devotee left everything and fled from that place. He did not have money. Somehow mother arranged the money for his tickets and he came to Brindavan to me. "

" Everybody could hear the voice spoken by the form. But nobody could see the person whose voice they could listen. 'Where is that person? We can hear him but cannot see him.' This is co-ordination of form and the formless. Mother has this divine power. Her voice is heard but the form of Mother who created the voice is invisible. The money was arranged by Her and he came to me. "

" You must follow this fourth principle. She has form; She is all pervading! She is here, near me. You must always have the bhava that She is with you. I am speaking to you with that bhava, in Her presence and not without Her. With my Mother near me.. 'Mother, I shall speak about you.' "

" We must now attain these four qualities. Before you accept dhyana yoga, you must strengthen your mind with complete faith in Mother. 'Manayeva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoh.' This is a great strength to the mind that goes to Her divine dham. "

" Now we are ready for the actual yoga. Before I impart yoga dhyana, I must make a few suggestions. Without that, I cannot begin dhyana. You must never forget one important point under any circumstances. You must conduct your life according to this suggestion. "

Nanna's style is marvelous. Whether it is a lecture; a conversation; story of Prahlada or Rehman; in depth discussion on dhyana yoga - whatever may be the topic, he induces curiosity and interest in the listener. He gives such importance to the point that we become eager for him to begin. This talk clearly elucidates this point!

" Each is a different channel. You have learnt about four important qualities of the mind. There is no fifth quality; only sadhana. You must essentially do contemplation on Mother (chinthana). This is not ordinary contemplation or thoughts. You must have extra-ordinary brilliance; extra-ordinary devotion and faith in Her. Otherwise you cannot do dhyana. It is so difficult. Mother's form.. She is here; She is there; She is every where. Now, as I am describing about Her, She is here, listening to me. "

" Three Goddesses came near me and said 'Mother came near you to be adorned, The mind must be adorned; your mind must be adorned not Mine. You must completely adorn your mind and do sadhana properly. That is important. Do dhyana yoga correctly. Now I will call Mother. We shall begin the actual dhyana yoga. "

As Nanna was speaking, his appearance and tone changed. The dhyana yogi, the Rasayogi was actually in the holy presence of Sri Radha and introduced incessant Sri Radha dhyana in our hearts. Everyone was under the spell of vibrations of love and rasa. Nanna said 'Now I will call Mother.' When he calls Her, Radhaji cannot hold back. Nanna said during Her celebrations that She could never refuse to come when he called Her. So, She has certainly come now. That's why he is glowing so resplendently. He is handing over Sri Radha yoga for benefit of mankind in such an elevated state. 'Your mind must be adorned, not mine.' With this statement, Nanna indicated who he is.

" Chant Mother's name before we begin, as we do regularly. Then I shall continue "

'Sri Radha Jaya Radha Jaya Jaya Radha' We all sang Her name melodiously for some time.

" If some body does tapasya in this material world, even if he contemplates on God, he will be born in this same world after death. That is the law here. There was a great king - Jada Bharatha. He was very kind and compassionate. He gave up his kingdom and lived in a small ashram on the river bank. He saw a pregnant deer swimming in the water and a lion chasing it. The deer ran towards the ashram and fainted. Later it gave birth to a little deer. He thought that since the deer was born in his ashram, he must look after it. He took care of it till it grew up. Well, the deer belongs to this material world. You must not forget that it has all the organs of nature. He developed tremendous love and attachment towards the deer. When the time of his death neared, he saw the deer with pity. 'My deer, I am leaving. When I die, all my disciples will go in their own way. You must live all alone here. Just as your mother died, you will also be killed by some lion. I looked after you so lovingly. But this is of no use. You will die like your mother...' He breathed his last looking at the deer with pity. Because he died thinking and looking at the worldly object, he must reborn in this world only. So he was born as a deer. Just because he thought of the deer while dying, he was born as a deer, as an animal. 'Yadbhavo tadbhavathi.' Whatever you think of this nature, you will be born as that object. That's why material world is so dangerous. No wonder many Mahatmas say 'We want salvation. We don't want this world, We cannot see the troubles and problems that are present in this world. O God, save us from this agony. "

" Name and form belong to this world. There is no name and form in the higher world. In this place of name and form, bhava is present. Bhava is the form in that dham. Here, there is no bhava, only name and form. Guru gives mantra with name and form. We give lectures and mantra having name and form. The Kathopanishad says 'Nayamathma pravachena labhyaha.' Mother will not be attained with lectures and talks; She must accept you. You must completely adorn your mind first; then She must accept you. This is the only way to reach Her. There is no other way. You are chanting Her name in this materialistic world. Even with any amount of chanting Her name or being in Her thoughts, you will not attain her. She is Bhavaroopini (Manifestation of bhava). You must attain Her through bhava only. Adorn your mind with these four principles told by Her sakhis. Do incessant dhyana with such a mind on Sri Radha who is unattainable even to Brahma and other Gods. Mother is the supreme loving one. She gives bhava and nurtures bhava. We will be blessed. Radhe Radhe. "

Nanna granted us bhava while he was immersed in bhava.


Nee maname Sri Vaikhunthamuga
Nee maname Yama lokambu gada!
Rasesvari yagu Radhadevini yella roopamula gaanchu
Maname Sri Vaikhunthamuga
Mayalo munigi mohavasambagu
Maname yama lokambu gada

Your mind is heaven and hell. The mind which sees Rasesvari Sri Radhadevi in everything and is filled with love is heaven. The mind which is controlled by maya and desires is hell.



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