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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 8

Our Association With Nanna - Part 8
*Nanna's words
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16.12.2002; Guntur Ashram:

I wished Nanna 'Radhe Radhe', offered him roses and fruits and bowed at his feet. Nanna accepted the flowers and gave them back to me as his blessings. Then Nanna discussed about an incident in Kavali, A.P.

" We went to her house. She prepared snacks for me. We ate and left together. The whole process was over in 30 minutes. "

'Nanna, did she know about you before you went there?'

" Yes, she knew about me. "

'Did you know about her?'

" I heard about her but never spoke personally. I only knew that an aged person came..You can include this incident in the book as a leela. "

'Yes, I have noted down the points mentioned by you.'

" This is a great leela.. "

'Was this included in the book 'Rasa Yogi'?

'No. This is the first time Nanna mentioned about this incident. He told about many incidents while writing Rasa Yogi, but not this.' Anjani Amma said.

A lady in Kavali lost her only son. She almost became mad with grief and was bed ridden. She gave up food and water. When he heard about this, Nanna went to her house and said

" why are you sleeping? Get up. Prepare some snacks for me. "

She immediately got up and made some savories for him. Speaking about this incident, Nanna said,

" What happened to her grief? I spoke to her in a state of total bhava. That bhava touched her and her grief has gone. That's why she could get up and serve me. "

Today Nanna says that this incident is a great leela which could have been included in a book!

Anjani amma referred to two ladies in S.Kota. "Yes, they resided in S.Kota. I only named them as Sundari and Shyama. They came all the way through the fields at 11 p.m. to see me one day. They have so much love for me."

Some more devotees came to see Nanna.

" The printing of books is in progress. I have written the Telugu version. Hindi translation is almost complete. You must translate into Tamil. Finally, we must translate into English. "

'Nanna, only you must translate into English. You will use Shakespearean words and your language and style is unique.' Anjani amma said.

" In some countries, they cannot follow any language other than their mother tongue English. "

'Your English is excellent'.

" My language is Telugu. "

'No, English only.'

Nanna laughed at Anjani Amma's words.

" We shall buy a car and travel from place to place; we need to print books in Tamil, then go to Tamil land and distribute them. They will read the books and understand Mother's greatness. Many people are not even aware of who Radha is! "

Nanna explained about the story of the young devotee, Rehman.

" He is a Muslim boy. He began to chant Mother's name involuntarily. His father instructed not to give him food till he takes the name of Allah. Rehman was starving for 6 days. Yet the poor boy did not give up Her name. His mother hugged him and pleaded with him to utter Allah and pacify his father. She was unable to see the plight of her son and fainted with grief. At that time, Rehman left Mathura and went towards Brindavan. Mother sent Her sakhi, Champakalatha to fetch him. He was taken from earth in his physical form. That is sakhi bhava. "

'Nanna, did Rehman have sakhi bhava?'

" He thought 'Mother's pleasure is my pleasure.' That's enough. That is sakhi bhava. He thought, 'Mother likes this name. I will not give up Her name.' Though he was whipped and he had blisters all over his body, he did not give up Her name. He did not escape or shout back. He simply sat in a corner, weeping. Though he is not a sakhi, another sakhi entered..Many people weep, reading about this incident. Finally Mother asked him to come to Brindavan that night. The journey from Mathura to Brindavan is about 7miles. He walked all the way in the biting cold of winter dressed only in a loin cloth with wounds all over his body and without food since six days. There is no parallel to this incident in the whole world. I have not seen such a person anywhere, anyone...he was weeping that he wanted only Mother. Though he was suffering so much, he did not stop chanting Mother's name even for a second. He was uttering only 'Shyama Shyama' all the time. Your translation must have the same bhava. His mother was weeping. 'You are our only son. Why are you behaving like this?' His father beat him with a crop that is used to beat horses. Yet he did not run away nor was he depressed. Can anybody do like that? One cannot be a sakhi without bhava. You must write this carefully with expressive feelings. The people will simply read and throw the book aside if there is no bhava. "

Nanna compiled the details about Sri Radhaji and the lives of a few Rasika devotees in a book titled 'Raseswari Sri Radha'. It is available in Hindi also. Nanna planned to get it translated in Tamil and English and travel all over India. He wanted to distribute the books and create awareness of Radhaji throughout India and make the people blessed! Anjani amma was particular that Nanna translates into English because it was praised by the British also.

Nanna told us the story of Rehman so many times. Each time, the listener experiences a different bhava. Saying that such bhava must be inspired through the book, he asked if any such person was there. Except Nanna, the personification of bhava, who else can be like that? He declared that one cannot be a sakhi without bhava.

" The reader must weep as he reads the books. Sakhi bhava should be expressed like that. Gulab Baba thought that if he cannot serve Mother, he is unfit to live and decided to end his life. He slept in front of Mother's temple on the hill top. It was almost 5 days since he ate anything. He was an old man and it was peak summer. The loving Mother showed such unbelievable mercy on him. This is real sakhi bhava. He had only one daughter who was married and living with her husband. Mother took the form of his daughter and came near him. She spoke in his daughter's voice 'Baba, I have come. I will dance before you.' He even forgot that his daughter was married and not staying with him. Mother made him forget everything. He got up to greet her. She asked him to eat something. 'I heard that you did not eat anything. First eat something.' She served him food and he ate. This is the service provided by her. After he ate stomach full, the girl (Radha) started dancing. He was playing the guitar as She danced. He sang the popular song 'Maine rat na lagaye .' Mother is very fond of this song. He was playing the music as She danced in his daughter's form. He could not recognise Her as Mother. Suddenly, She rose above the ground and started dancing in the air. When She began to dance in the air, he realised that She is Mother and not his daughter. 'My Mother, you have come, you have come.' He collapsed and gave up his life. He is indeed a sakhi! "

Anjani amma narrated another incident.

'One priest in Barsana was returning after his morning prayer. He heard somebody calling out 'Purjari Baba, Pujari Baba.' He turned back and asked 'who are you?' 'I am Gulab Baba.' 'But Gulab Baba died long ago!' 'Yes, I died and became a sakhi near Mother.' 'What is the proof?' 'You offered betel leaf to Mother just now? See, here it is'. The priest thought 'Mother is so benevolent, so merciful...' Then he disappeared. The betel leaf which the priest saw proved that he actually saw him and this incident is true. This shows that the betel leaf was given to Gulab Baba by Radharani Kishori Herself!'

" Gulab baba gave up his life! He would not eat if he could not serve Her on any day. Such.we cannot describe.. "

Nanna would weep so much when we would read out these stories to him.

" One must weep when you read about the lives of rasika devotees. Only when you weep, you are a sakhi! All these stories are included in the books on Rasika devotees in Vraja. "

" One day, Mother was moving in a garden. She heard somebody weeping. 'Oh! Who is weeping my dear!' She noticed that a rose bud was weeping. 'My little one; why are you weeping?' 'I am still in a bud stage. Unless I blossom into a flower, you will not kiss me, embrace me and put me in your hair. I don't have that fortune now? That is why I am weeping?' Mother touched the bud and within a few minutes, it blossomed into a flower. She plucked the flower and held it to her eyes, kissed it, hugged it to Her heart and then adorned in Her hair. Mother has so much regard for sakhi! "

" In Gulab Baba's house, She danced in the form of his daughter who left for her in-laws house. If She did not feed him, he would not have eaten anything. She fed him properly and only after he ate a stomach full meal, She began Her dance. He saw Her dance and died. "

As he spoke, Nanna gradually transcended into a state of rasa and went into the depth of Radhasakhi's secret bhava. He spoke in that state of bhava.

" We are seeing only the sakhis here. They all are of low standard. "

'Nanna, then how can they be called a sakhi.'

" There, you are coming back to the start. Sakhi means... "

'Nanna, you are calling the sakhis here as low..'

" I have seen many sakhis here.. "

'Then how did they become sakhis, Nanna? They can't be sakhis.'

'There is no sakhi bhava here.' Anjani amma said.

" They are friends; lady friends, addressed as sakhis. So they are sakhis on this earth. Why don't you agree? "

'Amma..' (I was totally confused)

" The sakhis in this world are like this and the sakhis in that world are like that! "

'Nanna, we are confused...'

" There is no confusion, it is very plain. You all could not understand me. Sakhis means...generally they are addressed a sakhi. Sakhi... "

Anjani amma added:

'Generally people think that sakhis are in Brindavan. But they are not the sakhis. The one who is in that bhava.., like in Brindavan..sakhi..'

" The girls being addressed as sakhi here are trash. It is not so in that world. "

'Generally everybody in Brindavan addresses one another as sakhi. That is what Nanna is explaining.' Anjani amma clarified.

'Oh, for a moment I was perplexed. I couldn't understand anything.'

'That is his style, at times.'

'Amma, that means in Brindavan...'

'They are there and even higher..'

" Haridasji Maharaj stayed in Brindavan. He is truly Haridas (servant of the Lord). Why people are addressed as Haridas today? Why do you agree? "

Glowing with sakhi's aspects, Nanna explained about Radhasakhi who is a permanent resident of Sri Radha rasa dham and the divine state of the sakhi. As we listen to the story of Gulabi sakhi and how Mother came as a sakhi to serve him food, a new bhava touches our heart. Whenever, Nanna repeats Rehman's and Gulab Baba's story, he always weeps and we too weep! That is the touch of that bhava. Mother respects such a sakhi who thinks only about Sri Radha's happiness and never about herself. Sakhi is the embodiment of happiness who is beyond gender and gunas. Such a rasa sakhi, Nanna said that there is no comparison between the sakhi in that world and the so called sakhi in this world because he is controlled by the gunas. He bluntly said that he saw many people who call themselves sakhi but they are frauds. We wonder what he saw in them as nothing can escape his cosmic sight! Referring to Haridas, he indicated that just by calling himself a sakhi, one cannot really become a sakhi.

Then Nanna spoke about Rehman's episode.

" ..The boy and his mother were starving for six days. He had bruises and welts all over his body. His father forced him to wear only a loin cloth in the biting cold. That's why he is a sakhi! We are not interested in technical sakhi. She is sakhi, infact more than that. An ordinary sakhi will not wait; he surpassed the sakhis who are near Mother. No wonder She sent Her sakhi, Champakalatha and took Rehman near Her. "

" He must attain a part of Her (amsa). Otherwise, he is not a sakhi. He will be a sakhi in name only, he does not have sakhi bhava. Sakhi is actually the name of a bhava. It is not just a language; it is sakhi bhava. Some of the bhavas are santha, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya, madhura (calmness, servility, companionship, affection, sweetness). Sakhi must attain sakhya bhava. Without that bhava, she cannot be a sakhi. "

'Nanna, Nimbarkacharya's cult propagated that all the other bhavas are contained in madhurya bhava. They believe that santa and dasya are present in sakhya bhava; sakhya and vatsalya are present in madhurya bhava. They wrote that only when all these bhavas are combined, sakhi bhava has the true meaning.' Anjani amma said.

" I don't know about them. I experienced. "

'Nanna, that sakhi..'

" Wait. I have seen what a sakhi is. When I sit near a sakhi, I feel like weeping. I sat near some persons, I felt like weeping. Whether she weeps or not, I feel like weeping. When you see her face; if she is a sakhi, you must weep. It is not deliberately weeping, you cannot control. "

" The tears of an ordinary human being will flow from the inner corner of the eye. I have read many books? From which end of the eye do the tears flow in sakhi bhava? "

'These tears are salty?' Anjani amma said.

" If the tears are salty, it is trash. The tears should be sweet like Ganges water. "

'Nanna, intellectual poetry is not the real Radha bhava poetry. It is very difficult to get that bhava. Maharajji told Jammalamadaka Madhavarama Sarma 'how can these people attain bhava? She must attain that bhava, and then only it will be awakened in them.' We did not have such awareness at that time, otherwise we would record the speeches of Ban Maharajji, a highest philosopher of Gandhi matt.' Amma said.

'Amma, did he say that even Krishna could not attain that bhava?'

'Yes, Nanna and I invited him here but we did not record his talk.'

" When I was in bhava, Ramesh Baba came to see me. He said 'I read that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa wept for Mother but I am seeing that before my eyes now. I am losing control on myself.' I didn't even speak to him. What a sin! He brought a book to note down points about Radhaji. His book remained blank! He came again recently when we were not there. He offered a saree to Mother and left. Till now, he did not offer a saree in any temple in Brindvan. "

Amma told how Kishori Sharan Aliji recovered when he heard the verses from Sri Radhasudhanidhi.

'There are 500 commentaries on Sri Radhasudhanidhi. He listened to them one by one as his disciples read aloud. Day by day, his health improved. Now he is perfect and is able to sing. Radha rasa only gave him sustenance. Kishori Aliji! Everybody thought that he would leave the mortal frame very soon. He recovered when he heard the verses of Sri Radha Sudhanidhi daily and began to sing them also. His looks and words are very strange. When we went near him, he said 'there are many leelas of Radha and Krishna. Actually who are you?' The answer to 'who are you?' according to Ramana Maharshi's adwaitha philosophy is different. It is the bhava that 'I am a pure conscious form'. When Aliji asked 'Who are you", I remembered an incident in Hitaharivamsaji's life. When he was granted mantra by Radhaji, She said 'You must chant this mantra with the bhava that you are an instrument in My Nikunj. If you do mantra in this way, that bhava will be sown in your heart.' She said that he must consider himself as an instrument in Nikunj...'

" Amma. One day a little girl came near me and asked 'who are you?' Do you know about this? "

'Yes Nanna, you told us immediately about it.'

" Yes, I told you on the spot. Involuntarily I replied' I am a 10 or 11 year old girl and had tears in my eyes. She heard my reply (I am a girl) and left. That is my first experience. Who is She? She never told me about Herself. "

'Nanna, She must be Mother only.'

" Yes. She showed that within this physical form, my sakhi form also developed by then. She introduced within this body. She came to test whether I would consider myself as the girl within me or this exterior male form. That's why, she asked 'who are you?' When I said I am a girl, it is clear that I am idenifying with the little girl within me and not with this physical body. Another time, She gave a bottle of oil and asked me to apply oil to Her. Who will ask to apply oil on Her? Only a sakhi! Will a girl ask a man to apply oil? Never. So, I must have attained sakhi bhava that time. Sakhi roopa! "

'Nanna, during his lecture, Ramakrishna garu said that Nanna garu is the mahatma who can control all the 14 worlds.'

" He meant that Mother will see my state and control, if necessary. It is only through Mother. "

'Nanna, I am not denying that it is through Mother. All mahatmas will say the same; nobody will say that they did it themselves!'

" Otherwise, how did the dead person come alive? When our house owner died, I thought of Mother and strongly put my hand on his chest. He got up, signed on an important document and again fell dead. When he became conscious, I lost consciousness. "

Nanna referred to the above incident earlier and said that Radhasakhi possesses almost all the powers that Radhaji has. Saying that he thought of Mother and put his hand on the dead man, Nanna gave credibility to Mother. Saying that whatever he does is only through Mother, he proved the simplicity and humility of a sakhi.

'Ramakrishna made that statement because he saw Nanna with a man who called himself Kalasarpam.'

'Amma, was Kalasarpam his name?'

'Was this incident included in Rasa Yogi?'

As I was talking to amma, Nanna said;

" He said 'I am Kalasarpam'. "

Amma narrated what happened :

In 1977-78, a Brahmin came to Nanna and said he was Kalasarpam. He was learned and appeared well behaved.

His name was Kaleswara Rao. He came near Nanna and jumped on him shouting 'I am Kalasarpam.' (death). Ramakrishna garu was present at that time. Nanna said 'You may be anybody but here you are a very extra-ordinary person.' 'I have Rs. 10,000 with me. Let me see how you can take the money from me.' 'I don't need your money. If I wish, it will come to me on its own.' When Nanna put his hand on that man's head, he said 'I am a female sadhaka with good virtues. Because my sadhana did not fructify, I took shelter in this body.' Nanna gave mantra and liberated the soul. When Nanna put his hand on the man's head, she said 'I am blessed.' 'How long will you remain like this?' 'I will stay for sometime and leave.'

'Why did she take the name Kalasarpam when she is the form of a Goddess...'

'We don't know why she chose that name. She said that she took that man as an instrument and remained in his body when her sadhana did not fructify. That old man jumped so high although he was around 60 years old. After Nanna gave him mantra, he took food and left the ashram. Later whenever he came, he would take food and leave. When we would say 'Nanna, Kalasarpam has come,' he would retort 'my name is Kaleswara Rao; why do you say Kalasarpam? '

'Amma, did she leave his body later?'

'Yes. Now he is normal.'

Nanna then began to talk about the book Rasa Yogi.

" I told five points; all new points. The incident when a little girl emerged from Mother's idol and another girl emerged from me and both danced together.. "

'Nanna, you said that Mother came and touched you when your eyesight became weak..'

" Yes, that is another incident. Since that day, my eyesight improved. Involuntarily, I narrated and he noted down all the five points; you can talk to him and find out. Is the incident in Sri Lanka..sea..Ravana's fall..? "

'Yes, that incident is included in the book. Did he say that all the five are new incidents which you did not mention earlier?'

" He said they were wonderful! He also said that would write the book without even thinking of food and sleep. Now I don't remember what the points are, all are new. "

After some time I asked:

'Nanna, please give me the bhava and make me write.'

He smiled sweetly.

'Please make me write, Nanna.'

" Before writing this book, you must chant Mother's name non stop for three days. Tremendous power will be generated. She will give you new ideas. "

'Okay Nanna. What should we do if we face a break in between?'

" It's okay if there is any break. Don't care for the break but don't stop. Feel Mother's presence strongly. Feel as if Mother is with you. That's enough. "

After a while, he discussed about the funds he created.

" It is a permanent fund which shall never be disturbed. I will create 7 or 8 funds this month and increase to 10. Then there is no worry. "

" We shall go to Delhi and travel to Hindi speaking areas. We shall distribute the books printed in Hindi. Then it becomes easy for them to participate in our dhyana yoga here. Some 30-50 people may come forward. Among them.. "

'Where next Nanna?'

" Mumbai via Hyderabad. We shall distribute books as we move. Many people will join us after reading the books in our dhyana yoga. Next, we will visit Kolkata because many people will be coming from there also. We can easily expect 40 people. "

Nanna reclined in his chair for a while. Though I am listening to whatever Nanna says, my mind is thinking only about the book of Nanna which I wished to write. I was waiting for him to wake up.

'Nanna, will I be able to write the book on you, about Radhasakhi.. I will certainly chant Mother's name for 3 days.'

" You do that first. Feel that Mother is with you. Not simply taking Her name; you must feel Mother's presence in you. Then begin to write the book on the fourth day. "

'Okay Nanna'

" You must also write about the lives of those devotees like Hitaharivamsa, Naravahana, Vithaldasji and others, who reached the sakhi state to some extent. "

" Vithaldasji is a great sakhi, an ideal sakhi. When he heard that his guru passed away, he collapsed on the spot. That is his life. He was staying near the king. The doctors came and declared him dead. Such lives must be described in the book. Though he was provided a royal building, he lived only in a small hut. You must also highlight that he patronised the two armed Gopala and not the four armed Krishna. When you impress upon such points, you will get good ideas. You must depict the life of sakhis effectively. Don't concentrate on theory. Reduce theory and emphasize on practical incidents. You must develop their lives, based on bhava. Vithaldasji's life will blend well with your bhava. His life is wonderful. You can write 10-15 pages about the changes in his life. Then you can highlight the effects in some instances. You can use direct speech as much as possible, particularly when you narrate the incident when his guru did not come.. This will intensify the effect of your bhava. Bhava should always be expressed directly. You are using indirect speech saying 'he did this' and 'he did that'. It will not be effective. You must use direct speech in some portions; about 5-6 parts. You must develop these parts carefully. "

'Nanna, we included the lives of all these devotees in our volumes of 'Brindavaneswari Sri Radha Devi', that too in direct speech. Would it appear that we picked up from those books and included in these books?'

" About 7-8 persons wrote the Ramayana. Why did so many people write the same epic? "

'If we must refer to their lives in this book, we can mention that the detailed life history is included in another book and we have been taken excerpts from that book. Otherwise, it will look like a repetition of that book.'

" You can always write what is contained in that book. Don't reproduce the same words. Change the words, style and write more effectively. Then you need not even quote the other book. "

" Kulachandra is a great sakhi who gave up everything for Her. How does Mother work within him? There are many such instances in his life. Sakhi's nature includes ideal sacrifice. Without sacrifice, one cannot be a sakhi; it is only humbug. Sakhi must have great self sacrifice and surrender himself totally. Such a powerful king as Kulachandra bowed down before the enemy only because he would not displease Mother! There is no parallel to him even in Ramayana and Mahabharata. He knew that if he did not fight, they will take him as a prisoner and conquer the whole country. Despite being such a great warrior, he lifted his hands in defeat. You can't even imagine that sacrifice. "

With the ardent desire to write about Nanna's sakhi life, place the book in his hands and become blessed, I discussed with him from time to time. When I asked for his blessings, he not only advised me to do Radha nama for three days non stop but also gave his blessings and showered his grace. Is it so simple to write about the life of Mother's confidential sakhi? It can happen only by chanting Her name and obtaining Her grace. I chanted Sri Radha's name for three days and Nanna gave me the fortune of writing and reading aloud to him, most of the matter in the book 'Rasikacharyuni anantha jeevitham.'

Nanna spoke about the divine qualities glowing in a sakhi as we sat at the Radhasakhi's feet.

" You must tell about Mother's powers and cite some examples. Mother is always searching for Her people. What is this quality known as? "


" Yes. Now you must give an example to explain this quality. You can develop on the incident of that sanyasi in Brindavan, Bengali Baba.. It may span over 3-4 pages. Mother came specifically only for him. She went directly near him and spoke to him only. She did not even see anybody else. This is important. Sakhi wants only sakhi. They don't separate from sakhi. "

'Nanna, did Mother show sakhi bhava at that time?'

" Yes that is sakhi bhava. You need not even mention about the sakhi. That bhava will search only for sakhi. She left thousands of people and came only towards him. That is sakhi bhava. He also would be like that. He may be a sakhi too! You can mention in your book that only he who feels Mother is a sakhi. 'Mother,You only are my sustenance. I have none other than You. I will not go anywhere. I will not leave Brindavan. '. You can develop on these lines. The impact will be more when both are sakhis. "

'You can include a similar incident from Nanna's life.'

'Yes, amma. I recorded what you told and noted down later. '

" Bhaktanugraha, eagerly showering Her grace on Bhakta (devotee). Who is a devotee? She is looking out for a rasika devotee. "

'Nanna, should he be a rasika devotee plus sakhi?'

" Whether he is a sakhi or not, she wants him to be at least a rasika devotee. He must be associated with rasa... She wants that rasa. "

'He must have rasika bhava and sakhi bhava.' Amma said.

" Mother Radha was not present in the week long discourse on Bhagwata arranged by King Pariksheet because even a single sakhi was not there in that congregation. Mother said that none of Her sakhis were present there; She did nor say rasika devotees. Normally one who is not a rasika devotee cannot be a sakhi. Whenever you write theory about Her, you must give an example. The reader will be highly impressed. We don't want theory; we want only Bhavukas. I adopted the same style; one theory followed by an example, a story or an incident. It will be very interesting for the reader. "

" You cannot write more than 100 or 150 pages about Mother. Don't try to simply increase the volume. Don't care for volume. Even if it is only 100 pages, it must be sweet. "

Thus Nanna imperceptibly explained who is Radha and who Radha Sakhi is!

'Last year, you said that the book must include everything on sakhi tattwa in detail. That is why I wrote two chapters on this topic.'

" If you have the matter, you can write even 1000 pages. Don't stretch the book without matter. Don't care about the volume of the book. Don't extend it for the sake of pages. "

" Shakespeare said 'my words are based on bhava. English language is not enough to express my bhava. So I don't want this grammar.' He created his own grammar, popular as Shakespeare grammar."

" Similarly, the Arabic poet Iqbal said 'this language is not enough for my ideas. I want my own grammar.' He followed his own grammar popular as Iqbal grammar. "

" Language is always subordinate to bhava. Bhava is prominent and language is minor. Language is only a vehicle carrying bhava. The bhava within you is most important. "

" Just writing that one weeps in this bhava is not enough. In Shakespeare's play, the character comes on to the stage, weeping with bhava. Here, he recollects and weeps. Shakespeare does not agree that this is wrong. He advocates that sorrow and anger originate from within; it happens behind the screen. "

Many people come to Nanna and discuss many topics. We were fortunate to listen some of these conversations, sitting near his feet. To whomever he spoke, which ever topic he began, he always spoke about bhava towards the end. Not only in speech, but he also spoke with bhava! It is indeed amazing that the most mundane worldly matters attain purity in Sri Radhasakhi's presence and touch us in the form of bhava. No wonder Radha Mahalakshmi amma gave the message that 'Every incident in Nanna's presence is a part of Her leela.'

The same happened now also. The way in which he fine tuned the book on sakhi life is absolutely astounding. He categorically stated 'Set your theory aside; we want only Bhavukas.' He emphasized that number of pages does not matter; bhava is important. Language is always subordinate to bhava. He spoke about Shakespeare plays and gradually went into bhava! The roles in those plays are also blessed by the touch of his bhava!

Nanna spoke about a couple in Karlepalli (A.P)

" I approached them on behalf of somebody for money. They told me to take whatever I wanted. In fact, she only removed the money and gave me. Her love is indescribable. She is his second wife and grand mother of our devotee (Kurukshetra Lakshmi). Her daughter is also a devotee. She kept aside Rs. 3000 and wanted to come near me. Unfortunately, she died. Lakshmi gave me the money and I put it in Kishori fund. She was a good poetess. "

" The old lady was full of love. Long ago, I went to see her. They followed the system of wearing a veil. She removed that veil near me. A miracle took place that time. Since the last 5-6 years, she stopped eating because she wouldn't feel like touching food. When they served me food, I asked about her. 'Where is mother?' 'She does not eat food.' 'She will have food with me. Please call her.' She sat near me and had food. Since that day, she was cured of her illness. From then onwards, they developed tremendous faith in me. "

The devotee in Karlepalli was very wealthy and had a lot of love for Nanna. Her son was an atheist. Even such a person transformed when he saw the divine aura and power in Nanna. She told Nanna 'you transformed a rock into a jewel'. Nanna descended to earth only to transform people, make them practice rasa and lead them towards rasa dham. Visiting Kavali to see the mother who lost her son, saving Kaleswara Rao from the clutches of Kalasarpam or improving the health of the devotee in Karlepalli - every small act is a part of uplifting mankind, showing Nanna's sakhi swaroopa.

There are no words to describe our fortune that we are able to fondly and lovingly address Radhasakhi as Nanna because language is only subordinate to bhava!


Lokalo neevu sakhiyavai diginavu
Lokalo neevu sakhiyavai nilichavu
Tanivi teeradu naku entha ninu pogadina
Tanivi teeradu naku entha ninu choochina

You came down to the world as a sakhi and remained as a sakhi. I am not satisfied however much I praise You or see You.



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