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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 8

Our Association With Nanna - Part 8
*Nanna's words
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2Sakhi's Sweetness
3Quintessence Radha
4Whoever Divine Chooses
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Quintessence Radha (Tattwataha Radha)

: 29.11.2000, Guntur Ashram

Nanna discussed about Sri Radha's infinite tattwa and sakhi's qualities.

" Sakhi desires only to serve Mother. What does 'dasi' mean? Servant! It indicates desire to serve Her; to be lesser than Her. Even Krishna is not equal but inferior to Her. Why? That is a symbol of love! Servant is inferior. That's why he wants to be Her subordinate. Otherwise he cannot be happy. This is one of the many aspects of love. Mother is the origin of everything. She creates love and then flourishes that love. "

'Nanna, in the book 'Rasa bhakti dhara', it is written that when Radha sulks and does not join them, the sakhis try to lure Her towards Rasa. They describe Krishna and the glory of Nikunj so that She is drawn towards Rasa.'

" If somebody says that he will be a king occasionally, how can he be the permanent king? "

'Then should we not write that sakhis draw Her towards Rasa?'

" No "

'Can we say that Mother gives the inspiration...'

" Oh yes. She certainly gives that inspiration. I can prove this. Her inspiration comes from within and they act accordingly. That is Her power! Some things come through the flow of karma. We do not know. You have karma; you must get rid of it. There is nothing wrong. I also faced a situation. I analysed it and understood the reason. It cannot be shared with overflows. "

'What does love overflowing mean?'

" When love manifests, one must first do dasya. Then only I or you will be within limits. Dasi bhava is present not only towards Mother but even among us, among sakhis also. There is nothing wrong. If a dasi feels some bhava, she can even touch the feet or serve others. That's why in the hospital, nurses are classified as the ones who serve. Nursing means dasya. Any way of serving constitutes dasi bahva. If someone faces a problem, spending energy to help him is also seva. "

Thus, Nanna explained seva bhava in detail. Later, I read aloud the leela of Radhaji sulking.

" Not being together is itself sulking. "

'Not Radha and Krishna. Though the sakhis behave with sakhya bhava near Her, they are always in the awareness that She is their Swamini..'

" When sakhi thinks that she is dasi (maid), it is implied that Mother is superior. There is some bliss in sakhi bhava and some sorrow in Swamini bhava. It is safe to have dasi bhava throughout sakhi bhava. One must be very careful about this. "

" In one leela, Mother cautioned a devotee about following a particular cult where they would make 71 impressions on him. She particularly told him not to accept the impressions but he did. She never saw his face again. He moved away from Her; his body was burnt.. "

" One must maintain sakhi bhava all the time. This bhava is lost when you become egoistic or are covered by maya. Lalitha sakhi says 'Mother, you accepted me as a maid and gradually elevated me to sakhi. You are so kind.' Lalitha even stopped Krishna from meeting Radha. "

" Sakhi is beyond the three genders. This implies that only one who has no gender can enter Her kingdom and also that the sakhis in Her kingdom have no gender. "

'Nanna, if only those who are beyond the three genders can go there from here...'

" If they maintain love and their love is at the highest plane, then it is alright even if they have gender. "

'Nanna, if they have gender, how can they go there in the first place?'

" It is overpowered. Even if he is a man, it is overpowered through humility. Once gender is overpowered, then what is the problem? "

'I couldn't understand.'

" Those who go there from here cannot adjust suddenly. 'Bhidyathe hridaya grandhihi chidyanthe sarva sansayaha kshiyanthe chasya karmani tasmin drishti paravare'. Each karma has a result and also the residual effect. You can somehow remove the result of karma. You are taking birth again and again due to this residual effect. Then what is the solution? When he attains Mother's Radha tattwa, all residual traces of karma vanish. One must get rid of these traces; it is not easy. 'Tasmin drishti'-you must direct all your attention towards Mother. In other words, you must be immersed in Radha bhava. Then only you will lose traces of karma. It is not easy for everybody to attain Radha bhava. It is difficult even for a sakhi to attain intense Radha bhava. "

" There is yet another dimension; half sakhi and half Radha... "

'Who, Nanna?'

" Human being! That is known as Radha bhava. When Lalitha stopped Krishna, what is her bhava? "

'Radha bhava.'

" That's right. There is a little of Radha bhava and a little of sakhi bhava. Both are blended. Did you understand? "

'Yes, Nanna.'

" It is not sakhi bhava alone, it is a natural state to have Radha bhava also. When Mother asks Lalitha to allow Krishna to enter, she says that she is in Radha bhava. In this state, sakhi also sulks like Radha. When she understands Radha bhava, sakhi also gets some of the aspects experienced by Radha. When she sulks like Radha, sakhi tells Krishna, 'why did you behave like that I will not allow you near Her. Even if She calls, I will not allow you. Go away.' "

" If she can say 'even if Mother calls, I will not allow you to go, it means she is in Radha bhava. That is not ego or pride. They have no ego there, only Radha bhava. She becomes Radha and remains in that anger (like Her). Though Radha gives up anger, the sakhi in Radha bhava may not give up her anger. This is what happened to Lalitha. Such things take place there commonly. "

" Sakhi gets Radha bhava occasionally. But she cannot transcend into Mother's rasa totally. Without Radha bhava, she cannot drown in the ocean of Her rasa. Again she does not allow her to drown completely. If she drowns completely, she will leave Her and everybody else. "

Nanna explained the depth of Sakhi bhava. It is difficult to attain sakhi bhava and more difficult to maintain it. With ego and maya, sakhi bhava disappears. Nanna might have seen within so many people in this world. Though he has gender, his humility will overpower it; then it is acceptable. Thinking logically, I asked how it is possible to go there with gender. Nanna replied that traces of karma will vanish if you go into depth of Radha rasa. Once traces of karma are lost, then what does gender matter? Yet, a sakhi can never enter Her rasa totally. Nanna gave us the deepest secrets of rasa dham in such simple words; yet we are unable to understand!

" One verse in Bhagawad Gita stresses that everybody cannot go to that world. Roopa Radha and Tattwataha Radha are different. Tattwataha Radha cannot be attained by anyone. "

" I asked the President of Ramakrishna Mission 'Do you know Ramakrishna tattwataha?' He was perplexed and replied 'I cannot say'. Tattwataha has such depth of meaning. Krishna said that among the several devotees, only a few become accomplished to know him. Among them, only one will understand who God is tattwataha. Even Sankaracharya does not fall in this category! "

" Among millions of people, one can understand Mother completely, the other's cannot. Even if they have written so many books, I doubt whether they understood Her properly. She is uncatchable. There is an uncatchable element within, otherwise She will become an ordinary person. Because of this tattwataha, She is not attainable to anybody.. "

" Vithadasji said that Krishna who preached the Gita is different and Krishna who is beyond this world is different. The Krishna who preached Gita is inferior. "

'Nanna, then why didn't anybody know about him?'

" Because he is inferior! He is the four armed Krishna. That's why Vithaldasji refused to worship him. The two shouldered Krishna stayed with Yasoda only for 12 years. Did he preach the Gita them? No, He became four armed one by the time he preached Gita. He married many times. Does Radhaji have marriage? Is there any marriage in that world? "

'Nanna, you are saying that the four armed Krishna preached Gita. You also say that nobody could understand him...'

" Did he marry? "


" Does Mother have marriage? "


" Why? Is She superior or inferior? "


" Why? "

'She is above all these'.

" There is no marriage there. But he married here.. "

'But he is still known as an austere Brahmachari'.

" May be. I also am a devout Brahmachari. I have no relationship with my wife since 50 years. Yet, did I become the highest? Being a staunch Brahmachari does not mean he is the highest. Hanumanji is also a stauch Brahmachari, but he did not become the highest. He elevated to some extent only. That is what Krishna meant by Tattwaha. It is not an ordinary sentence.. "

'I still did not understand what this sentence means. There is not even a single person who understood Krishna completely.' In which context is this sentence mentioned? Did they not understand his greatness or..'

" The substance of Vithaldqasji's concept is clear. 'The four armed Krishna is not mine. I will not enter his temple.' This is the accusation made against him. "

Suddenly Nanna asked:

" From where did the flute come? "

'From bamboo stem?'

" From where did the flute come? "

'Wherever it came from, it is in Mother's hands only.' (I could not follow where the conversation was leading to)

" Leave that aside. Why did the flute come? Mother did not come there. It became a bamboo stem due to Brahma's curse. What is Brahma's state and what is Mother's? Who is superior? Brahma is only a subordinate. He said that his whole life span is not enough to describe Her. He is so inferior. He prayed to be born even as a weed in Brindavan. Will Radha ever have such a wish? "


" Why? "

'Because She is the sovereign of Brindavan.'

" That's it. Don't equate everybody with Mother. "

'Nanna, I am not equating with Her. I am saying that the flute is always in Her hands..'

" In whose hands is the flute? How did the flute originate? "

'Nanna, then is there anyone who is highest in Mother's path?'

" We can't say. Mother is unlimited. There is no limit to Her. Now do you understand why I referred to that verse? "

'Yes, Nanna.'

I was drowning in the unlimited flow of tattwa. Nanna was referring to the verse 'Manushyanam sahasreshu Kaschidyathathi siddhaye yathatamapi siddhanam kasminmam vetthi tattwataha'. He said that he would not believe anybody who said that he understood tattwataha Radha. Nobody can know better than him, how difficult that realisation is. He told us not to limit Mother in our words or writing. He explained that the four armed Krishna is Lord Narayana; the two armed Krishna is the ruler of Goloka, the personification of love, worshipper of Radha and who is engaged in constant leelas with Her. It is very difficult to comprehend to depth of this tattwas in one body act! It is beyond logic. One may feel why he said like this about Brahma and Narayana. But at that time, he is speaking from Rasa dham as the inseparable aspect of Sri Radha. They are the words spoken by Radhasakhi in a state of total bhava; in a state of oneness with Radhaji. That's why they are even above Vedas.

" Who does the two armed Krishna worship? "

'Tattwataha Radha'

" Yes. He does not worship the ordinary Mother. He clearly said that only one in a million would realise tattwataha. Did he mention who realised this? "


" When he did not mention anybody, it means that it is beyond... Once, a king saw his shadow during the day time. He was angry. 'Why is my shadow beside me as my equal? I am the King. Take away my shadow. He is following me. They covered the shadow with sand. Where is the shadow? "

'Along with him.'

" Will it come up again? How much sand can get rid of the shadow? That is tattwataha, Understood? "

'A little bit'.

" Her power envelops. I am speaking now only because She has enveloped me. I am not speaking on my own. Her power envelops the persons. That's all. The Ashta sakhis are her amsas (parts). "

'Mother's 64 arts took the form of sakhis.' Anjani amma said.

" If we don't differentiate, everybody will become an ordinary man. "

'Mother's 64 arts became Her sakhis. They again became innumerable sakhis. They all came from Mother only-from the roots of Her hair, Her anklets, maids, Gopikas..'

" They are Her devotees, not sakhis only. "

'Who, Nanna?'

" All of us. "

'Oh, the rest.'

" We are followers of sakhi culture. They are sakhis. "

This is the sensitive nature of a sakhi. He is the confidential sakhi of Radhaji, the partner in Radha rasa, yet says, 'we are the followers of sakhi culture, they are sakhis.' If we don't differentiate, everybody will feel 'I am God; I am Radha'. Knowing that this is harmful to human beings Nanna came down all the steps from his state to ours and said 'we...' Not only Tattwtaha Radha but tattwataha Radhasakhi is also equally deep!

" Lord Shiva craved for a woman and lost his sperm. He is so weak. This is what the Bhagawata says. That is only for small persons. Hindu religion is such that you can move from small to big; from LKG to Ph.D. "

'Mother is even beyond Ph.D.'

" Not even that PH.D is a small thing.. "

Nanna devotees (SS Srinivas and his wife) listened attentively and discussed about the meditation followed by them.

'Non-doing meditation! It is a scientifically designed course...'

" You must do. There is no non-doing for us; we must do. Even in Samadhi, man is not a stupid. Non doing mean stupid. It is not a stupid course. Samadhi is a very high course. The mind cannot transcendental things; higher mind is Samadhi. Samadhi is mind consciousness, but higher consciousness. Lower consciousness cannot catch hold of higher objects. So the mind thinks and something higher takes up. When you get into the higher, you attain Samadhi. Samadhi is full consciousness. Samadhi state is not a stupid dullness. It is full moon. Full moon is Samadhi, not new moon. You need Samadhi to visualise higher things; transcendental objects. It is bhava Samadhi. Even bhava is very good than the so called Samadhi. Bhavaloka, bhava samadhi, bhava deha! Now if I become a sakhi, I will not have this material body. This is a small thing. You must go beyond this material world. That is necessary. "

" Chinmaya body is present above the material body and bhava is above chinmaya. Chinmaya is only in the middle; it is small. Go beyond chinmaya to find bhava. Bhava deha is not a small thing. Sakhi's bodies are bhava dehas. Bhava deha is something very high. "

'Nanna, when they attain bhava deha and go there, is there a chance of gender anymore. Infact, this body will also not remain. Then the anger and desires related to this body...'

" It is trash. "

'So the man-woman relationship will not exist.'

" That is known as transcendental bhava. 'Anadyoyam purusha eka evashi' that purusha (man) and this purusha are different. "

" Yes, the higher purusha is different. He is Purushottama, superior among men, higher, transcendental.. "

'Nanna, you said that sakhis have bhava deha there. Then, there is no chance of being related to gender'

" We will know when we enter that bhava "

Unable to understand the highest state of bhava explained by Nanna, I repeated the question again and again. He knows that in bhava loka they are beyond gender. The resident of bhava loka has kindly handed us some deep secrets of rasa belonging to that world, made as simple as possible. We do not have the touch of bhava; that's why it is so difficult to understand. Hence the repeated questions! 'You will realise when you enter that bhava'. Oh! It is simple to understand bhava without actually having the touch of bhava! The tender sakhi includes himself with us in his loving teachings.

" You can visualise purusha bhava and sthree bhava (male bhava and female bhava). It is not the purusha (man) here. If you think of this man, the difficulty arises with the organs. It is not like the trash here. They do not have organs. That is my point. "

'Nanna, you told once that there is a chance for some sakhis to have some bhava within them, it is suppressed in the presence of Mother..'

" What bhava? "

'Some bhava but not the bhava in this world'.

" No, not at all. "

'Is that not allowed Nanna?'

" It may be present. I will give an example. One person in America was suffering from head ache. I have not seen that person or America or his house there. I cured him from here. How is it possible? "

'Bhava', Srinivas said.

" Bhava only. Quite right. You need not know the person. You need not see the country. Still I can catch him. This is beyond practice. I can remove his pain. He said 'You have not seen me. If you cure my head ache for one hour, I will believe you.' 'I will do it'. Though I was not seeing the person, I controlled his pain from here. How? "

'Only bhava'.

" What is bhava? Nobody can define bhava. It is indefinable. It is not a definable thing; it is something which is indefinable. "

" You do not even know him, then how to control his pain? I controlled for nearly 6-7 hours. He did not have any head ache at all. He was amazed. Immediately he called up his friend and said 'I am going to see the Mahatma.' Then he came near me. He is not a small boy; he is a Ph.D from American University. He said 'I must test him' and then tested me. He was satisfied and so he came down and stated for 40 days. Before he left, he gave me a cheque for about 1 lakh. I told I did not do anything for this cheque. I won't sell myself so cheaply. Take it away. I did not take even one paise from him. When all the doctors in the whole of America said, 'it is incurable, you must die', I said 'it is curable'. Those doctors in America are not aware. He was cured. He brought six rose plants and planted them saying 'kindly accept these rose plants which are very dear to Radhaji'. I agreed. Later he sent a wrist watch from there requesting me to accept something from him. I removed that wrist watch also. If you accept something in return, you become small. That's why I don't want money from anybody. Mother will give me. With that, I must celebrate Her birthday function. "

" Nobody in the world has taken such a resolution so far. The function would cost one lakh and that too for all times to come. One lakh every year! Where will it come from, without asking anybody? That is my point. I don't ask anybody. I get more than one lakh and I spend it. This is something which is more than human, more than ordinary. "

Nanna explained the power of bhava and how it travels in all the worlds. He gave the example of the engineer in America whom he cured from here. The waves of bhava which emanated from Nanna here touched the person in America and cured him, whom all doctors in America declared incurable. He said I won't sell myself. 'You become small when you accept something in return'. He preached by practice how we must conduct our self. The way in which he is celebrating Mother's function spending lakhs of rupees without asking anybody a single paise indicates that it is 'more than human'.

Srinivas explained to Nanna about the yoga classes conducted by him. 'In our yoga classes, initially we said ....'

" Your yogas are small. All your yogas are so small. "

'Guruji, we have meditation in the first 15 minutes. That is non doing; later we have bhava Samadhi training. In this training, they imagine whatever they want and remain in that state..'

" I understand. I can visualise. But small things cannot catch hold of big thing. Radhaji is biggest, all pervading. Ordinary consciousness cannot touch the all pervading. You must attain a higher consciousness. You must be a transcendental personality. We must become transcendental; otherwise we cannot catch the transcendental. That is why we must not visualise Mother. She is present but I am not saying in which form. There is Mother. Because we cannot concentrate, we weep for Her. The best language to pray Radhaji is weeping. Chaitanya was weeping for something higher. It is indefinable! Why was he weeping? I don't know, I can't explain. It is beyond mind. Mind cannot meditate on that higher thing. No wonder it is transcendental, that means higher than mind. "

" 'Yatho Vacho nivartanthe aprapya manasa saha' - a mind cannot catch; that means something supramental is required. That is bhava. Supramental is bhava. The bhava which catches Radhaji is highest bhava. If it is not highest, it cannot catch Her. "

'Swamiji, I cancelled the Siddha Samadhi yoga classes this month...'

" You may. These are small things. I am not satisfied with these small things. My object is all pervading, not a small thing. All pervading object is not an ordinary thing. It is the highest. Otherwise Lord Krishna will not submit to Her. He is in oneness with Her. What is that state known as ? "

'Sahajasanyoga sthithi - state of natural union'

" He merged with Her. Will a small thing merge into a big thing or vice versa? "

' A small thing merges into a big thing.'

" So Krishna is small. Krishna is small compared to Radha. So, the union, Mother merged him. You can't imagine. In south India, we have no idea about Radhaji. An eminent pandit and Sadhaka from Puri came here one night along with head priest of Banke Biharji temple. 'I have come only to see you. How can an Andhra man come over to Brindavan and speak about transcendental object. I was astonished. I wanted to see that wonderful man.' He came only to see me. "

" Infact they say not to even call Her as Mother. Don't call Radhaji as Mother because if there is Mother, there is a male counterpart. Don't call Her Sakhi, again for the same reason. There is nobody for Her. She is only Swamini. Nobody is Her equal. "

'If She is Swamini, then what about Swami?'

'There is only Swami or Swamini, not both.'(I clarified)

" She is so high. You must not call Her even as Sakthi because it implies Saktiman who has somebody controlling. Nobody can control Her. 'Krishnasthu Bhagawan swayam. Krishna is the original God, even he is nowhere before Radha. He merged in Her. He is nowhere. "

" The so called original God is nowhere before that! Your yogas are small than God; your Samadhi is a small Samadhi. Once you are used to a lower level, it is very difficult for you to move to higher. Once for all will remain at the bottom only. So, don't aim for small things. I gave up all those things. I did so many sadhanas.. "

'Panchakshari mantra, Kama Gayatri...'

" I left out all these including Radha Swami. The only thing is I don't agree. They cannot argue with me, so I don't argue. I even say 'I am a fool. I know nothing. Please don't argue with a fool like myself. Namarkar. Don't argue. "

'Please tell me what to do. I am now totally empty within me.'

" Socrates said 'I have discovered a wonderful thing. I came to know that I am the biggest fool in the whole world, never seen before. I never before knew that I have now realised that I am the biggest fool in the whole world. "

" Similarly, I don't argue with him. He cannot understand my logic, I am beyond logic. He is within logic. You want everything logical. I want everything super logical. A logician cannot understand a super logician. The best thing is to say 'I am fool. I cannot argue with you, you are a great soul. You may leave.' "

" The routes from Guntur to Sattenapalli and Guntur to Delhi are not the same. There are many small stations on the way. Delhi means a big station..(weeping). We will weep when we surrender to Mother! A helpless person weeps. Chaitanya wept; Meera Bai wept ;they were helpless. "

Nanna laughed in a highly supernatural way. He succinctly stated how deep is Radhaji's tattwa, which is beyond logic. His laugh said more than his words. Every time we hear Nanna speaking about Her tattwa, we realise that weeping is the only language to express about Her.

" Hladini power is so high! None other than Manmatha became a woman; then you can imagine that power. Manmatha came prepared with his 5 speared arrow to bring thousands of women under his spell; whereas he himself became a girl! He obtained feminine bhava and became a girl. He who turned so many men and even rishis upside down with desire became a girl! Ah! "

" Can the one who serves and the one being served be the same? "

'No, Nanna.'

" Then how can these also be equal. One who serves is lesser. Seven colours together become white. But none of the seven colours is white. All the colours together cannot be white. White is something transcendental. That is Radha! All the eight sakhis------Lalitha sakhi was a maid initially. What does this mean? "

'She serves Her. She is inferior...'

" Yes. She developed into sakhi from dasi (servant); not by Her. "

'Nanna, can we say that ashta sakhis are a part of Her?'

" We also came from there only. 'Mamaaivamso jeevaloke jeeva bhoota sanatanaha!' Krishna said that all human beings are a part of him. So Krishna and we are the same. Is it right? "

'Nanna, not all human beings; Lalitha and Visakha are Her special Sakhis.'

" Amsa means a part of Her. "

'Nanna then we must not say that Radha devi spread as the eight sakhis..'

" No! No! No! I don't agree. You are confining it to a limited thing. She is unlimited. The unlimited can never become a limited. It is not possible. "

'Nanna, in 'Annadyoyam purusha eka evasthi', She took the form of the female lead. The Supreme Purusha bhava became two. Then after becoming two, did She create sakhis from herself?'

" One who is created is inferior.. "

'Sakhi is inferior, but did Mother create sakhis from Herself?'

" That's what we assume. There is nobody also but Mother. So the sakhis can come only from Her! "

'Nanna, according to Mamaivamso..., all of us are parts of the Divine. But there is a difference between Lalitha and other Sakhis and all others.'

" I don't agree. "

'You don't agree?'

" Lalitha was only a servant initially. Don't forget. Is she equal to another servant today? I was a servant and developed into a sakhi. Sakhi is higher than servant. She was small at one time, we are also small. Don't make numerical calculations. "

'Not calculation, Nanna. I am saying that eight sakhis are different from others..'

" Not eight even eight lakhs..they were only servants at one time. Just like a mother-in-law w as a daughter-in-law initially. She gradually became a mother-in-law. Don't forget. "

" Mother has no development. She is like this forever. That's all. No question of development. She was Radha in the beginning, Radha now and Radha in the future. There is no small Radha or big Radha. "

I was reading out a leela where Radhaji is sulking.

" That is a leela, not the real. Just because Radha held Her sakhi's chin, did She become inferior? "

'Nanna, I am not saying She became inferior. I am saying that She loves Her sakhis so much; She has so much compassion...'

" it happens. One day, I went to Kodi Ramamurthy's house. He is a great wrestler. Nobody in India can beat him. His grandson came near him and invited him for a fight. He had a mock fight with his grandson and lost. 'Oh! I lost'. 'Ah! Grandfather lost; I won'. What is this? Such a little boy won over his grandfather. That is leela. That is joy. The grandfather says I lost, and feels very happy.. We cannot see. Whatever they do in that plane is leela. "

'That is alright. We want to bring out in the form of a book, then...'

" Even in the book, you must mention it is a leela... "

'We will mention leela. Nanna, if we want to know about that highest plane..'

" Don't talk anymore. Don't talk of the highest. Leave it. "

My heart skipped a beat at Nanna's serious tone. Nanna kindly told us more than we deserve to know about the highest Rasadham and Rasadhameswari. As we hear his words, we feel like knowing more and more about Her tattwa. We don't even know what to ask and what not to ask. Nanna answered most of our questions. Telling about 'Tattwataha Radha' which we cannot understand without bhava..he clearly stated 'don't talk of the Highest, leave it.' However, we are blessed that we had the opportunity of listening about radhe who is beyond Vedas from Radhasakhi, who also is beyond Vedas!

Nanna continued:

" I read the whole of Quran. Mohammed said 'don't go beyond a plane; don't describe beyond that. Don't describe. Don't define. Don't define Allah who is beyond definition. Allah is beyond everything.' You maintain that. If you bring him down, it will become small after sme time. Don't come down; don't bring Mother down. Mother is always Mother. She is eternally transcendental. Doesn't Krishna know about his? 'Eswaraha paramaha Krishah'. He is the Supreme God. That Parameswara Krishna merged into Her. Who is Radha? You cannot imagine Radha! Since we are small we are seeing Her as small. Don't bring Her down. This is my point. "

" 'Aham Brahmasmi'. Brahma is defined as that which is big. It also means that which makes big. Both imply the same. It is great by itself. Good. It also makes other great! Brahma has this power to make others great. She is above Brahma. If you can make an ordinary fellow as a graduate, you are above graduate.. "

" Hitaharivamsaji said that 'Mother is sending this, not Guru. Guru is for namesake only. Mother's power is acting there. Entering Brindvan is by Her intention. She is the Ruler. Only Mother was coronated in Brindavan, nobody else. Everything moves according to Her orders. The greatest person also is inferior to Her. You must stress this point. Brindavan moves as per Her instructions. "

" So everything is done only by Her and not by devotees. It is your duty to remind everybody about it. The doer and initiator is Mother only. The readers don't know these secrets. We must educate them through our books. You have a double duty-writing and then educating the people. That is real education. "

" Mother is present in every atom there, every second. She granted Vittaldasji fame and showed him Brindavan. She protected him when he was given snake poison. You must give more importance to Mother only and mention Her all the time. One day his disciples returned without food. 'Today you have no Prasad from my guru. Why?' 'Guruji is no more.' On hearing these words, he left the mortal frame. He simply collapsed. It happened so dramatically. He prayed to his guru and Mother and left this world. 'Please take me, Mother!' Then Mother came and took him with her. Mother is the main focus. You must emphasise on Her only, others are minor. These books are for Mother only. All devotees are great but Mother is Supreme, the Highest. "

Nanna clarified why he said 'Don't talk of the Highest. Leave it.' Quoting Quran, he said that God is beyond definition. 'Sri Krishna, the embodiment of happiness gave up his identity and merged into Her. Defining Her means bringing Her down. She is eternally transcendental. Krishna surrendered himself to the unlimited tattwa, Radhaji. It is ignorance to hold such a Radha through logic and definition. That's why he declared. 'You cannot imagine Radha.'

A devotee from Vizag (Aruna) learnt Nannas song and sang before him. Nanna and Anjani Amma were very happy.

" You must serve Mother. Singing is also a kind of service. It is very melodious. I saw superimposition of Radha bhava. "

'Nanna! Did you see superimposition of Radha bhava in this girl?'

" Yes, tell her to chant Mother's name daily and offer milk in the morning and evening.. "

She is indeed blessed.

Then Nanna spoke about the problem I was facing due to astral effects.

" Mother told you to do dhyana for 8 hours, then your problem will be solved. 4-8 a.m. and 4-8 p.m. is the period when evil spirits are most active. If you do Mother's name during this time, they will move away. This is actually why the practise of penance in evening time (sandhyavandanam) began. "

'Nanna did mother tell you again today? Three days back.'

" She said to begin like this systematically, then the effects will go away. Not only 8 hours, you can do for longer period. You will get the power. "

He drifted into dhyana yoga saptaha plans.

" We will have 12 persons in a batch. We will make all arrangements very soon.. "

As Sekhar came, Nanna dictated points for Raseswari Sri Radha.

" Read the Divine Message by Mother. "

" In 1953, in the railway station...mother cried that I should get down in the station, so I got down. No doctors were called. When the Goddess asked if someone would give their life span to me, nobody came forward. You must stress both these points in the final chapters-doctors were not allowed and nobody came forward to give their life span. The goddess did not allow anybody to come. This is Her order! "

In the meanwhile, some devotees came to take mantra deeksha. Prior to mantra , Nanna told them about Radhaji's supremacy and Sati Devi.

" I am giving you mantra now. This is not an ordinary mantra. Your tongue must not move, only your mind must utter the mantra. Be careful. Keep Mother's portrait and offer milk. Don't keep any other deity's portrait near Her portrait. Because She is the highest. Krishna is worshipping Radhaji. She, who is Krishna's guru is not an ordinary deity. Do japa daily in the morning and evening, in your mind. Offer milk twice daily. "

Nanna then gave them Shadakshri mantra.

" Everybody must know these points-Who you are? Why did you come here? How did you come here? How to go up again? What is your fate eventually?' What is the use if you don't know about this? Every one will need this. When will the Hindi book be printed? "

He was told that the book will be printed very soon, before March.

" Oh! If the books are ready, we can keep them before Her at the time of our festival.. "

Nanna was visualising that scene in bhava.


Ella jagamulu nindi ella pranulakepudu
Aadhara sutramao Radhro na thalli
Laksmi Dugalakella aadhara sutramou
Krishna sakti vi neeve vishnudharivi neeve.

Radha, my Mother. You are all pervading. You are present in all the worlds and are guiding all living beings. You are above Lakhsmi and Durga; You are the power of Krishna and Vishnu.



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