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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 8

Our Association With Nanna - Part 8
*Nanna's words
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4Whoever Divine Chooses
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Whoever Divine Chooses (YAME VAISHA VRINATHE)

: Guntur Ashram, February, 2003

Anjani amma heard a divine voice in the early hours (3 a.m.) on Ratha sapthami day. Immediately, she told Nanna what she heard and he went into bhava. The same day Nanna installed the idol of Sri Radha in Pandaripur temple. Many devotees were present on this auspicious occasion. We all gathered around Nanna whose face was glowing with the radiance of rasa.

" What is Avadhi? "

'Limit, Nanna.' (Sekhar replied)

" We have no limit. We are with Her. If you leave Mother even for one second, you cannot come back. This is the message given by Mother. It will take centuries... "

" (Nanna asked Anjani amma to repeat what he heard). You must listen to what the divine voice said. It is not human voice. It is apourusheya (not uttered by man). "

" Mother gave this message at 4.30 a.m. "You are eternally with Mother. Your natural state is in eternity with Mother. Do your work and come back to your natural state. There is no question of going to Mother because you are already always with Mother. You are only coming from Mother, doing your work for sometime and returning to your natural state. That is oneness with Mother. There should not be a long gap between going away from your natural state and returning to it. That is what incessant (dhyana) means! "

Even after knowing fully well that Nanna is the personification of Mother, I am going away from him everyday. Nanna commented on Mother's message that 'you cannot attain me through your penance. You cannot come near me on your own even after several centuries'. It is a fact that we cannot go near Mother by our penance. Nanna said that we are near Mother; we go away from Her on some work and return back near Her. There should not be a long gap between going away and returning near Her. Yet, I go away from Nanna to my family everyday. Nanna is constantly trying to uplift people like us who are bound by family ties with tireless efforts and infinite love.

'Minimum possible time', Sekhar said:

" Not more than one or two minutes, that is the crucial point. There will be very few who can sustain their dhyana till the end. Most of them will give up their pursuit and sway towards their family or other attachments. The same happened in the life of the devotee, Tukaram... "

'Nanna, are we near Mother?', I asked hopefully.'

" Always. Eternally! You belong there, otherwise Mother will not select you. What will you if your son is missing? "

'I will become concerned and anxious.'

" What will you do in that anxiety? "

'I will make all efforts to locate him'.

" Where will you try to bring him back? "

'To me!'

" Yes. That is exactly what Mother told us. She cautions us not to maintain a long interval between leaving Her and coming back to Her. Just one or two minutes! "

'Anjani amma heard one sentence by a divine voice. She said she would tell it later. Nanna wants her to repeat what she actually heard!' Sekhar said.

" There are two aspects - being near Mother and staying near Mother, peeping outside and going back near Her. What is the difference? The gap between staying near Mother and leaving Her to return back should be very small. The interval between leaving Mother and coming back must be very very small. Mother.. "

Nanna again asked for Anjani amma.

" A divine voice spoke to Her saying it will take several centuries to come back to Mother. Several centuries! You can't come back. "

'Did Mother say so, Nanna?' Sekhar asked.

" A divine voice spoke to her. It is pure Divine voice. Anjani amma was shocked. Mother is not a small .. It is very difficult to come back near Her. You are already with me, you have to go out and come back again. If this gap is large, we will be unable to come back. That is the difficulty. If we come down from that state (being near Mother), we will be trapped in the world. We must practice to always be near Mother only. "

We, human beings are in such a state that we cannot reach the presence of the holy feel of Sri Radha even after several lives of penance. With infinite love, Nanna explained the implication of Radhaji's message. 'We are already near Her; though we peep out on some work for a minute or two, we are near Her only.' Nanna could make such statement only because he is the confidential sakhi of Sri Radha; he is Her aspect of Hladini!


" What did Purushottamdasji say? "

'He is the confidential sakhi of Radhaji!'

" What does confidential mean? "


" It implies a secret. Sakhi always remains near Mother only. He does not give up that thought. He does not think of his family. His thoughts are focused only on Mother's family (Her devotees) and Her service. He is always in preparedness to serve Her. "

" We are now celebrating the occasion of Mother's birthday on Radhashtami for the first time. Soon, I am planning to construct a building for all the devotees. I shall install Mother's idol. There will be a huge hall in that building for our functions. In this way, some activity or other will continue. There is no end for Her service. This is an important quality for a sakhi. "

" We have total philosophy with us but it is very difficult to express it. We can understand it within us but cannot express in words. That is the problem! Mother will grant that expression... "

" He, who has entered into rasa tattwa is blessed! When you experience even a little of rasa, you will develop detachment from everything in the world. I am detached from everything and everyone since 52 years. I have no other thought except Mother. Radhaji is the greatest spiritual being. I am following Her because She is the highest. I do penance for 16 hours a day. Nobody can do like that. I am doing such penance because that is the highest and most reliable. I will preach only what I practice. You believe and follow me!..... It does not matter whether you are in a temple or a toilet. Your mind, your faith and selfless love are important. Don't see with external vision. Mother is all pervading. There is no such place where She is not present. You must develop this faith. This dhyana yoga is the highest. Since Mother is all pervading, you can see Her wherever you want. I am there! "

" You must maintain the link with Mother at every step. Then She will certainly come near you. Her all pervading nature! There is no doubt that She is everywhere. We are here now. Is God present here? Certainly yes! Mother is here, with us, right now. When I enter the kitchen, She is there also. That is why Vivekananda said 'All time is now, all distance is here.' That is the Divine aspect! God has no time but we do. We are bound by time (Past, present and future). Don't do the same to God. Once you bind God with time, you are limiting the Divine! Learn to realise the vast expanse of divinity. We have no time. "

" The world moves according to Mother's orders and not according to horoscopes. I am a renowned astrologer. I published many books on this aspect. I reached a state when I felt 'I don't want these books. I want Mother. I don't want astrology. I want Mother. I don't want auspicious timings. I want Mother.' Don't limit Her to any place. You must develop this attitude adopted by Maharshis. They see Mother with inner vision all the time. You must also see Mother like that. Don't bother about right and wrong. All the time is now. It is present all the time (no past or future). The three time frames do not exist in the upper worlds. If we see the upper world after death, we will find that there is only present tense all the time. You must practice from now only to live in present at all times. Such people are Mahatmas. Krishna also said that such persons are the real Mahatmas. 'He who sees only Mother everywhere is a Mahatma.' "

" Prahlada was taught by Narada about the quality of a Mahatma. Good and bad belong to this worldly nature. We must not be linked with this world. That is why, though mantras are powerful, they are not advised because She is beyond mantras. Mantra has the senses of sound, touch, sight, smell and taste attached to it. Hence it is advised to avoid mantra which is related to prakriti. We don't need any mantras. "

Nanna's speech continued like any perennial flow filled with bhava, it is a flow drenched in bhava! The same Nanna who checks within the person who requests him for Mantra; who explains the prominence of Radha mantra before granting to the devotee is now saying that we do not need mantra that is associated with nature! Nanna made this talk in a state beyond nature, beyond mantra. He preached through practice that one must chant mantra to purify the mind initially; then try to attain Radhaji who is beyond the senses of sound, touch, sight, smell and taste through bhava. We listened to Nanna with rapt attention and adoration while he said 'do dhyana wherever you want, I am there; we do not have any time' and clearly stated who he is!

" The silence that I stress upon is not a part of this nature. The state of silence is very significant. It does not have any traces of the senses, name and form. God preached only silence to Brahma's mental children Sanaka, Sananda and others. What is this silence? How should you adopt this silence? What should you do in silence? They were taught three points. Silence incorporating these points is very poignant and powerful. "

" Silence is not uniform. In silence, you must observe that the body..They have described that bhava so well. "

" You must be positively receptive: "

" Quite right! We don't know whether Jesus Christ adopted this principle or not; but we must. This concentration should be like that of the student who is seeing the result of his IAS exam. If you concentrate on Her totally, Mother will certainly come. You must adopt silence with such concentration. You must blend silence with highest concentration. "

" Alert and fully aware: "

" You must be receptive because Mother will come! You must attain that bhava. You must be alert in your concentration, not casual. You must be fully aware of Mother. You must have the bhava that Mother came. She is here whole heartedly, in total concentration and total love. That is how your dhyana must be. If you do dhyana casually, your mind will wander. You must focus on these three points, then only your mind will be firm. The rishis did dhyana with such concentration. They declared 'we were in a state of highest silence. In that state, our silence had all these three qualities.' Maharshis like Atri are not ordinary persons. In that silence, even God is shaken. That silence even calls out to God. 'Oh God, when will you come to me?' "

" Bahunam janmanamthe...... "

" He is a Mahatma who sees God everywhere. Such mahatmas are rare to find. Among a million who do dhyana, only one will do so with silence possessing the three qualities. We must strive to be that one in a million! That is our path. Let us move on that path only. Sometimes, we feel like weeping when we think of Mother with such concentration. We feel Her presence when a vibration passes through our body..When Mother enters within me, I feel tremendous vibrations in my body. In such a state, we don't think of anything else; we don't want anything else. Think only about Mother. You must reach the intense state when you begin to weep. God is attained in silence because nature is not associated with silence. Everything else that has a form is associated with nature. We must never sway towards nature. In such prayers, they imprint an impression of God. That is form; that is nature. So which is the state that does not have any traces of nature? Silence! Only silence! Our original state was such that our mind was without any impressions and thoughtless. We saw nature when we were in such an elevated state; we saw all the small impressions of nature and were lured by them. "

" Brahma firstly created a girl; full of beauty and grace. He held her hand and thought 'How beautiful she is!' He was the creator who amassed all the possible qualities and traits of beauty in her. When he viewed his own creation which was the ultimate beauty, he desired her and fell. God said 'You are pining for the object in nature which you only created. You can never rise high.' He is none other than Brahma, the creator. But it is not the person who matters, his qualities are important! "

" You must love all those qualities which will lead you near Mother. One important quality is the bhava with total concentration that 'There is no doubt that Mother has come. She is here right now. Mother, You have come.' Close your eyes and remain in silence with this bhava for one hour; half an hour or at least 15 minutes. If you remain in this state of intense silence for even 30 minutes, your heart will overflow. I have seen a devotee, Kishori Sharan Aliji. He does not go anywhere. Once Amma and a few devotees visited him. Kishori is how Mother is addressed. If he speaks anything about Mother, even for five minutes... he swoons; his body vibrates. He listens in such an intensely powerful state. He put in 8 years of efforts and published a book. He gave me that book. The contents of his book have been incorporated in his 6th, 7th and 8th volumes of Brindavaneswari Sri RadhaDevi. These books contains the result of his penance of several years and also describe the right path of penance. "

" How should one do penance? It should not have name, form or sound because they are related to nature and will bring us down. Absolute silence is extra ordinary. Taiman swami wrote.... "

'It means that you have no comment on what happens in this nature; about karmas in this nature..' A devotee asked.

" I am detached. If I comment, I enter nature. How can there be comment on absolute silence? If a witness in the court is questioned whether the accused has committed the crime or not, he will say 'I don't know.' He will not explain the probabilities because they are of no use. Remember that when you are normally moving in nature, you must be careful that no impressions are formed on your mind. Look at the objects around you but don't become attached to them. Your attachment and yearning should be for Mother only; not any worldly object. Don't be tempted even if the object is very attractive. You must remain detached with the world. When Arjuna asked Krishna whether he should fight in the battle, he replied 'You do whatever you feel like. I am not concerned.' So do not comment on any aspect of nature. Don't be elated or disappointed with anything on earth. Don't say 'I want' or 'I don't want'. Both are problematic. The state between want and do not want is silence! In silence, he does not say that he wants or not. You much practice such silence towards the world; whereas for God, it is different. Your silence for God should contain the three qualities described earlier. You must look out for Mother with intense love and concentration. If Mother would grant you darshan at 6.50, you must eagerly await Her arrival. 'It is 6.48 now. Mother will arrive soon at 6.50. How would She be....' You must maintain this quality. The Maharishis had these three qualities in their silence. If you maintain silence, Mother will come down near you very soon. You must maintain such silence. "

" Taiman Swami is a renowned Yogi of Yogis in Madras. He spoke a few words to some Mahatmas somewhere, sometime. They are so poignant that they were compiled in a book. I got this book about 42 years back. I will explain a few sentences from that book. "

Behold that infinite vacuum......

" Everybody come and witness that silence. The devotees are in absolute silence. This silence is very powerful. He called this silence as vacuum. Infinite silence! Highest silence! "

Which is the origin of the bliss.....

" Do you want unlimited bliss? It originates from silence only. Nature will not intervene in the state of silence, it moves away. Once nature moves afar, thoughtless mind is attained. Once thoughtless mind is formed, that state transforms into an exquisitely blissful one. Once the thoughtless mind is formed, within 2-3 minutes, the blissful state is achieved. Nature will not pull you down in this state. Once you go beyond nature, you will not have any hurdle. This is what he described. "

Which is the origin of bliss and the supreme intelligence....

" Do you want supreme bliss and knowledge? Then remain in silence. You can gain infinite knowledge in silence. The swami experienced this state.... "

That is ineffable and unthinkable....

" Ah! That bliss is beyond your imagination. I cannot describe it. He used to beat his chest weeping that he cannot describe the bliss he attains in silence. His message and teaching is that everyone should maintain this silence. "

The abyss of bliss, the origin of all.

" Every happiness in this world has originated from this silence. Without silence, there is no happiness in the world. That is why God created silence! "

'The origin of all that which is pure, far and near. The burning flame! Free from stain, the spotless, the eternal, and the unmanifested.'

" He described what state you will attain in silence. There is no power that cannot be attained in silence; no joy he cannot attain; no knowledge he cannot gain. You can gain unlimited, infinite, absolute bliss and knowledge only in silence. "

Nanna explained about dhyana in silence. He stressed that when you adopt silence with total concentration, Mother will surely come down near you. Our silence should have three qualities of being positively receptive, alert and yet fully aware. Immediately, he showed us these qualities by practicing it himself and saying 'Mother is here now'. He gave a perfect definition to silence saying 'Don't say I want or I don't want. The state in between the two which neither has want or don't want is silence. He gave a divine message 'if you want infinite supreme bliss, adopt silence'. Indeed, Nanna is the personification of dhyana in silence!

Nanna was discussing about the content of Brindavaneswari Sri Radha Devi. I was reading aloud.

..... code of practice. Mental concentration and stability are very essential. These are very important and inevitable .....

" Yes. Emphases must be on concentration. "

'Without association with the Rasika devotees, concentration on dhyana cannot be achieved. Without focussed dhyana, divine love is not awakened....'

" Dasya, servility is not physical activity only. You must move on their path. You must not stop even if you face difficulties. Only Mother... "

'Nanna, that is what we are saying. We are mentioning about worship by Rasika. If divine love towards Mother is not awakened, all efforts will not bear fruit..'

" You must stress the condition that 'in the case of the devotees who surrender to Mother.' You must surrender to Her. Your thoughts must be concentrated on Her. She will ignore your mistakes and remember the smallest good deed... "

'Yes. She accepts a minute thought as if it is as large as a mountain. This is Her inherent nature.'

" Note down that She will not count even your sins if you surrender to Her. What is surrender? "

We wrote about surrender in detail by referring to the verse 'Ucchishtamrutha bhuktavaiva....'

" It must be repeated here under the heading 'qualities of the devotees who surrender to Her. "

'We wrote that surrender means memorising Mother's life; accepting the holy dust at Her feet; living in the place where She moves; visualising Her form of rasa; seeking Her shelter totally with heart, mind and body.'

That is how the life of a Mahatma who surrendered to Mother would be!

Nanna's life is the holy oblation offered to Sri Radha Devi. He himself declared 'I am Radha's Prasad. My name is Radhika Prasad'. Sri Radha's Prasad, our Nanna spoke to us about mouna dhyana and bhava dhyana. He continuously did the deep and tender Radha bhava dhyana and explained to us in simple words. 'He who touchs rasa tattwa is a Mahatma'. Thus he blended the path of rasa with dhyana yoga and handed over to us.

Nanna remembered every person he encountered. He recollected their service, however little, even though they adopted another religious philosophy. 'Mother accepts even a little thought as if it is very large.' That is Nanna's nature also!

Nanna recollected the love of a devotee Annapurna, who came near him about 60-65 years back and saw little Krishna in him. It is a regular practice in Guntur ashram to put the little Krishna (idol) to sleep in a cradle every night and sing a lullaby. Nanna would always be immersed in bhava during this time. Seeing Nanna in this state, the devotees in the ashram considered Nanna as Krishna. Today also, they melodiously sang the lullaby song near Nanna.

Ningi jabilli taradagane neeti kaluva ninnu chose

Neelimegham naduma niliche neeku nidura rane rada

Ardhratri velayenayya nallanayya lali lali gopala bala

Lali Lali lali Lali

" Many people used to sing his song together. "

'Nanna, we would light sprinklers near you every Diwali...'

" Yes. I would also burn them... "

Nanna exclaimed like a little child.

Anjani amma sang:

'Rara na chinni kanna....'

" Yes. She composed this song on me... "

'Nanna, you remember everything. She based the tune on the song 'anupama madhuri jori, hamari shyam shyama ki' sung by Mahatmas in Brindavan.'

" She sings so melodiously and mellifluously...... "

'Nanna, when we went to Nellore, she recollected one song and wept while singing near you. She composed songs on Nanna saying that how she saw him.....Radha mahalaxmi amma heard the song and became emotional.'

(Ninne namminanura nine namminanura)

" Radha mahalxmi amma sang this song and danced in front of me. She never did so before anybody..... "

Ninne namminanura nine namminanura

Krishnayya ravelara manninchi nannelara

Galagala lade akula jadilo

Dagudu atalu thalachanoyi

Vegame ninnu choochanoyi

This song was composed by Pendyala Seetaramayyagaru.

Nanna composed another song on Krishna.

Nannu brova jagela naa chinni Krishna

Sararahithambaina Samsaramidiyela

Enni janmalakaina kannayya needana

Koti janmalakaina kannayya needana

Gagana seemanu jooda gogopakula jooda

Neevarname kanthu nee roopame joothu.

As Anjani amma sang this song, Nanna listened.

" I think I composed this song. "

'Yes, Nanna. You only composed this song 65 years ago'

" Ah! I can recollect it now. But Radha is not there! "

'Nanna, did Radha not come by that time?'

" No, she did not come. "


" At that time, Krishna was everything. "

Then Nanna told us about his accidental meeting with the sorcerer Ramudu in Venkatagiri.

" She created the leela! Unless that situation arose, Mother would not come. It would be difficult to lead that life. That is why She caused that situation to arise. "

'Nanna, did Mother Gyana Prasunamba come near you again?'

" No. Mother will not allow her to come. As you move up, the lower Gods will not come near you. That purpose was over and she left. "

'What about Durga Devi?'

" Durga Devi also did not come again. They cannot come just like that. She came down once, gave Mother's orders and left. "

'What about the Gods who gave you Ashtakshari mantra?'

" She appeared once in my dream. I am not sure but she might be Mother's sakhi. Others will not grant mantra. I appeared in Subbayya's dream and granted mantra. He noted on a paper and showed me. When he requested me 'you gave me mantra in my dream; you must give in physical form also? I gave him mantra. "

Saying 'she must be Mother's sakhi. Others cannot give mantra'. Nanna added ' I gave mantra to Subbayya in his dream' Through these words, he declared that he is a sakhi since many years back. As a sakhi, he granted mantra to Subbannayya. Nanna also mentioned that Gnyana Prasunamba made him observe the vow of austerity. In this way, every incident in his life took place as planned by Radharani. Once, the purpose was accomplished, the Gods associated with those incidents never came again. That is why he said, 'As we move up, the lower Gods will not come.'

A devotee, Bhanuprasad approached Nanna with many doubts.

'Is ego the first hurdle in our upward, ascending journey? When our journey from the body begins in the reverse direction, should we lose our ego?'

" Ego is the root cause. Man faces innumerable hurdles in his upward journey. For example, men and women exist. They have mutual attraction. Great rishis fell a prey to this attraction. Vishwamitra desired Menaka. At that time, he is not Vishwamitra, the Paramathma; he is only jeevathma. Jeevas are of two types - bonded and freed. One who attains moksha (salvation) is muktha jeeva. He does not lose his jeevathma completely; he is still a jeeva..... "

'That means there is no merging..'

" The question of merging does not arise! "

'Will the jeevathma not merge with Paramathma?'

" Let me give an example so that you will understand clearly. The rainbow has seven colours. When the seven colours merge, it becomes white. It means that all the seven colours are contained in white. However, a single colour can never constitute white. White is a different colour containing these seven colours. This is exactly what Krishna says, 'all jeevathmas are within me, but they are not me.' "

'Krishna said that, though I am present in everything, I am not there.'

" He said that he has no link. That is the great secret. "

'Some Mahatmas say Paramathma is not present in everyone, jeevathma is only present. Paramathma is separate.'

" Yes. The Vedas say 'Pradhana kshetragyaha patirgunesaha.' God is the ruler of nature as well as jeeva... "

'But many people feel that athma is Paramathma.'

" It is like this. People say red is a part of white. Red, yellow and other colours are contained in white but they cannot be white. "

Bhanuprasad explained to Amma what he understood.

"Though seven colours are different, white is formed only when they all merge together. White is in every colour but that colour is different. So though he is in everything, it is as if he is not there. Jeevathma is different, Paramathma is different.."

'I am in everything, but not there!' Anjani Amma clarified.

'Please explain whether 'I am in everything, but not there' means 'as long as you are under another influence, I am not in you.'

" I did not understand your question. "

'As long as jeevathma is under another influence, Paramathma is not within. Otherwise, Paramathma is in jeevathma.'

" God is all pervading. He has an infinite, unlimited form. He encompasses the whole world. Everything is contained here. He is also present, jeevathma is also present.. "

'Does all pervading includes us and around us also?'

" Everything is included, even jeevathma. This jeevathma bows to Paramathma. If everybody is a Paramathma, how would the world be? Would it be like it is at present? If a kingdom has four kings, there would be chaos. Each would rule in his own way. One would say 'light the fire' and another would say 'put off the fire' "

" I will give an example. "

'Is this truth or humbug?'

" Listen to me. A Bengali saint, Vijaya Goswami belonged to Chaithanya's cult. He was a renowned saint who came down to earth along with Chaithanya and Nityananda. This Goswami proved to the world.. "

" One false Guru in Kolkata put a board 'I will grant darshan of favourite deity.' The people flocked near him and returned happily that they had a darshan of their deity. Vijaya Goswami heard about his and went to the Guru. He made him have a darshan of his deity, Lord Narayana; yet he did not feel happy within himself. He was a Mahatma who had a vision and conversed with his deity regularly. He directly asked his deity 'Though I had your darshan, why did I not feel happy?' The deity replied 'that is not my original form. He created an illusion that a form is present.' Then Vijaya Goswami proved this to the world. "

Nanna asked us to read the letter written by Vivekananda to Tureeyananda.

'Dear Hari Bhai! Do not think you can obtain God in exchange of any japa or thapa..'

'People feel that they can get God in exchange of japa and thapa just like they pay money and get vegetables. He says this is nonsense. Unless they have God's grace, nobody can attain him.'

'Only because we had God's grace, we are born as human beings.'

" No. "


" How did you become a human being? The answer is complicated. If you frame your question correctly, I will answer you. "

'What is the effort which we must put in to attain God's grace?'

" The question is how to attain God's grace! The Vedas listed out how you cannot attain God's grace. The Vedas also explained what is unnecessary and what is powerless. The Kathopanishad says 'Nayamathma pravachena labhyaha na medhaya..' God will not be attained by discourses, japa, penance, chanting name or understanding scriptures. 'Na bahunam sruthena'. You may listen to many lectures for many lives, yet you cannot attain God. Then how can he be attained? 'Yame Vaisha vrinathe tena labhyaha'. God must accept the jeevathma. Vrinathe literally menas being wed.' Only one who is accepted by god can have his darshan. This is quoted by Vivekananda in his letter. "

'Always keep in your heart that the attainment of God depends not on japa and tapa but only on His grace. God belongs to the Bhava jagath.'

" Yes, God belongs to bhava jagath. "

'I am unable to understand about bhava jagath..'

" Without bhava, none can attain him. What is that bhava without which one can attain him? That bhava has no sadhana (practice). And without bhava, he cannot go up and reach God. "

'I did not understand. Without bhava, none can attain him. He himself showers this bhava on us..'

" He showers this bhava. There is no spiritual practice. That is why he only must grant that bhava. "

'But Nanna, we are not in the state which you are!'

"You must move in this path. Though you don't know where Delhi is, you will board the train going to Delhi. Bhava jagath is Her world not this earthly nature. Nobody can possess him without bhava and bhava has no sadhana. God showers his bhava on you. That is pure and Divine. When divine grace is obtained, changes take place in the human being. First change, you will be in his hands. You don't know what you must do. God is with you and ready to reveal to you. You must act according to what he reveals to you. You have to please him according to that revelation. You don't even know what to do! He will come and tell you. That is the beauty! Your job is simply to obey. Somebody will come and do. Mother will give that inspiration to them. So far, I spent some lakhs and lakhs of rupees..! "

" 'Tarko prathishthaha'. Nothing can be solved with arguments. You can prove that God is present and also not present through arguments. I am writing books on Mother's tattwa which will be distributed for free. "

" How should you adorn God? You can adorn God by adorning your mind with the four principles granted by Mother. If you follow those principles, your mind will be adorned automatically. My mind is at a higher plane. Divine powers are attained automatically. I attained Divine power. Show me anybody else who attained divine power and I will pay one lakh. Shall I explain about the Divine power? "

'Please explain Nanna.'

" You cannot even imagine that such powers exist. An engineer in America met with a car accident and suffered from unbearable headache continuously. All the doctors in America declared that there is no cure except death. He was ready to die. At that time, his friend told him 'there is a saint in Guntur, come down here and meet him.' He did not believe when his friend told that he could be cured here. 'How can I convince you?' 'I am in Americal and the saint is in India. If he can relieve me from this head ache for one hour, I will certainly come to India.' I don't know in which part of America he is! But from here, in Guntur, I could provide him relief from pain for 6 hours! He was elated and rushed to India. He stayed here for 40 days. He did not use any medicines. He would simply sit near me. How was he cured? He wrote a letter to me also. I don't know where he lives, but I could cure him from here. Can you cure? "

'Nobody can do like that'.

" Mother is making me do such miracles. She is all pervading; She knows everything, everywhere. She checked his address and accomplished the feat! That is Her all pervading nature! Rama left some jobs incomplete. Krishna also could not complete some jobs. She made me complete them. I did not tell you about them. They are all purely Divine! We have seen Divinity in the engineer's case. This is not humanly possible; it is beyond human. Can you tell if such an instance happened anywhere else?"

'There are no instances like this? Each one must understand when they experience themselves...'

" Is this self experience? I am quoting the experience of a person in Amercia. This is not my experience. Now, this building construction work is in progress. I never asked for anything. Then how and who is spending much money? It is said that though a human being speaks Bhagawata, it is God who makes him speak! For us, everything is Mother. "

'Are you the medium for this?'

" Medium means one who does the job. I don't actually do anything. I don't say how to do; I don't give money; then who is doing everything? "

'I heard that nature supports those who serve God.'e you the medium for this?'

" Nature does nothing! Nature is inanimate and inert. This chair is inanimate. Can it help you? That statement is nonsense. "

'But this statement is commonly used by everyone.'

" They are fools. You forget that there are more fools than wise men in this world. Who will believe this? It is not nature, it is cent percent divine. "

'Only you are saying so. This is not a general statement. I am hearing from you for the first time that nature does not help the devotee.'

" No, no. Nature has no role at all. The all pervading Mother is doing everything. It is purely Divine! "

The whole conversation between Nanna and Bhanuprasad garu is based on philosophy. Nanna explained that though he reaches the state of 'muktajeeva', he still retains jeevatwa. That's why jeeva is a jeeva and God is God! No wonder Nanna said ' how would the world be is everybody is a Paramathma?' This is also a subtle reference to the emergence of a Baba in every street. He explained the change that would occur in our life due to Divine grace. We saw all these changes in Nanna's life. He personally declared 'I attained that Divine Power' and 'everything is Mother.'

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