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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 8

Our Association With Nanna - Part 8
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
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2Sakhi's Sweetness
3Quintessence Radha
4Whoever Divine Chooses
5The Importance of Yoga
6 Divine Power
7 Message To All Living Beings

: 17.01.2001

I came near Nanna in the morning and informed that one of our relatives is in a coma state.

" Some people will be in the state of coma. "

'Nanna, you said that coma state will come after eleven days', Babu asked.

Saying 'such a yoga can be attained only through dhyana', Nanna talked about dhyana.

" I said 'some people.' They remain in coma for two or three months. Life means consciousness. Many people are not aware of this fact. The doctors consider that when the heart beat stops, when the pulse stops or breathing stops, it is the end of life. We don't accept it. Life is consciousness! Some activities continue when you are in consciousness. This person has no life but he is breathing, his leg is moving... "

'Really surprising. The doctors declared him as clinically dead.'

" He lost his life. "

'Nanna, then how are they able to give him fluids, how is he passing urine?'

" That is not our concern. Only consciousness is Prana. These are the effects of life. You must realize that Sun and sunlight are different "

'Nanna, is the jeeva present in the body or not?' Babu asked.

" Who is jeeva? "

'You only must explain, Nanna.'

" Jeeva is Chaitanya (consciousness). There are two meanings of consciousness. Movement of the limbs alone is not consciousness. There is an inner consciousness; that is jeeva. That jeeva leaves the body. "

'When that jeeva leaves, this body can be destroyed.'

" It is alright if jeeva leaves. But the fact is that the other aspect of consciousness remains in the body... "

As Nanna was speaking, some devotees came to see him and the conversation ended. After sometime, Nanna began to speak on a different topic.

" Many saints are unable to understand several aspects because they have limited powers. Once, the leader in Srilanka, popularly known as Ravana's lanka wrote a letter to me. I prayed to Mother to redeem Lanka. She transformed the leader! Lanka is filled with atrocities against Lord Vishnu. Though Ravana is dead long ago, even till date, Rama is blamed and the religious scriptures are burnt. Many people grouped together, sought police aid and fought that it is a secular state, hence nobody has any right to criticize any religion. Each one is free to follow his own religious. The leader burnt the Ramayana and shouted slogans against Lord Rama. This was published in many newspapers. I had tears in my eyes when I read this news. They declared that Rama is an ideal man in the whole world. No one in the human world possesses divine qualities like him. That is such a high state! There is none other who can match Rama. Rama is only his equal! "

" All preparations were made for Rama's coronation ceremony and the visitors arrived. Sage Vasishta was also present to witness the ceremony. At such a time, Kaikeyi went into her room and instructed Rama to see her. This was just a few minutes before the coronation was to take place. When Rama went to Kaikeyi's room, he saw his father lying down on the floor and weeping bitterly while Kaikeyi and her maid, Mandara were standing near him. Rama bowed at her feet and said 'Mother, why have you called me?' 'Did you see your father?' 'Yes'. 'Your father granted me two boons in return because I saved his life during one war. During our marriage, my father laid the condition that since I was the only child and well versed I horse riding and sword fighting, your father should take me along with him for any war. If he would refuse, I could return back to my father's place. Your father agreed to this condition and promised to take me with him. Infact, he made a promise on you (Rama).' "

" A promise on Rama is like a sealed, registered document. IF Rama says something; if he gives witness, no judge could say anything. That is the value for Rama's name even today, after hundreds and thousands of years. Kaikeyi informed Rama that his father willingly married her. When Rama asked her why she instructed him to see her, she replied: "

" 'Everything is ready for your coronation, But I am not happy. I have always loved you much more than my own son. I always fed you before my own son. That is my love for you. I am sure you know how much I love you.' "

" 'Yes, Mother. I know how much you love me.' "

" 'Inspite of my excessive love for you, I don't know what the Gods have done to me. I became totally detached towards you and diverted all that love towards my son. I want my son to be coronated in your place. I also want you to leave the premises immediately. Some day, you may also develop negative feelings and kill or harm my son. Once this doubt came in my mind, I told your father to send you away from this kingdom. Both these qualities are not inherently mine. I also am not aware how I acquired them suddenly. (Nanna began to weep). Your father collapsed upon hearing my words. He is repeatedly asking why I am sending his son away.' "

" 'Mother, did my father agree to your words?' "

" 'Yes, he agreed. He is conscious. You can know the truth from him.' "

" 'Father, did you agree for Bharatha's coronation and my exile to the forest? Please tell the truth.' "

" 'Yes, I agreed.' "

" 'Mother, I don't need any more witness when my father has agreed. I shall proceed to the forest this very minute.' "

" Kaikeyi's chamber is connected to Dasaratha's palace on one side and opens to the road on the other side. If he wished, Rama could come out through the palace. But he came out to the road saying 'my exile begins from this minute. The palace is not part of the forest. So I will not exit this chamber through the palace. I shall proceed to the forest from here only.' "

" Such was the honesty, justice and discipline of Rama! When such a Rama's portrait was being burnt down in Triplicant beach in Lanka, I felt very sad.(weeping). I have Radhaji's portrait with me. Whenever, I am in danger or face any problem, I tell Her my problem and get an instant reaction from Her. She is a living Deity! Just as your breath is always with you, Mother is always with you. Your breath may leave you but Mother will not! That is law of Radhaji. She will not leave you even for a single moment. We also must not leave Her. That is true devotion. IT is enough to watch Mother all the time, you need not even chant Her name! "

Nanna spoke about the leela in Srilanka many times. Now he discussed about Kaikeyi's episode and Rama's divine qualities. One may wonder why Nanna is deviating from Dhyana yoga and discussing about Rama in such detail. Nanna, who is always immersed in incessant Radha bhava discusses every matter in detail and in a lively manner. The conversation between Kaikeyi and Rama is in direct speech. This type has an impact on the reader. Moreover, every word uttered by Nanna is superimposed by bhava because his subject is bhava. That is his very nature! He said that he would tell Radhaji when he is in danger or a problem. The incidents in Srilanka appeared as a dangerous situation to Nanna. He prays to Her for the welfare of the human beings, not for himself. He prayed to Her to solve the problem in Srilanka because She is the living Deity. Nanna prayed:

" Mother! Just as it is stated in the Ramayana, I have personally seen that their behavior is very bad. They are describing such a unique, Divine personality like Rama in a wrong way and buring his effigies on the sea shore. I am feeling very sad. Rama killed Ravana but left without establishing dharma in Lanka. Paritrayana sadhunam vinasaya chadushkrutham Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.' That is the dharma which we must follow. ' Dharmovai Vishnuhu'. Vishnu's dharma is only real dharma. Why Rama, who killed Ravana, did not establish Vaishnava dharma. That is his duty. He promised in the Gita that 'Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge' - he would come personally to establish dharma. In one congregation of scholars, I raised this point and asked whether Rama forgot his duty. They replied 'no. We are not aware of the circumstances at that time. We cannot say why he did not do his duty'. Till date, nobody could give a satisfactory reply. Even if Rama did not establish dharma, why did Krishna not do so? The incarnation of Krishna followed Rama. He also gave the Bhagawad Gita. Then why didn't he interfere? He is expected to establish dharma in any country. There is Hinduism in Lanka also. Then why didn't Krishna introduce Dharma there? Nobody could answer this question either! "

" Later on, I understood that some suicide squads exist in Lanka. Anybody can kill a person with a sword in the presence of thousands of people and then kill himself with the same sword. Suicide! No case is filed against anybody. Innumerable incidents of this nature occur regularly. Such people formed suicide squads. One lady came forward to kill the Indian Prime Minister. As planned, she garlanded him at the fixed time. The powerful bomb exploded and 14 people including her died along with the Prime Minister. Some Mahatmas feel that he might have left with the bhava that if I wage war on such people, three fourth of India would be destroyed as they will all come here. I don't want that to happen. The right person will establish dharma at the appropriate time.' "

" Mother, this is the situation in Lanka. You possess infinite power. The Vedas proclaimed 'Krishnena aradhyathi Radha'. You are worshipped by Krishna and became Radha. You are the power and deity of Krishna's worship. Nobody named You as Radha. Krishna's worship made you Radha. Even such a Krishna gave up Lanka. Mother, dharma must be established in Srilanka. I am unable to bear this agony. "

" Radhaji assured me 'everything will be settled shortly. Don't worry about this matter, my son.' I did not say anything. All events occurred miraculously. The leader in Srilanka suddenly decided and wrote a letter to me without consulting anybody. The Supreme Leader came here to Brindavan, bought idols of Radha and Krishna, requested me to pack them for him and took them to Lanka. He wrote a letter after returning to Lanka including significant sentences: "

" "Similarly it was without my knowledge, directed by some Divine power...." "

" Nobody was aware of what happened. That Divine Power was not visible to anybody else and he was not conscious himself. Mother veiled them. "

" "I came to your Holiness....." "

" He came to me to my ashram in that state. He did not come here in a normal state; that is enough. That's why he said he came without his knowledge. He was not conscious of what he was doing. He came here directly in a plane in that state. When I saw him, I wondered whether he was in his senses. He did not come here by chance; he came because he was directed by some Divine Power. So, this is Mother's leela! She has immense yogic powers. If She makes a resolution, the whole nation will go to sleep. Her Hladini power is peculiar. She brought him here unobtrusively, shutting him there and reviving his speech here. He agreed to everything that I told him. He told me that he would not forget me for many lives. "

" "But, I had been wondering as I have not got direction from the almighty at that time." "

" He said he was surprised because he did not know how he reached here. And he is the biggest leader! Not only did he come all the way here; he also bought idols worth Rs.36,000/-. He gave Aarthi to Mother himself in our ashram; he packed the idols and took them back in a special plane. Did this happen by chance? May be it is by chance because he was not aware of his own movements. If this was chance then how did he construct a temple in Lanka? He installed the idols in that temple. I requested Prasadaraya Kulapathi garu to be present in the occasion on my behalf and speak a few words. He spoke for one hour. All the ministers in Lanka attended that ceremony. Later he wrote a letter to me without forgetting; that is enough. "

" How did Mother save the situation in Lanka? Where was She present at that time? Did She make a resolution? Yes, we must assume that She did. She will not tell and nobody would know! Even Krishna admitted that he does not know when and what resolution She would take. Radha must initiate any leela of Krishna. This is stated in the Vedas. "

" 'Krishna, I like this leela.' "

" I will play that leela only. I will enact any leela only according to your desire.' The leela begins. Radha is the origin of every Krishna leela. It is neither him nor his resolution. Such is Mother's personality. You did not come here by chance. You came due to Her direction. I know that Her resolution is so incredible. "

" Now, the true story! Several incidents that will occur in this place and each of them are initiated by Her. Nothing happens in this ashram without Her will. Some time back, I was writing a book on Mother in this room. One person entered the room and said 'my son, you are sweating so much. Why can't you write tomorrow.' 'I cannot delay even for a second. This is Mother's work and I will do it diligently. I must complete the book before sunrise.' ' Food?' ' No food'. 'Sleep?' 'No sleep'. Then only Mother entered into him. I could realize this fact. He shouted out 'call an electrician. This room must be converted into A.C. by tonight. Take this money (Rs.10,000/-) and buy the material. I will pay more if there is any shortfall.' Ten thousand rupees! How did this leela happen? I don't know who he is. This is my experience. Money does not matter. He gave the money and ordered to get the work done. That is Mother's work! She accomplishes things in the room to Air Conditioning. We don't know when She took this resolution. Because She is all pervading. She is present in everything, every second. Mother is with us every split second. She made a resolution, created an instrument and he did the job. Only later, I came to know that he is a millionaire. Nobody can even imagine Her leelas. I will tell you more about them later. Her leelas are our prime focus. Who is the engine for this express train known as dhyana yoga? None other than Mother! This begins with dhyana yoga. No wonder, as we move forward in dhyana, its intensity increases. It will not become dull. There is none who will create hurdles. Krishna himself is a worshipper. Vyasji said 'Krishnasthu Bhagawan swayam'. Rama and other incarnation Gods are not the original gods. Krishna and only Krishna is the original God (Swayambhu). He came down as four armed God. Many are not aware of this. That Krishna.....Thats why Mother is Maha Chaitanya (Supreme consciousness). The dhyana that we shall do is very great. I received the message from Mother. Last night at 11 p.m. She came near me, in bhava and said 'the relationship between you and Me; between every devotee and Me is eternal, not for a day or an age'. Our relationship is also eternal, not for a day or two. We shall celebrate Mother's birthday every year. I prayed 'Mother, this celebration shall continue every year as long as the Sun and the Moon exist and as long as Brindavan dham exists. The expenses for this function are not less than Rupees One lakh and twenty thousand every year. I have taken a vow that I will not ask any body even a rupee. Let them give or not! You are my strength, my confidence. You are my wealth! I have nobody else. "

" I gave up my post as DEO of two districts and came out as a beggar. I had no bank balance because I am thoroughly honest throughout my life. I had only Rs.30-40 with me. Chaitanya and Buddha left their family and went out alone. I had 8-9 people with me. They would not leave me because had no link with anybody. They gave up everybody and came near me with implicit faith in Mother. I could not say you live with your karma; I shall go alone and attain salvation. I took them along with me. Where to go? How to feed them? I am not in the habit of asking anybody for money. Then who will give me the money? (Nanna was weeping). Mother protected me from behind all the time. Today my status is that of a multi millionaire, not an ordinary lakhier. But, not even a rupee belongs to me. Every paisa belongs to Her. This body is also not mine; I gave up this body to Her. Mother transformed a beggar into a multimillionaire in a few days. I never asked anyone for anything. Mother also does not ask. We do not ask anyone. Then how did this happen? That is the mystery. Mother's life is very mysterious. If you think this is unbelievable, you can leave. We don't consider anything as unbelievable because Her life is full of mysteries and unbelievable events! She came down in the physical form as a 3 year old child, all alone and descended in a lotus in a pond. So far, no God came down like this but Radhaji did. About 10-15 thousand people were waiting for Her arrival. She came down at 5 a.m. Who informed these people about Her arrival? The scriptures say that a divine voice informed them about this incredible event. Her arrival is so significant! (Nanna was weeping). A king named Vrishabhanu showered selfless and abundant love on Her. King Vrishabhanu says that . 'the whole world comes only after Her. I also come after Her. Even if I lose my kingdom and wealth, I want Her only.' This happened some thousands of years ago; at least 5000 years since She left this place. At that time, King Vrishabhanu dug a well for Radharani in Barsana and instructed that Mother should be bathed with the water from that well only. Recently, about few months back, there was a complaint that the water in that well is very salty. Even the crows do not go near that well as the smell is so unbearable. Mother is being bathed with that water every morning. When She has millionaires as Her devotees, why should She be bathed with this salty water? They raised a petition. I also signed the petition which was handed over to the priest. That same night, Mother appeared in the priest's dream and said " Tear away that paper. This well was dug specially for Me by My father. Whatever the nature of water may be, I must be bathed with this water only as long as the Sun and the Moon exists. I am not interested in the water you propose to arrange. I want love. My father's love is profound. So, I want that water only!' (Nanna was weeping) We are using the same water with unpleasant odour. This incident is enough to prove Her presence. Even a beggar applies perfume on his body. Krishna is foremost among those who worship Her. When She has Krishna as Her devotee, what does She lack? Can't She use some perfume? But no! Love is Her perfume! Her love is so profound. She has such love towards us also. She saw that I am sweating profusely, made a resolution and her instrument, the millionaire entered the scene! "

" Why should Radhadevi be the main Deity in Dhyana yoga? We are not interested in canvassing about Her. One person named Ramakrishna came to me for mantra deeksha but I did not grant him because I had some doubt. He came again and again but I refused. Finally he wept the other day and I granted him mantra. So we are not interested in enrolment of members. It is enough if we have even a single devotee who is sincere and surrenders himself totally. That one devotee is equivalent to crores of devotees. Who converted me? Who has called you here...We have not called you, we have no pamphlets, we did not make any phone calls. Then how did you come? Who brought you here? My Mother....! We must have such a Mother as our Deity in dhyana. If we do dhyana properly, we can see the effect in a few days. We need not wait for years together. I did not have that little waiting also. I was lying in this chair; I felt that large beacon light shone on my face. I sat upright. I saw a brilliant radiance shining in the corner of this room. A little girl, fully adorned was standing there. 'Who are you, my little one?' I did not know who She was. 'When will you come into MY service?' When She asked me this in a serious tone, I gained power from within. I became enthusiastic because She was none other the highest, my Chinnari! I took my pen and said 'From this very minute, I have no use with this pen and no link with office. I will come along with You as Your maid. I don't want anything, even my family.' (weeping). Everything happened within just one second. We may count our money and hesitate to part with it. One lady gave me Rs.10000/-. Immediately, I called someone and handed the money 'Count this money and deposit in the bank tomorrow morning.' I don't need any money, even if I am offered lakhs of rupees. This is Mother's play - Her wonderful play. Such a play cannot be found elsewhere in this world. It is beyond human comprehension. "

" At one time, I suffered due to lack of money because of giving up my job and moving away. We did not have adequate place to live. One day we received a phone call that 4 devotees would come the next day. We did not even have money to feed 7-8 people. How to arrange the money? Should I beg or should I ask some one? At 10.30 p.m. I received a call from a devotee in Chennai. As she was traveling alone, she requested to send somebody to the railway station at 11.p.m. to receive her. She asked me to send a car if possible. That lady devotee is a multi millionaire. A devotee who is a senior officer in Vijaya Bank went in a car to receive her. The next morning she opened her bag and gave me Rupees One lakh. We arranged to deposit the fund in the bank. So, I need not worry about money. Mother has given and will continue to give me. She is protecting us all the time. Nobody will believe such incredible incidents. How will one give such a huge amount of money so selflessly? I am neither an Emperor nor a poet! I am sitting in this room; in this chair. I don't go out of this room and don't ask anybody. Then how did the one lakh ruppes reach here? That is the mystery. That is how Mother works. She prompts us in our work - 'Wake up early, do your work. Your work must be completed quickly. The books are not over, write faster.' She is present here only. She is the one writing the books. Why is She in a hurry? Once these books are completed, I will not remain here. She will take me back. Not only till the end of Kali yuga, I may never come back here again, unless She (Radharani) sends me. She makes perfect arrangements. You cannot listen to such lectures and such leelas in Kaliyuga. She is beyond ages and beyond time. Her leelas are unique and intriguing. "

" These course of talks will focus on how to do Sadhana. Mother will come during your sadhana and avert us from danger. In our Sadhana, we will face many kinds of hurdles; She will remove all of them. You will realize this on your own. Such a Divine Deity will come down to us. 'Krishnena aradhyathethi Radha.' She is worshipped by Krishna and became Radha. Krishna does not worship Her because he wants something. "

" Chanitanya Charitamrutham, the authoritative book in the world about Chaitanya contains quote of Krishna - Eswaraha paramaha Krishnaha Sachidananda vigrahaha anadiradirgovindaha sarvakarana karnanam. Such a Krishna worships Radha. That who must She be? We can't even imagine. We are worshipping that formless, all pervading Mother as the Deity in our dhyana. "

Nanna became totally immersed in bhava. Nanna is infusing Sri Radhaji's power of love in us through his words. Each one will receive as much as his capacity may be. Saying that he would not come back to this world once his work is completed and Mother takes him back, he added with infinite love and mercy ' unless Mother sends me.' We pray that Mother should send him so that the last human being on earth is blessed by Nanna.

An invisible power is working in this creation. It is protecting us with love. Nanna's coming to earth is a part of this divine activity. Those who were fortunate to feel the touch of the vibrations of Nanna's love, could realize a little of who he is, that too by his grace only.


Krishna premanu pondi RAdhaga ainavu
Sakala karmalakella siddharoopamu neeve
Nitya kalyani madhura leela roopi
Krishnaleelalakella neevega moolamu

You received Krishna's love and became Radha; You are the manifestation of our karmas; You are the auspicious one, the form of divine leelas; You are the origin of all Krishna leelas



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