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Excerpts from the Dhyana Yoga Speeches of Sri Radhika Prasad Maharaj(January,02 Guntur)

I will start from a leela (Divine Play) of Amma (Sri Radha). Yasoda used to take child Radha to their home for every function from Barsana. Wherever Laadli (child Radha) sees that will become holy and successful. Once she took Laadli to a fuction at Nandgram. Celebration was excellent and all were fed, but except three. These three din't have any container with them. They were not offered anything. Laadli saw them quit the function weeping. Vrishabhanu Maharaj was a powerful king. He taught Kamsa Yoga vidya. Very great king indeed. He is lovingly rearing the child Radha. Function was over. Laadli came back to Barsana. Vrishabhanu took her in his lap and asked. "Amma, how was the function there, did everything get on well". " Yes, Papa". And started weeping. " Why are you weeping, Amma, Did anyone say something, tell me......" asked Vrishbhanu anxiously. " Three were sent out as they din't have vessels. I feel very sorry for them, papa". "Why should worry at all Laadli. I will get them to you. You bless them. " said the father. The King searched for them and called them to his palace. They had the Grace of Radhaji.

The inner meaning of the Leela is Divine Mother confers deservance though you are otherwise and bestows Her Grace.

Mine also same. Bad karma was there. Unless it is removed I cannot go up. During those days when I was DEO of Ananthapur. From Bandar I was going to Ananthapur through Guntur ( Augtust, 1953). Due to a compelling force I got down at Guntur itself. I myself din't comprehend. Look at, the Karma is being removed. That night itself I suffered from Headache, later fever, by midnight slipped into Coma. Divine Mother talked through a mother ' I want to remove his Karma. That is why I told you not to call for Doctors. His longevity will be over by early hours three tomorrow. If he leaves the body the Karma will go after him. I want to dissolve that karma. Now asking you. Do anyone give him, his longevity? If given I will join that with his longevity. No one came forward. That moment Srimathi Chayanam Hanumayamma said' we look after him as our dearest child. Amma, it is enough if he wakes up alive. Take as much as the longevity required, join it with that of him'

I am safe even today. In this world we may find takers of money and material, but not givers of longevity, Mother has revealed. I saw the world as it is on that day. "You got only bondage here, no relations" said Rama Krishna Paramahamsa.

"My chief aim is to liberate people from karmic entanglements. For it I make them do meditation. Bless them with energy. Then that karma will go away". This is the Message given by Mother.

First three points

1. Like a straight line without any dots or like the flow of a stream, the meditation should continue. 2. That meditation should be for the great Goddess who is powerful enough to dissolve Karmic effects. 3. That great Divine power is Sri Radha.

Where is the difference between Japa, Thapa(chanting) and Dhyan(meditation). Japa and Thapa meant not a continuous flow. Consists of Links. Gaps in between. When chanting a manthra or Divine Name there invariably exists a minute gap between two chants (or recitations). While doing Japa Thapa if attention is diverted for a small time Karma will catch hold. Prakrithic attraction may take hold ( Maharshi Soubhari ) of you. With it degradation begins. Wives of Rishis(Sages) everyday used to prepare earthen pots with sand and collect and take away water. ( They are embodiments of pious living ) One day they saw a Gandharva passing in the sky. Their minds got disturbed for some moments. They were cursed. A few moments of intercession in Thapa is the reason. Jaya and Vijaya due to a small gap got deteriorated. So meditation should continue like a Dhara( flow )otherwise one thought or the other may intrude into the mind. That's all. One will fall down.

Japa and Thapa had purpose. Meditation of Mother has no purpose. Meditation of Radhaji is only for Radhaji. Bhog is prepared in a vessel and is offered to Divine and washed off. That's all. Purpose of vessel is over. Manthra or Japa are like that. But Amma's Dhyan is not of that nature. All universes are after Krishna. Krishna moves alongside Radha. We should stop moving along with the world. If we go with Amma, Amma comes with us and the world as well. Our life should proceed in Gopi Path. For them 'Yatra Yatra Manoyathi tatra tatra Madhavaha'.( wherever their mind go they see Maadhava there). For us Tatra tatra Radha( i.e. Devotees of Rasa see Radhaji wherever they are ).

Like a chain that expands without any links, meditation of Radhaji should flow like a stream. Karmic life gets dissolved. That day early hours I should have dead. But I got lightened and was very normal. According to Karma I should continue the job. I worked only for a little more time as DEO. Mother took me out of job. I gave up job. That day onwards I have no familial attachments. All this is a wonderful conflict. So Mother gradually unknots all the worldly bonds. But only one condition. I am coupled with Amma. Amma and myself. Only two. Amma not visible to my eyes. No fear. Even if not visible does not matter. I am in the company of Mother, I am only with Mother. This is the actual meditation here. With such incessant meditation of Radhaji Karma gets dissolved and disappears on its own.


Kaisoradbhutha maadhureebhara dhureenangachavim radhikam
premollasa bharadhikam premollasabharadhikam niravadhi dhyayanthiye thadhiyaha |
thyakthaha karmabhirathmanaiva bhagavadharmepyaho nirmamaha
sarvascharya gathim gatha rasamayeem thebhyo mahadbhyo namaha ||

'NIRAVADHI DHYAYANTHI YE TADHIYAHA'-Real secret is this. If incessantly medetated what will be the effect? 'THYAKTHAHA KARMABHIRATHMANAIVA'- All the Karmic effects will vanish without your knowledge.


-Radha Sudha Nidhi (80)


By your effort you cannot get rid of your Karma. Human effort-effort itself is Ego (Ahamkar). Where there is effort there is ego. Karma won't go away when ego is there. Without your effort without your ego Radhaji removes your karma. This Sloka (verse) was heard when boy Harivamsa was sleeping. No human wrote this verse.

Radhaji has no form , do not give Her any form. She is there everywhere as Antaryami (indweller). She is with you in an incomparable manner. The All Pervading Radhaji is with me.

'MOUNAM THAPAS' 'SATYAM THAPAS'- ' Silence is Meditation. Truth is meditation'professed the VEDA. Silent meditation is the greatest of all. Silence is Form of Amma. " Amma you are in the form of Silence " " You are with me in the form of Silence. Contemplate this way. Mother is resplendent in an extra-ordinary silence. Silence is her light. Believe this firmly.

Great power unfolds during the Dhyana Yoga. Sri Radha Dhyana Yoga is not and ordinary one. Follow it sincerely. Amma is right with me. Though formless she is making me do all the work. Don't think formless mother is away from you.

A great illumination fell on my face when I was sleeping at Srikakulam. I woke up. A nine year girl appeared there. I was DEO to Srikakulam District and acting DEO to Visakhapatnam District at that time. That little girl asked me. ' so far you are in Government service. When will you come to my service'. While uttering these words she blessed me with power to leave for Her Service. That is the difference between an ordinary Guru and Divine Guru. 'SATYAM VADA, DHARMA CHARA'-Dear, follow the Truth and follow the Righteous Path. They say (Human Gurus). But they cannot give you power to follow. With Amma it is not that way. Whatever she asks one to do, she makes one do it. She gives energy to do it. " Dear, when are you coming to my Service " With that asking itself she gave me strength and energy. I threw my pen down. I don't do any job anymore, Amma. I have no balance in the Bank. At that Holy moment I was elevated. In the meditation of RADHAJI infinite powers exist. She gave me extra ordinary powers. Incomparable. Unprecedented. No one can do. No one can comprehend.

So do not think that Mother is there high in the sky. She is manifestly present with us. She bestows great powers. She makes us do Her service. We will have such good fortune.





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