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Sri Radha Sakhi - Divine Wisdom

Divine Wisdom
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Sri Krishna declared in his divine Gita, that none should neglect scriptures 'Sastra' and spiritual guidance, which scriptures give us. He also warns that who ever wantedly neglects 'Sastra' scriptures and tries to follow his own likes in spiritual matters will not only failed to march on the spiritual path, but must face unhappiness and disappointments in his spiritual endeavors.

The sciptures declared that 'Sat-sanga' divine association itself very greatly helps the 'jeeva' living being in his spiritual march. A study of this book "Divine Wisdom" will be very helpful for spiritual 'sadhaks' pursuers who are earnest to reach spiritual goal.

The writer of this book, who is also the publisher, has taken great pains for a number of years in collecting the divine experiences of several spiritual erupts. When once Sri Vivekananda went to Jerusalem, he could learn from a sage there a secret spiritual practice followed by Jesus Christ. That method is noted in this book. Many practitioners forget this fact that their own lower-self impedes their progress at every step, act as enemy. The Gita also warns, that the man is his own friend and savior and that man is his own enemy. Another famous saint from south India, by name "Tayumanavar" swamy narrates to us how the nameless and formless sadhana of divine silence or mauna can lead us to very great spiritual heights. Almost all the great sages of India have laid great stress on the absolute necessity of study and 'sadhana' practice of great messages of Vedas. Therefore several declarations of Vedas are to be seen in this book.

The writer believes that this "Divine Wisdom" is not absolute property of any religion. We should develop our spiritual practice on a scientific basis, without yielding to any any religious bias. In this book we have warned readers for avoiding all the bias for certain black spots in religious practices of certain religions. We believe that God is truth and the Truth is not confined to any particular religion or religious bias. India was at one time the world's head of spiritual wisdom. Vivekananda also frequently was declaring in America, that India is a great mine of spiritual wisdom, and that he has come to America to reveal the beauties of this wealth. It is really unfortunate that the great Indian philosophy is slowly being forgotten and thrown backbenches in the modern universities.

Our motto is to have great respect for all spiritual seers of this world. We believe that the earnest seekers of Truth, living in different corners of the world will study this book in an un-biased mood and as a scientific research scholar. I thank all those friends and disciples for their anxiety to spread this divine wisdom throughout this world. Before closing this introduction let me offer my heartly devotional prayers to Sri Radha who is the spiritual Guide and light and love for millions of souls in India and abroad.

- Sri Radhika Prasad Maharaj

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