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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 10

Our Association With Nanna - Part 10
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1Divine Glory
2Yearning for Sri Radha
3Divine Play (Leela)
4Karma Sutra (Karma Principle)
5Radha Sakhi’s Glory
6 The all pervading supreme mother
8 Attachment and Detachment
9 Divine Message

9.12.1991, Brindavan

In December 1991, Nanna gave a series of talks on the subject 'Attachment and Detachment' In these talks, he said the foundation necessary for Sri Radha Rasa worship and Sri Radha Bhava Dhyana.

" We all must realize that devotion towards husband is not great. One must attain devotion towards God, who is the lord of the worlds; the husband of innumerable living beings, the giver of their welfare! Only this devotion will uplift us and qualify us. Though devotion towards husband is important, you cannot move beyond this world. Devotion towards the country also will not help you to go beyond 14 worlds, world of maya. The power of that devotion is not enough to enable you to go higher. It is essential to understand that the devotion and knowledge which you attain must be such that you can reach God through them. "

" Sri Krishna chaitanya mahaprabhu taught the world 4 important principles. First, What is your ultimate goal ? My goal is the regular seva of Radha and Krishna. Second, where are you moving and in which path ? My path is that on which the Vraja gopikas moved. I follow the same devotion of love as they did. Third, which scripture you follow as a guideline go reach God? Srimad Bhagawata, it is an amalgamation of all principles, it is a devotional science! Fourth, where would you do sadhana so that you can reach higher levels in this life itself? Brindavan Dham! There is no other place equivalent to Brindavan. This is what Chaitanya taught his intimate disciples - the six goswamis. That is why; they travelled all the way from Puri (Orissa) to Brindavan by walk, to do penance. "

" At one time, we were in a very supreme state. By craving for nature, we saw a divine form in it, became attached and accordingly attained this form and got entangled in the cycle of birth and death. The reason for our downfall is craving for nature and attachment towards worldly objects. We must retreat on the same path towards detachment and renunciation. Man developed attachment because of yearning for worldly pleasures. So he must go back to his original state. Yearning for nature is wrong. Developing attachment towards the worldly objects before you is a state of ignorance. You can move higher only through lack of yearning. We came down due to Yearning. We can slowly rise only through detachment. There is no other way, whichever culture, religion you may belong to. You desired what you should not, you became attachment to what you should not. That is why, you developed this physical body. Set aside nature, we became attached to this body to start with. If somebody asks who you are, we relate with this body with a name, a place and a country. This attachment towards the body, a form, a caste or a country caused our downfall. The reality is that we are not this body. There is no relationship between me and this body. A Mahatma commented that it is wrong identification with that which you are not. 'You are yearning for something which is not you. It is a grave mistake. You forgot your original identity. Never forget your original form. 'I am detached. I am only an onlooker. I am not the doer or taker. I do not own any object on this earth.' This is our path. "

" Jeeva should slowly move backwards in the path. It is known as negative way or procedure when he thinks that he is not the owner of any object. Then who is the master? You must either be here or in heaven, not somewhere in the middle. If you simply think that you must forget the object because it does not belong to you, it is not possible to forget. That is not the way. Then what should you do? The only proper way to reach the divine dham which is your goal; to reach God with whose Dhyana you can reduce these transient worldly craving is through God's name. This is the only way. "

Harernama Harernama Harernamaiva kevalam

Kalau nasthyaiva na sthyaiva cha anyatha

" Only God's name, nothing else. If you absorb God's name in your mind, you can forget this body, world and caste or religion. Gradually you will lose deha bhava. Though you may not think to the level of 'This body is not me. I have no relationship with this nature. I am the soul', you will atleast reach the state when inner consciousness awakens in you. That is why, Bhagawata stresses on bhakti marg (path of devotion). To forget the body, you must yearn for oneness with God. Contemplate on God all the time, recollect his leelas, think of his divine qualities. Don't think about worldly objects any longer. Forget what you wrongly think is yours and contemplate on God only. This is known as the bhava of self surrender. When you are in this bhava at all time, God will certainly bless you. When you contemplate, make you do so with only the Supreme deity, not many number of Gods. You are liable to lose concentration .... "

" When the mind has two ways, it can follow only one at a particular time. That is why, concentration is very important. That is what Ananya nishta means. The jeeva must live in such a way that he does not think of any other God or form except Radha Devi. A Mahatma in Gorakhpur, Radha Babaji attained the state where he had a darshan of God. Paramahamas from different places come to meet him. Yearning is great, contemplation is great, detachment for the world is great. You must develop these qualities. 'Yadbhavo Tad bhavathi' your bhava decides your fate. Only because Jada Bharatha had that bhava, he was born as a deer. Do not remember any worldly pleasures. We will gradually forget worldly related matters. Human nature is such that when we intensely concentrate on one object, contemplation on other objects gradually fades away. When the wall has black patches and you paint it, the patches disappear. In the same way, there is only one way to divert our mind towards God. That mind which is filled with so many worldly matters, pleasures and passions. That is Ananya chintana - one pointed contemplation. "

" Lord Krishna said in the Gita: "

Ananyaschinthayantho mam ye janah paryupasathe

Tesham Nityabhiyukthanam yogakshemam vahamyaham!

" Whoever thinks only of me and nobody else; who forgets his pleasures too; who fills his heart and mind only with my thoughts and me; I will never leave such a mahatma. I will be with him all the time, without leaving him even for a moment, looking after his welfare. "

" A Mahatma, Radha Baba living in Gorakhpur practically demonstrated what is stated in the Gita. He used to stay alone in a cottage. He was in the habit of going out and returning to the cottage in the early hours - 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. Another Mahatma lady who gave up her family lived all alone in the adjacent cottage, doing penance. She realized some secrets in his life. One day, when he returned to his cottage after 1 a.m., he saw her in his cottage at that odd hour. 'My mother! Why did you come here at this time ?' 'Swami, I must not lie before a mahatma like you. Shall I tell you the truth?' 'Please do so' 'As soon as you leave the cottage, a six year old boy with heavenly luster , the sweetest form-little Krishna followed you. I am mesmerized by this sight. When you returned, he is still behind you. Then I understood the secret - this mahatma is constantly contemplating and chanting Radhe Radhe Radhe, day and night. He has no other thought. Some scriptures mention that Krishna said 'When somebody chants Radhe Radhe day and night, I am attracted by the sound of 'Ra' in whichever world I may be. When I hear 'dha', I follow him. This is my promise.' God is always behind his devotees. I have seen that it is true in your case. I came here at 12.30hours only with the desire to have a darshan of little Krishna.' When he heard her, he could not utter a single word. He silently went inside. "

" After sometime, when she died, he was in Kasi. When he was informed about her demise, he instructed that her body must not be cremated till he returned. He was accompanied by another mahatma, hanuman Prasad poddar. She was taken to Gita vatika, a beautiful and divine forest when only great people who did great penance were permitted to enter. Her body was kept on the funeral pier. Radha baba remained near her feet and lit the pier. When somebody asked him why he bowed to her feet and lit the pier, he replied that She was his mother. I was reborn that moment when she forgot about the external world and waited at 1 a.m. eagerly for darshan of Krishna who looked after my welfare all the time, the belief that my Lord is always with me became intensified. That is why; she is the mother who gave me the true birth! Somebody remarked that he must not perform last rites because he is a sanyasi. He replied 'When Lord Shiva's mother died, he performed the rites as the duty of a son. There is nothing wrong in doing so. You need not be born from the womb. If you wholeheartedly accept somebody as your mother, she is indeed your mother. Do not fear. There is no doubt that her soul has reached the upper worlds.' "

" Wherever there is one pointed devotion, God is certainly present there. He will undoubtedly look after their welfare. He will take care of minute matters also. The world must understand this secret. Bhagawad Gita does not represent sound. You must follow the essence of the Gita in every moment of your life. It is a great science; the only scripture that proves its truth at all times, in all lives under all conditions. That is why, you must implicitly follow Ananya Chintana - one pointed contemplation on God. That is the real sadhana. Don't waste your time in gossip. You will move away from God. Never forget this fact. Unnecessary talk will pull the devotees down. Hence, remain in silence. Speak only few necessary words. Don't waste time for irrelevant religious scriptures. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu cautioned. "

" You will observe two qualities in a Mahatma. First, they have one pointed devotion towards God. They do not engage in unnecessary conversation. They give utmost value to time, more than divine nectar! You must realize that you will lose your inner power due to bad company and unnecessary conversation. That is a huge loss! "

" Sage Vasistha gave a wonderful sermon to Lord Rama. 'The power of Athma is intrinsically present in every jeeva. This power is exposed and wasted in the case of many people when they faced bad situations. They became spiritually weak and moved away from their Athmic power! The Upanishads proclaimed 'Nayamathma balaheena labhyah' the weak person cannot attain God's darshan, he will not permit. The strength here does not refer to physical stamina, it is mental strength! How can man increase mental strength? Let us suppose that a father gave his son some money. Instead of utilizing it properly and increasing its value, if he wastes the money on bad habits, he will become a popper in no time. Exactly like that, we have Athmic power within the ordinary man. This is precisely what sage Bharadwaja proved to Rama. While returning from Lanka after killing Ravana, Rama was accompanied by Sita, Lakshmana and hundreds of money soliders. Rama wished to take the blessings of Sage Bharadwaja before entering his kingdom. Rama and Sita entered his ashram and bowed to his feet. 'O great sage. Before going into the forest in exile for 14 years, we came together to seek your blessings. We established our ashram in so many places over the years. Later..'' You need not tell me anything. I am fully aware of each and every incident that took place from the moment you left my ashram till the present.' So a Jeeva is not an ordinary person. Then Rama requested him 'I am returning to Ayodhya along with so many people and monkeys. During these 14 years, the kingdom of Ayodhya went haywire. Most of the trees were burnt, none of the trees are bearing fruit. The main source of food for these monkeys is fruit. Then how can I provide food to them? I pray to you to recreate Ayodhya in such a way that the trees bear abundant fruit in all seasons irrespective of weather conditions.' 'So be it!' "

" This is the secret in Ramayana. We are not different from him. We also inherently possess the powers that he had. The Jeeva is not weak or useless. Sage Vasishta is hinting to Rama that he too has such athmic power within him. The Jeeva who has such unique power closes it through wasteful discussions and bad habits. The power leaves you through mind, sense organs and karmic organs . you have only one way - to move backwards towards your original elevated state. Don't waste this power by unnecessary thoughts, words and deeds, worry about the physical body and your family. You must stop the power from leaving you. During floods, you construct a dam to obstruct the torrential water flow. The water is forced to recede back. That is law of nature! You hit a ball against the wall; it will bounce back. Similarly, when you prevent the athmic power from leaving you, it will go back within you and elevates you! This is sage Vasistha's message to Lord Rama. "

" The sadhaka does not forget this divine principle. We are not weak. We have extraordinary power but it is suppressed only due to worldly life. We lost this power by our weaknesses and fell into this state. It is not late even now. Do not allow the power to dissipate in various directions, direct it completely towards God by one pointed concentration on him. Radha Baba ji has demonstrated this point to the world. Day and night, he chants only Radhe Radhe, no other word! The mahatma had Radhaji's darshan. Since then, he contemplated only on Mother every moment. Let us also be engaged only in Mother's thoughts and service all the time. This lecture has been given to all the devotees present in Radha Mahalakshmi Ashram, Brindavan on December 9, after morning Dhyana. We have Dhyana in this ashram regularly three times every day at 6.30 am for one hour after morning Dhyana. I request everybody to participate in our programme in our ashram. Do Dhyana on God and move on the path of renunciation. "

" Sri Radhe Jaya Radhe Jaya Jaya Radhe! "

In the series of lectures on 'Pravritti-Nivritti', Nanna clearly explained very clearly about Jeeva's elevated state at one time in the past, due to what reasons he descended to the present state and what is the way to go back to his original state. He stressed that unnecessary conversations will destroy us, hence we must illuminate our inner athmic power by incessant contemplation on God. Sages Bharadwaja and Vasishta were endowed with divine powers, that is why, they could teach Lord Rama, who is God himself! Nanna said that we also possess such power of athmic consciousness. It must be our continuous endeavor to regain that lost power. Nanna is always sailing on the waves of incessant Radha bhava dhyana. Before handing the flow of that Dhyana to mankind, he laid the foundation through his lecture series on Pravritti-Nivritti. Our Nanna is the loving one who made long term plans for the welfare of human beings.


Chanchala Matinai Sansara Preetiche
Jaarithi ee Bhuviki Jaaliye Leda
Nin Marchu Jeevulaku Neeve Mayavu
Nee Bhaktha Janulaku Neeve Mathavu

Due to my unstable mind and attachment towards the world, I fell down to earth. Mother, take pity on me. You are the Maya to the Jeevas who forget you; you are the Mother to your devotees who worship you!



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