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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 10

Our Association With Nanna - Part 10
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Divine Glory
2Yearning for Sri Radha
3Divine Play (Leela)
4Karma Sutra (Karma Principle)
5Radha Sakhi’s Glory
6 The all pervading supreme mother
8 Attachment and Detachment
9 Divine Message

6.3.2003, Guntur Ashram

With the desire to write about Radhasakhi, our Nanna's divine life and about her sakhis, I prayed to Nanna to give me permission and the strength to do so. He not only explained the qualities of a sakhi but also about sakhi tattwa. 'It is easy to learn Radha's love, but very difficult to learn sakhi's love.' In this great sentence, Nanna directly told us about 'sakhi' So many valuable secrets of Rasa are hidden in the deep sakhi tattwa. Nanna explained the sweetness in the Rasa life of Radha sakhi, before whom even Krishna folds his hands and pays respect.

That morning Anjani amma was singing the songs written by Nanna and explaining their meaning to Sekhar.

Nanna used to give a two hours commentary on every song. 'Rasa chetaname Leelarthambai ..'

" The Divine Duo, Radha and Krishna came from Rasa "

Later, Malathi recited the Hindi poems.

'Sakhi muh se Radha boli . Mother only is speaking sweet words of Rasa through her sakhi's mouth! The tunes of love in the hearts of Rasikas are singing Radha's glory. Sakhi Tattwa hovers above karma and dharma.Sakhi and Mother are inseparable. By the grace of Radha Devi, you attain a place at the feet of sakhi; the flower of love will blossom. Sakhi does not show any differentiation of me, mine or others.'

" Ah! Then Mother is a flower of Love! "

Nanna asked me also to learn. He said that if we both sing the versus together, Mother will come down and dance.

" Such great literature. Sakhi literature is very great. Sakhi is the manifestation of the formless Radha. How beautiful! It is very difficult to describe a sakhi ... Krishna keeps a sakhi here (Nanna put his hand on his head to indicate where!). Did you know about this? "

Dhruvadas ji said that Sri Krishna placed the sakhi's feet on his head.

'Radha charana viloditha ruchira sikhandam, Harim Vande' Sri Hitahari vamsa ji wrote in one verse of Sri Radha Sudhanidhi that 'I bow to Sri Krishna whose head is adorned near the holy feet of Sri Radha' Krishna is known as Rasaghanamohana. With his Rasa form, his head is adorned when he places it near her feet.'

Nanna went into a state of bhava while Sekhar explained the above verse.

Sekhar told us that yesterday Nanna said 'I want Krishna for name sake only. Do we need both Radha and Krishna to give human beings the experience of divine love? Is only Mother not enough '

" Yes, only Mother is enough. "

'Nanna, then why did both come down?'

" In a state of love, do you need one person or two persons? "

'Only one. Does love imply that both must be present?' Padma garu asked.

'No, for human beings . 'Sekhar added.

" Both are not needed. Actually, Mother alone is enough. (Filled with bhava) Everything is included in her. Then why do you need the second.... "

" We can learn Radha's love. It is very difficult to learn sakhi's love. It is impossible to learn Radhasakhi's love. "

" Mother, I can't live without you even for a second. If I cannot come near you, then I shall become a shadow and accompany you. Her love neither withers nor fades. It only increases with every passing day. Today's love is more than Yesterday's; tomorrow's love is more than today's... 'Anukshana Vardhamanam' (increasing every second) That love is devoid of Guna and Kama (base modes and desires) . Love without desires. I can't stop loving. That is my only desire. I cannot stay without loving everyone. I have no worldly desires. My love is not associated with any gunas. My love is not worldly love because it has no desires. "

" Mother's idol installation means installing her in your heart. It is not a mere idol. Mother should have a place in everybody's heart. "

Nanna was weeping with Bhava.

After sometime, Nanna asked me to be ready. He wanted me to write a letter to Hyderabad.

" ... My real form is within me. That Inner form cannot live away from you. "

'Nanna, only now, we are able to understand a little about you. That too, by your grace only.'

" Now, I am stating the fact that I did not eat for three days. Due to the pain of separation from her, I did not feel hunger at all. I wrote that song in such a state . Mother created you all and handed to me. She also put me in your hands. When she (myself) came to see me for the first time, she wept uncontrollably. "

Nanna enjoyed listening to the Hindi verses of Malathi. In that state of bhava, he explained the qualities of sakhis saying that Lord Krishna himself bows before sakhi; he declared the prominence of sakhi. That is why, one can learn Radha's love but very difficult to learn sakhi's love. 'I cannot stop loving.' This divine sentence tells what a sakhi is!

" There is an intricate point in sakhi tattwa. Mother is not only sakhi but swamini also. There are two parts. Mother is our sakhi as well as swamini. You must act both roles. It is very difficult. "

" In one song I wrote 'Neeve gathivi Neeve pathivi' she only is both - means and end. 'Priya' (beloved) is such a deep bhava. It is not related to ordinary worldly love. When she is the beloved, our love becomes the highest. That is known as divine love with no tinge of worldly aspects. One must develop the eligibility to match that bhava. The beloved who cannot live even for a second away from Her, beloved in the form of Radha .. (Weeping with Bhava), That is Radha! "

We were all spell bound watching his amazing sakhi's form and sakhi love. We are indeed fortunate to be in his presence.

" In the patna conference, a great scholar addressed her as Swamini. In some scriptures, it is stated that Radha is also a Swamini. "

Nanna often referred to the conference in patna where all scholars in India met to discuss who Radha is ! The discussions are recorded in the book Bharateeya Vangmay mein Sri Radha (Sri Radha in Indian literature)

Speaking about 'Rasa Brindavan' he said:

" Mother said that there is literature in 4-5 almirahs in Brindavan. She wants to preserve it. All that literature will be lost when Kishori Ali ji leaves this world. That is her concern. He holds books as old as 2000 years. You cannot find such old books anywhere else on the earth. "

'Nanna, Please grant me the fortune of writing Rasa Brindavan'

" Okay "

Nanna was shining with splendor of Rasa as he reclined in his chair. In this lecture, he gave a message without uttering the word message!

'Sakhi is the manifestation of the formless Radha. She is not only sakhi but also swamini. She only is the means and also the end. There is no trace of nature in Her love. You must attain the state to match that bhava'

Nanna said that such a Mother only must be our life. Mother alone is enough for the human being to experience divine love of Rasa. This is Nanna's divine message to human beings.

Our Nanna is the loving one who declared that 'I can't stop loving. That is my only desire.' The Rasika Siromani has no second bhava except to love everybody. That love is so intense that though he surrendered his life to her, though he cannot live even for a second away from her, he was bearing the pain of separation from her and remained on earth for the welfare of human beings. This divine love play of oneness and separation is Nanna's divine message to the world.


Neeve kada na prema sundarivi
Neeve kada na pathivi gathivi
Nene kada nee sundara gulabini
Nene kada nee prana priya sakhiyani

You are my love, my means and my end. I am your beautiful rose; I am your loving beloved sakhi



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