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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 10

Our Association With Nanna - Part 10
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Divine Glory
2Yearning for Sri Radha
3Divine Play (Leela)
4Karma Sutra (Karma Principle)
5Radha Sakhi’s Glory
6 The all pervading supreme mother
8 Attachment and Detachment
9 Divine Message
Amma's Words

Sri Dham, 5.50 a.m, 10.7.09

Nannagaru is the personification of Love. He often said that, I am not bound by Karma, My life is eternal. Neither Maya nor Karma can touch the person who is totally linked with Mother. There is no place for Karma in the kingdom of Bhava! In the kingdom of maya, man is totally under the control of maya. If he wants to disentangle from maya, he must live with intense yearning for Mother. Though such people live in this world, they are detached from the world, remain in Mother's bhava all the time, share their experiences with others and provide power to move from maya towards Mother's thoughts.

Nanna explained about Pravritti-Nivritti in his lecture. Jeeva can live in Prakrithi with Mother's thoughts and Her bhava and reach Her kingdom. There are two paths - Pravritti to Nirvritti and Nivritti to Nivritti. Nanna told that even the person in the path of Renunciation (Nivritti) can succumb to wordly pleasures at any time. Lord Shiva who lived in the cremation ground, away from worldly comforts, always in Dhyana with his eyes closed lusted after divine Mohini form of Lord Vishnu and gave up his state of total renunciation. Though Lord Narayana appeared to live in luxury, he actually followed the path of renunciation. Lakshmi Devi decided that 'I will not marry one who wants me, I don't want the person who does not want me, I want to marry such a person who maintains a passive attitude. She moved in all the worlds and came near Lord Narayana. He opened his eyes, said 'Lakshmi, you have come' smiled and again went back to inwardness. 'He is only my real husband. Though he has all fortunes, he showed passivity. He neither wants nor does not want me. So he only is my husband.' The Lord opened his eyes, said 'Lakshmi your place is not at my feet but in my heart'. He concealed Mother in his heart.

In the same way, Though man is living in this world of maya, he can reach Mother if he lives with Her bhava in Her contemplation and moving on the path of renunciation. Nannagaru reached Mother through such a Sadhana. Though he had wealth, though he was among so many loved ones, he saw only his Mother's bhava in everybody and thus became blessed with Her love. Every being is linked to maya. Once you have this body, you are naturally bound to have feelings of love and affection. We must do sadhana so that these feelings do not pull us downwards but make us move upwards and thus reach Mother's presence. This is Nanna's divine message to us. Only when we lose interest in Maya leelas, we can enter Mother's divine leelas. Nanna's life has proved this fact.

In connection with one case, the opposition party engaged a Christian man to murder Nanna. When that man was in Dhyana, he was inspired by a thought 'The person you are about to kill is a Mahatma, an embodiment of divinity. If you harm such a person, it is not good for you'. Immediately he informed the people who engaged him that he would not commit the crime. How strange and amazing! While maya tried to kill, Mother protected Her object.

Karma is very strong. It remains linked to us over many lives. If we attain Mother's bhava completely, Karma will not affect us. Mother will avert it. Mother looks after and guides the life of the being who worships Her one pointed devotion and bhava. This is the greatest message conveyed by Nanna's life. Detachment towards the world and yearning for oneness with Mother - he who conducts his life in this way is blessed. This is the message we can receive from Nanna's life.

This tenth volume of 'Nannatho - Our Association with Nanna' describes the Karma philosophy and elucidates the sadhana that one must do to go beyond Karma and reach Mother's abode. I wish that 16 volumes of this book like the 16 arts may be printed. I pray to Mother and Nanna to help Rasamani in Her endeavors.


Sri Radhasakhi charanarenuvu


(A speck of dust at the holy feet of Radhasakhi)




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