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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 10

Our Association With Nanna - Part 10
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Divine Glory
2Yearning for Sri Radha
3Divine Play (Leela)
4Karma Sutra (Karma Principle)
5Radha Sakhi’s Glory
6 The all pervading supreme mother
8 Attachment and Detachment
9 Divine Message
Author's Foreword

Sri RadhaSudhanidhi, Verse 205, Sri Hitacharya enlogised Sri Radha's divine lotus feet which support the whole universe in this verse. 'Lord Krishna decorates Sri Radha's feet with colour and design. The gopis, who are well versed in different arts, praise Her. Her feet are secretly shining in the hearts of Upanishads. Sri Radha is the artisan of dance; I seek shelter at Her lotus feet.

Krishna, the Lord of all universes, unattainable to Brahma and others takes Sri Radha's feet in his lap and lovingly decorates them. Can we even imagine Her greatness? Is it possible for four headed Brahma, thousand tongued Adisesha or even Goddess of learning to describe Her? Sri Radha is the unattainable secret treasure of Rasa. Nanna gave us such a Swamini of Sri Krishna as 'Chinnari' through his talks, books and life. Only a Sakhi can accomplish this task, that too only Radha Sakhi, the confidential sakhi of Radhaji can do so.

Radhasakhi came down to earth as our Nanna and lived as one among us, Showered immense love on human beings and handed us invaluable secrets of Rasa. His words, songs and teachings only are flowing in the volumes of this book Nannatho-Our Association with Nanna. He often revealed his true identity amidst his speeches which seemed repetitive, quite unexpectedly. While saying 'As I give more and more speeches, many facts will be revealed. I don't want that to happen now.' He also said 'I am personification of Mother.' It is our great fortune that while speaking about Mother, Nanna revealed the truth that he is the embodiment of Sri Radha, the sovereign of Rasa. He often said ' It is easy to understand Mother's love but very difficult to understand Sakhi's love'. Only due to such infinite love, he revealed so many secrets of Rasa unknown even to Brahma and other demi gods.

In the chapter 'Radhasakshi's Magnificence' we can clearly hear a hissing voice uttering 'Radhe Radhe' between the sentences. 'Do mantra with this bhava' and ' that is dhyana' . There is absolutely no gap between saying 'that is dhyana' and 'Radhe Radhe'. Nanna granted us such loving gifts in almost every volume of this book.

He listened to the song 'Na Prana Pranama ...' composed by him and said 'This is my heart. Every moment, my heart is singing this song.' He declared 'I cannot live without loving'. We have witnessed how many people he has lovingly drawn into his heart. He constantly lived in Radhaji's presence, continuously experienced the bhava of oneness and separation from Radhaji and submerged humanity in his ocean of Love.

'You may not obtain Radhasakhi as your Guru in your next life. I am giving you 'Mother's call' now. You must break away from all bonds one day at the time of death. Why can't you break those bonds now only' I will enter within you and separate your Karma. I will make you do incessant Sri Radha Bhava Dhyana. This is our loving Nanna's call to human beings. Recently, we saw that Nanna graced a devoted soul who did not give up the thought of Sri Radha even on the brink of death and granted the state of Radha Bhava from within. Yet again, he revealed his infinite and limitless love. We all have the experience of Anjani Amma's constant presence with us.

Nanna taught us how to conduct our life. Move your hand in this way and fingers in that way, Should you face east or west - all your time is wasted in such thoughts and discussions, this is not spiritual practice, this is not your sadhana. The all pervading Supreme and loving Mother is with me. I am in Her presence. She is watching me. I don't want anything else except Radhaji. Being in such thoughts constantly is only your sadhana. This is the highest learning. While we are aimlessly wandering in the world, he loving holds our hand and takes us towards Mother. Even though we have attained the Embodiment of Sri Radhaji herself, we are destroying our life with hatred and enemity. Maya is so powerful. Nanna, Please be near us and make us do Sadhana which would free us from the shackles of maya. We can clearly see that death is fast approaching. I pray for Nanna's blessings that we all must not waste time and must engage ourself in Sri Radha Dhyana.

Nanna's series of lectures on 'Pravritti-Nivritti' have been finding a place in each of the volumes of this book. I pray that his devotees who assisted in the printing of this divine book , which is a reflection of Nanna himself may be blessed with Radhasakhi's divine grace.

On May 5, 2009 (Ekadasi), Nanna's idol was installed in Brindavan Ashram in front of Radhaji's Idol. One of the photos taken on that occasion reveals Nanna's divine presence. While Anjani Amma was releasing the CD of 'Nannatho-Our Association with Nanna' volume 2, a bright glow joining Nanna and Anjani Amma is clearly visible. Radhasakhi, the divine radiant form of Rasa is clearly indicating Her presence on the occasion. The photograph which is a gesture of Nanna's grace is being printed in this book.


'Enni yougamulainanu ... andukova'

I will never forget you for ages and ages, My Mother. Please take me in your shelter. Mother, Please grant me your darshan and bless me




Always at the lotus feet of Radhasakhi




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