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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 10

Our Association With Nanna - Part 10
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Divine Glory
2Yearning for Sri Radha
3Divine Play (Leela)
4Karma Sutra (Karma Principle)
5Radha Sakhi’s Glory
6 The all pervading supreme mother
8 Attachment and Detachment
9 Divine Message


Sri Radha sahacharinim rasa sakhim radha sakhim Sri Sakhim
Bhava prema prachara divyachaturam trailokyanatham bhaje
Guhyadguhyathamaikam adhbhuthathanum gudhakriyakausalam
Radha prema saroopadharma rasikam Radha prasadam gurum

Salute to our Guru, the Radhasakhi, Rasasakhi, SriSakhi, Sri Radha's confidential companion, ruler of three worlds, who has divine capability to propagate Radha's love, who is deep and difficult to understand, who possesses a wonderful form and qualities equivalent to Her love and who is Sri Radhika Prasad (Oblation)



In this lecture, Nanna explained God's glory and how the divine power acts. He spoke about many topics - God's aspects of Majesty and sweetness, Jeeva, Prrakrithi, Paramathma etc. Style of this lecture indicates that it was given during 1990-91

" Who is Purusha? What is Prakruthi? What is the connection between them? Unless you understand this properly, you cannot comprehend the divine power that is controlling the world. Scholars quote mantras and principles from the Vedas in a complicated manner. Actually, they are simple and easy to understand. Somebody once jested that philosophy is that which neither the speaker nor the listener must understand. This is the state of philosophy today! People follow different cultures; each culture defines its own religious rules and practices. People forgot God, their ultimate goal in life and Sadhana. All their concentration is focused on how to dress, what to eat, how many fingers must be folded should you lift your hand, in which direction you must face ... So much so that the devotees used to put their hand in a small bag with a hole while chanting God's name. Since they believed that second finger must not touch the other fingers during japa, because it is deemed to be poisonous, they would put that finger in the hole and isolate it from the remaining fingers. "

" In this way, Man lost track of what is important, what is his goal and in which direction he is moving. No wonder Hindus and Muslims fought against other just as Hindus fought among themselves. In south india, a p lace known as Kanjeevaram is divided into Vishnu Kanchi and Shiva Kanchi. As the name denotes, all devotees of Vishnu lived in Vishnu kanchi and all devotees of Shiva lived in Shiva Kanchi. Each was averse to entering the other's place. They turned away in disgust when they saw the devotee of other God before them. Each had the symbol of their God clearly drawn on the walls of their house. The number of court cases on religious issues were innumerable. They argued whether Lord Venkateswara should wear a bindi on his forehead. They fought in the court for 5 years on this matter. Finally they compromised mid-way. Actually everybody fears to decide something. What would happen if they remove bindi? Would any calamity affect them? In this way, religion became a mockery. The true God and Sadhana got lost and all irrelevant matters became important. "

" This is not religion. Ramakrishna paramahamsa, Arabindo, Vivekananda... Said that easiest way to understand religion is through the Vedas. All scriptures came into existence to explain the meaning of the mantras in the Vedas, again several commentaries on each ones interpretation of the mantras however the most important document that exists is the Vedas. If we implicitly follow the Vedas, we will move in a royal path and our life will be easy. There was an agreement between Chaitanya and Bhattacharya, the epitome of adwaitha philosophy. He told Chaitanya 'You are a young lad, hardly 25 years old, why did you accept sanyasa so early?' If you commit any mistake, you have no chance to rectify; you will have a deep fall. You did a mistake by leaving your wife and accepting sanyasa at such a young age. Well, you cannot undo anything now. Listen to me and carefully follow whatever I say. 'Aham Brahmasmi' I am Brahma. There is no other God. I am God. You must not demean yourself. The Vaishnavas say 'I am the servant. I am the servant of your servant. I am the servant of the servant of the servant of ... of your servant' what is this non-sense? You are an emperor not a servant, think carefully. This is what Adwaitha preaches. The Dwaitha philosophy argues 'What can you do when everything is being burnt down? You can't even lift your finger. You will only rush to a doctor. You can never be God, not in any age. "

" This is not religion. Ramakrishna paramahamsa, Arabindo, Vivekananda... Said that easiest way to understand religion is through the Vedas. All scriptures came into existence to explain the meaning of the mantras in the Vedas, again several commentaries on each ones interpretation of the mantras however the most important document that exists is the Vedas. If we implicitly follow the Vedas, we will move in a royal path and our life will be easy. There was an agreement between Chaitanya and Bhattacharya, the epitome of adwaitha philosophy. He told Chaitanya 'You are a young lad, hardly 25 years old, why did you accept sanyasa so early?' If you commit any mistake, you have no chance to rectify; you will have a deep fall. You did a mistake by leaving your wife and accepting sanyasa at such a young age. Well, you cannot undo anything now. Listen to me and carefully follow whatever I say. 'Aham Brahmasmi' I am Brahma. There is no other God. I am God. You must not demean yourself. The Vaishnavas say 'I am the servant. I am the servant of your servant. I am the servant of the servant of the servant of ... of your servant' what is this non-sense? You are an emperor not a servant, think carefully. This is what Adwaitha preaches. The Dwaitha philosophy argues 'What can you do when everything is being burnt down? You can't even lift your finger. You will only rush to a doctor. You can never be God, not in any age. "

" In this way religious philosophies became confusing and contradictory. The Vedas and Vedic mantras are simple, we only complicated them. Let us see what Vedas say. This world is what we see with Sense organs - Sun, Moon, Starts, Trees, Animals and human beings. The human being will leave the body and the inner soul moves away. The birds shed their body one day. This is the world we see. Here Man rules, enjoys, weeps, thinks he is the highest and becomes upset when he fails. So the Jeeva is the one who experiences. Who is passive and who is the doer? The jeeva is passive. He cannot do anything on his own when he faces Karma. Hence God must be the driving force behind the world. A painting needs a painter, a play needs an author. In the same way, somebody would have written the play on earth. We are referring to that diving force as God or Paramathma or Bhagawan or Vasudeva, Srihari, Brahma or Narayana. Each one calls out to God by the name he desires, yet God is only one. The Vedas clearly stated: "

" Ekam sat viprah bahudha vadanthi - God is one! There is only one supreme truth who is described in many ways by so many names. By whatever name you may call, God is one. "

" What is the relationship between Jeeva and the World? The Vedas say 'Pradhana kshetragyah patih gunesah'. This prakrithi which is visible is the main. The body and the five elements are primary. The jeeva also exists as 'I' - 'I saw, I heard, I am doing Sadhana..' This human being is known as kshetragya (Arena) because Jeeva resides in this arena. The primary is Prakrithi and Jeeva is Kshetragya. Then who is God? God is the one who controls and rules both the Prakrithi and also the Jeeva who moves in Prakrithi. That God is one. The link between them is that the play takes place between Prakrithi and Jeeva while God is invisibly hiding in the background. "

Nanna clearly told us how this World which is filled with Radha's all pervading presence is enveloped by Maya. The benevolent Radhaji handed us the Vedas which explained tattwa in simple terms. We are complicating what is simple. We are making a mockery of religion which is the royal path to reach God through our baseless practices. When the Vedas said 'Pradhana Kshetragyaha Patih gunesha' how can you say 'I am God' that is why, Nanna said bluntly that 'You can never become God even after several ages'

" God is controlling from behind. He is the ruler of Pradhana as well as Kshetragya. The Gita reiterates 'Gatirbhartha Prabhu Sakshi' that is the order. Here Bhartha (generally meaning husband) refers to 'One who bears'. It is not easy matter to bear and look after Jeevathma. Only he must decide that Jeevathma will be freed from the cycle of life and death and also the miseries in this life. Only he who can do so is God. It is his will. The world is certainly controlled by him. When a person prays while he is suffering, God certainly comes to his rescue. When a demon troubles the people and destroys their peaceful life, when the people pray to God to save them from the demon (Ravana, Bhasmasura or Banasura), God takes an incarnation and comes to their rescue. Our religious scriptures showed us that God saves his people with extraordinary and unique skills and power. "

" So we have Jeeva, the world and God. We must believe that God is the controller of Jeeva and the world. Whatever comments one may make the fact remains that a controller exists, who came and protected his devotees when they were in trouble. What thousands of human beings cannot achieve, God can achieve in the form of an ordinary human being. Hence, this is a divine play. It is extraordinary. Man is perplexed; he is unable to find the right path. Aravinda Yogi wrote 'I was arrested and put in Jail in a bomb case; they declared me as a traitor. They prepared a case against me that I prepared bombs to kill thousands of people. I have so many latent powers in me but I am bound here. At such a time, Lord Krishna looked at me - 'How long will you suffer in this Jail, come out. I am providing an opportunity to you. There is so much for you to do outside the Jail'. Once I came into Lord's shelter, nobody can harm me.' The Lord created an opportunity for his escape. A boat was arranged by which he escaped safely. His whole philosophy of life changed. He wondered what is the spiritual secret of this world. He entered a cave and did meditation. Mother, a great yogini from France helped him in his endeavors. They recorded what they saw during their penance, with their eyes closed in their inward journey. "

" There is no doubt that God is present. So also does Jeevathma and Prakruthi exist. Aravinda did not agree that this world is an illusion. He firmly believed that the world exists all the time.The trees burn down or die, the fruits fall . however, the tree is still present in the form of a seed. In the same way, Man is also present forever in the form of a seed. The seed becomes a tree; it bears fruits, then ultimately dies leaving behind its seed. This continues ...The argument that the world is an illusion is unscientific and absolute nonsense. Arabindo said how can one deny what he sees before him? Nobody agreed to this nonsensical theory. While in a yogic state, he stated that he could see the world even in the Samadhi state. That is why it is universally agreed that it is best to follow the Vedas regarding the world and Jeeva. "

" Anyone should be able to substantiate his theory with reference to the Vedas. The Vedas predicted the future events too. Bhagawata warned that you cannot do any sadhana if you do not believe the Vedic scriptures. If somebody thinks, he need not believe scriptures, if he ignores or gives up religious practices, his efforts will never fructify. He will face many obstacles in his efforts. He will not be happy either in this world or even after death. This is what Lord Krishna declared. "

Yat sastra vidhimruthsajya varthathe kama karatah

Na cha sidhi mavapnothi na sukham na parangthi!

" Therefore, you must have faith in and follow the Vedic scriptures diligently. As long as people had faith in Vedic scriptures, India was glorious. When scholars began to debate on the meanings, when simple things became complicated, Man drifted away from scriptures. He cannot move upwards. "

" One day Buddha tortured his body by Starving. 'I am unable to realize the truth, I will starve this body.' He became weak and emancipated. He became thin like a skeleton. He lost his hair too. Well, did he find God? Did he find peace? Did he go to higher worlds? Did he realize the truth? No.nothing. He lost his skin and suffered physically. 'I lived in severe control for so many years but of no use. It is better to die because I could not see God.' Then he faced the test in his sleep. The night is divided into four quarters of 3 hours duration each. There four quarters, he showed that God exists .. The Buddhists believe that some divine force guides the human beings. In the first quarter, Buddha's parents appeared before him. 'My Son we thought that you would take care of us and keep us happy but you left us and went away. We don't even know where and how you are! The Vedas preached 'Matrudevobhava Pitrudevobhava' - respect your parents as God but you left us to live on our own. Where are you? Buddha controlled himself. ' This is not my goal, I want truth. My parents are not important. I must forget them'. He forgot them. In the second quarter, his wife and son appeared before him. 'You married me willingly. I left my parents and came to live with you. We are blessed with a son. It is your duty to give him good education and behavior. But you left your responsibility to me and want away. What is my fault? Why did you leave me? I never came your way any time. Moreover, you left without even telling me a word, in the early hours. We searched for you in so many places but did not get any news about you. Is this your search for God? Is this the way a person who is in pursuit of truth must behave? Buddha thought 'This is related to the world. I want only truth. I must move beyond wife, child and parents.' "

" In the third quarter, the angels and demigods went near him 'We have so many pleasures in our world. You will lead a luxurious life. Why are you moving in madness for God? Come with us to our world and enjoy the music, dance, food ..' Buddha thought 'No, this is not my path. What knowledge will these pleasures give me? There is no sweet that I have not eaten; I am not tempted by these pleasures.' In the fourth quarter, he heard a divine voice. 'A stringed instrument must be handled carefully to get the best music. If you tighten the string too much, it will break. If you leave the string too loose, you cannot play the music. Hence you must neither tighten nor loose the string too much. Your body is also like the stringed instrument. You must not do excessive penance or absolutely no penance. Do not move in the extreme path. Move on the mean path. The body is delicate. Don't torture the organs and harm yourself. You cannot see God in this way. As soon as he followed this advice, a little girl came with a golden bowl filled with sweet porridge. I have been told to move on the path midway between two extreme ends. Neither starve nor overeat. Both are not good. As soon as I decided to take the path between both extreme ends, this little girl brought me something to eat. He drank the contents and got some energy. He spread some leaves and made a comfortable bed for him to sit and sleep under a Bodhi tree. 'I was sitting and sleeping on the floor till now but now I must make myself comfortable. By the time I end my penance, I must attain God. Otherwise, I cannot go beyond this tree. I will die and fall here only. Only then, Buddha attained some state of Nirvana. "

" Therefore you must understand that in the divine kingdom, if you really wish to move in the spiritual path, a divine power will guide you. This fact was stressed by everybody - Aurobindo, Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, the Vedas and scriptures, Vedavyasa, Srimad Bhagawata, Sri suka and many others. This divine power will move accordingly to your mind. Strangely, if you feel there is no God, that is how it will be. If you look into the well and say 'Om', the echo will also say 'Om' only. Action and reaction that is how the world is. No wonder you must be careful.. The Bhagawad Gita said 'ye yathamam prapadyanthe thamsthavaiva bhajamyaham' in whichever way my devotee play with me, contemplates on me and my tattwa, I will be seen by him in that way only. This is my secret. If you think God is present, I will appear as God. If you feel, there is no God; I will show the world without God. Then you will sink to the lowest depths. We have enough proofs about this. Ravana believed firmly that there is no God and fell. Prahlada believed that God is present everywhere and had God's darshan. When Hiranyakasapa, Prahlada's father asked him to show where God is present, he replied 'You must ask where God is not present, not where he is present. There is no such place where he is not there. I am confident that he is everywhere but you doubt my words, he will clear your doubt. 'Is your God present in this pillar?'Ofcourse he is present everywhere within you and this pillar also' This pillar is made of iron, can he be present inside this? 'No doubt'. With Thunderous sound, he shattered the pillar and God appeared in the form of the furious Lord Narasimha. He killed Hiranyakasapa and established dharma. Hiranyakasapa's strength vanished in a split second. "

" When you sincerely desire to attain God, he will show you the right path and make you succeed. 'Sarva dharman parityajya mamekam saranam vraja. 'Aham twam sarvapapebhyoh mokshayishyami masuchah' . 'When you give up all other dharmas and totally surrender to me, I will grant you moksha.I will show you that divine kingdom where there is no cycle of birth and death, no miseries and suffering' This is Lord Krishna'a assurance and promise to all devotees. Infact every verse in Gita reflects the Lord's promise to his devotees. The incarnation of Krishna is believed to be the most comprehensive and complete one. 'Ethasyansa kalah punsah krishnasthu bhagawan swayam' other incarnations are endowed with only some arts, some aspects, some parts of the supreme whereas Krishna came down to earth with all the divine aspects. It is a complete incarnation of the Lord. A human being cannot even visualize such a complete incarnation. The Lord is beyond human mind and imagination. That is why; Aurobindo existed for a short span. Within this short period . he emphasized that God is one. He is purushottama - the highest. Aurobindo also mentioned about purushadwaya - two persons- baddha jeeva and muktha jeeva. One is the jeeva on the earth with the human, physical body. When he attains Moksha, he will no longer have this body. The state of Moksha is sheer consciousness. So you have one person in a state of Moksha and the other who is bound in this body without any freedom. Although the Mukta jeeva is liberated and is free from the world, he cannot create the world. He is like a retired person, who is free from responsibilities and explanations related to the world. Some people feel that they are better off without the job as long as they get the pension benefits. The bonded man thinks of all the problems he needs to overcome to reach office on time. This world is ruled by strong influence of Karma. One orders and the other listens. The boss orders and his subordinate listens. The husband dictates his wife .That is why; some marriages are ending in divorce. "

" In this world, each one wants to control the other person. All these will give up during your sadhana. The Jeevathma has only one path - follow the Vedas. The world is very complicated and confusing. God exists but does not speak. The Lord assured in the Gita that he will protect us. Yet man is suffering so much. Lord Rama was a spectator while demons killed so many sages, so much bloodshed ... The world is plagued with such doubts. Let us not get entangled in this confusion. We must follow the simplest path which only Vedas can tell us. The Vedas are the highest for any human being. The Bhagawata contains the essence of the Vedas hence you must implicitly follow it. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu repeatedly said that the Vedas may be difficult to understand, so follow the Bhagawata. It will direct you on the right path. It elucidates the lives of great people and highlights how to conduct your life. Prahlada's life shows us the worldly powers have no effect before divine power. Though Prahlada was thrown into boiling oil or into fire, nothing happened. Even when he was attached with spears and daggers, they could not pierce his skin and not a drop of blood was shed. This shows that inspite of the strong worldly powers, an invisible divine power is also present. "

" What do we understand from these incidents? God is present but he is not visible to everybody. He is seen only by a few blessed ones. Prahlada told his father 'God is present, I am seeing him everywhere. He is all pervading. You cannot do anything to him. You can't even touch him.' The Lord only initiated the creation of Bhagawata to summarize the essence of Vedas with suitable examples. Thus he proved the presence of divine power. By following the Bhagawata, we are sure to attain Moksha. A 16 year old boy, Srisuka who moved nude, who could not even differentiate between Man and Woman declared to King Parikshit 'I know the means to attain Moksha. I can make you attain Moksha within one week. You must concentrate on my words and control your senses accordingly. I will show you the way to Moksha, the rest lies in your hands, not mine.' "

" Well, there is enough proof to believe the presence of God. There is no doubt that so many devotees have seen God. Seeing God means experiencing divine power, divine glory and diving grace. We know that divine power exists. The next is how many kinds of power are there? Each aspect of this divine power is known by a different name like Lakshmi, Rudrani, Vaishnavi, Narayani, Brahmani, Durga . Just as the tree bears so many fruits, God also has many powers in his control which he utilizes for various causes. When a person engages in anti-social activities, he is beaten up by the Police. Then one is admitted in the hospital and treated by doctors. In the same way, there are conflicting divine powers in God's creation. While one power protects and saves a person, the other power destroys him. 'Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya cha dushkrutham' The Lord said that 'If you act against Dharma, if you harm people who are devoted to Dharma, I will kill you. Your force will not hold before me.' The Lord also challenged 'My Son, I am always there for you. Have faith in me and do Dhyana on me. I will protect you from the most difficult situations. Nature cannot affect you, demons, fire, storm or flood cannot do anything to you. ' "

Nanna explained in simple words the link between God, bound jeeva and free jeeva (Bhagawan, Baddha Jeeva and Muktha jeeva). He spoke about worldly relationships which bind the human being. While talking about the muktha jeeva, Nanna hinted that there is a state higher than Moksha, the world of Rasa. To understand about this world, one must first understand what Vedas say about God. 'There is an invisible supreme divine power.' He proved the presence of divine power by quoting incidents from Ramayana and Bhagawata.

" Now where do we proceed from here? In Brindavan dham, Around 5500 temples were constructed only due to inexplicable and ecstatic experiences of the devotees. These Mahatmas have not attachments. They gave up everything in the world for God. So they don't need to deceive anybody. They implicitly followed the Vedas. The Vedic scriptures teaches you in a step wise manner - Elementary school education, high school, college and research oriented. In this way, God's glory and his power increase step by step. The Mahatmas preached 'We have seen this step and are showing to you. You must move accordingly. Oh! How wonderful! They are handing over the divine sweetness to you so easily. The police department is not your enemy; they show you the right way to follow. Such departments exist even in the divine kingdom to show you right path of spirituality. "

" There are mainly two states of the Lord in his divine glory - Maryada purushottama and Leela purushottama; Aishwarya purushottama and Madhurya purushottama. While one aspect is only sweetness, the other aspect is royalty or majesty. Both these aspects co-exist. You can worship any aspect you like. It is important to understand God's tattwa. That is indeed difficult. The judge represents the aspect of royalty. Look at the incident in Harishchandra's life. 'O King, we caught this lady when she was stealing and brought her before you' 'Who is she' 'She is my wife' Even though She was his wife, Harishchandra brought her to court because she deserves to six months in Jail as per the Law. There is no place for relatives and relationships in the aspect of Royalty. 'She is your wife Chandramathi, but harishchandra, you are responsible for her present state of plight. While you served as the watchman of the graveyard, she brought her dead son. He is none other than your son, Lohitasya. Yet you asked her to pay the fee for his funeral. From where can she get the money? Whatever may be the reason for her state, I cannot allow her to light the funeral pyre of her son without paying the dues. This is my duty', that is the greatness of this aspect. God acts according to rules and regulations. There is no room for Love and affection, mercy and blindness. Listen carefully and remember that both aspects of Sweetness and majesty exist in God's kingdom. He is Eswarah - He abides by the rules and moves according to that schedule. If there is a hurricane, both good people as well as bad people die in that natural disaster. "

" During the war between Rama and Ravana, Rama was in exile. He must not enter into the town as he was bound to live in the forest for 14 years. That is why, he fought with Ravana on a hill near Lanka. He never entered the town. When the news about Ravana's death rached SriLanka, Sita was seated in a golden palanquin and brought near Rama by Vibheeshana, Sugreeva, Hanuman and others. Sita was weak as she had no food or water for almost a year. That is why they brought her carefully and lovingly in a palanquin. Rama said 'How can she be seated in a golden palanquin? While her husband is sleeping on the floor, does she have the eligibility to move in a palanquin? Isn't that against the wife's dharma? I cannot agree to this, that is the aspect of majesty in Rama. There is no love or affection, only rules prevail. If you disobey the rules, he will not agree. Then Mother Sita came towards Rama by walk. "

" Let us see the era of Krishna. On the 14th day of his birth, he came to Brindavan. The little child did not even know his parents. Yashoda was feeding him when a lady named putana came there. ' O Mother, I have no children, I lost all my babies during child birth, I wish to feed this little child, please permit me this opportunity.' 'Okay, please have your wish fulfilled.' She took the little child in her arms and went into the room. She is not a normal woman. Her breast contained poisoned milk. The demon came only with the intention of killing Krishna as a little boy by feeding him with poisonous milk. She was devoid of any love and mercy. Now, listen carefully to the different aspects and their peculiar nature. "

" 'Rasovaisah' - As mentioned in the Taithireehyopanishad, God is the embodiment of Rasa. He is not only a Task master, a tough one but also full of Rasa. His life is a flow of Rasa. He is a Rasika. Now, let us see how this aspect of Rasa acts. Putana came to see the 14 day old child on his naming ceremony. Who is Putana? She is none other than Ratnamala, the daughter of Bali chakravarthi. In Vamana creation, Lord Vishnu came near King Bali in the form of a 3 foot height boy for alms. He was so beautiful that two eyes were not enough to see his beauty. Ratnamala saw him from behind the curtain. 'Ah! If this boy was my child, I would fondle him and feed him with my milk. Even though, he will kill my father, I cannot stay away from him. I must go near him'. She became obsessed with madness of Love for the little boy. King Bali was cruel and would not spare anybody's life who went against his life. With this fear, she controlled herself and later died with that wish in her heart. After some millions of years, Krishna was born again in Dwapara age. Ratnamala came near Krishna as putana. But she forgot everything about her past life. We also do not remember who we were in our previous birth. We chant Krishna, Krishna; we don't know what is our link with the Lord. The scriptures mention that unless you have some link with God, you will not have such qualities and devotion. 'Janmanthara sahasreshu tapodhyana samadhibhi naranam ksheenapapana Krishna bhakti prajayathe' - The Bhagawata says that Krishna Bhakti is very difficult to obtain. Krishna is not so easily attainable. Infact, he does not grant this devotion to everybody. You must move step by step in your education, not a sudden leap! Primary education, first and higher education next .The human being also must take several births to shed his sins. The sins must be removed, removed and removed during his lives. Then only his towards the world will decline and the aspect of Love within him will rise. He will surrender only to this Love. So we must lose this life which is bound to the worldly family, go beyond the family and attain such a heart which can realize God's Rasa Tattwa. This is an elevated state after which he will enter into Krishna Kala. That is how Ratnamala was overwhelmed with uncontrollable maternal love when she saw Lord Vishnu as Vamana and wished to take him in her arms. "

The cassette recording, Nanna's speech ended here. On many occasions, Nanna said that we cannot even imagine the love Krishna showered on Ratnamala. He remembered the affection she showed in her earlier birth and gave putana, the demon who came to kill him, equal status as his Mother Yashoda.

Nanna explained the difference between Maryada purushottama and Leela purushottama. While the aspect of authority in maryada purushottama does not entertain relatives and relationships, Leela purushottama is the embodiment of madhurya, sweetness, Rasa! The love showered by him on human beings is seen from putana's incident. When he could show so much love on the demon who came to kill him, how close he will draw that person towards him who will go beyond his family and worship God's Rasa tattwa. Then he will enter Krishna Kala - aspect of sweetness. Such a blessed person will gain association with Rasa Tattwa. Radhasakhi, our Nanna spent his whole life only to direct the devotees towards Rasa. Whether he narrated incidents from Ramayana and Bhagawata, whether he gave lectures on Dhyana yoga or speeches on 'Pravrithi -Nivrithi (attachment and detachment)', our loving Nanna's goal was only the welfare of human beings and their upliftment.


Aiswarya, Madhurya gyana sakthula gudi
Sarveswari vi yaina sowbhagya Radharo

Sri Radha, You are the Supreme Sovereign endowed with the powers of Majesty, Sweetness and Intellect



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