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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 10

Our Association With Nanna - Part 10
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Divine Glory
2Yearning for Sri Radha
3Divine Play (Leela)
4Karma Sutra (Karma Principle)
5Radha Sakhi’s Glory
6 The all pervading supreme mother
8 Attachment and Detachment
9 Divine Message

March 1993, Guntur Ashram

Many devotees surrendered Nanna, some regular visitor and some new ones too. Nanna asked me to speak for 10 minutes. That was the first time I spoke in the presence of the Rasikasiromani. With his blessings only, I could speak a few words. Later, Nanna began his talk.

Anadyoyam purusha eka evasthi tadekam roopam dwidha vidhaya sarvan rasan samaharathi

" The above verse from Samaveda states that since time infinite, there is only one God. Within that one God, exists Rasa. Even today, we often refer to Rasa as something which is higher than happiness. How is that play? 'Full of Rasa or devoid of Rasa' "

" Brahman's proponents knew only about happiness. 'Ananda Ghanam Brahma' The devotees of Brahman are satisfied with this happiness. Just like a student who is satisfied with secondary school education, he cannot pursue higher studies, degree and post doctoral. Many people think that the followers of Brahma are the greatest. Infact, many people misunderstood the teachings of Adi sankaracharya and think 'Aham Brahmasmi' - I am Brahman. I have attained that highest bliss. Truly, it is a very small happiness. People will laugh at somebody who gives a party for passing higher secondary education. The fact is that he passed the examination after failing 5 times, hence the party! "

" You must understand the even Moksha and Brahmananda are trivial things. Only then you must enter Brindavan. Otherwise it is useless. You cannot comprehend anything. Brahmavetta, Brahmagyana and Brahmananda - all are trivial. Radha and Govind wanted to declare this truth to the world. The One God decided to become two - Woman and Man. Again not just a Man but Man with Womanhood. That is why Radhaji wears a ring on the nose and Krishna also wears a ring on his nose. You will not find a single temple where Krishna's nose is not adorned with a ring. You really cannot differentiate between the divine duo. This is the first condition. Krishna wanted to show the world that Hladini Shakti is present within him. This power of divine ecstasy is many folds above Brahmananda. So many people aspire for Brahmananda. The Rasika devotees in Brindavan laugh at their ignorance because they feel it is on par with just higher secondary school. "

" Bhagawata is the science of devotion. Did the Bhagawata mention about this? If the people who listen to Bhagawata tend to be immersed in divine bliss, become detached from the world and experience bliss within them. Then that state is considered to be the highest. But it is not true. Bhagawata hinted that it is an ordinary state. The Bhagawata did not delve into the depth (of Rasa). King Pareekshit asked for Moksha only. He was afraid that he would die of snake bite as cursed by the Sage's son. He requested to remove his fear and grant liberation. That is how the Bhagawata originated. Bhagawata is the path to attain Moksha, to grant peace to the dying ones. Many people are not aware that there are many stages above Moksha. Brindavan accepts this secret because that is where Krishna was born. "

" There is one verse in the Bhagawata which defeated adwaitha. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gave 46 commentaries on this unique verse. One is lost; the remaining 45 are present in Kolkata. Bhattacharya was the highest advocate of Adwaitha. Sri Chaitanya defeated his theory with this one verse. He ridiculed him by saying 'Adwaitha is like higher secondary school. It is not a big thing, why are craving for that? Then he quoted this verse from the Bhagawata. If there was a second verse it would be no use to Pareekshit. If you talk about higher education to a school student, he would say 'I have no time now. I must attend to my exam. I am a weak candidate. I cannot pursue higher studies. This education is enough for me.' Even Vyasa was not aware of the highest spiritual goal. He composed one verse to prove that tattwa! "

What a speech! The state of Brahmananda is equal to just higher secondary school education. Only the intimate Radhasakhi who constantly experiences the states of Moksha (which is aspired by so many devotees) and Rasa which is much much higher than Moksha can speak in such a way. He explained clearly the states of Brahmananda and Rasananda. He also hinted that Man must not aspire for Brahmananda but only for Rasa. Unless he understands this point, he need not enter Brindavan. He clearly told that while Bhagawata described what is necessary for Moksha, it indirectly mentioned what is beyond Moksha.

" "Atmaramascha munayaha" - This is a significant verse in Bhagawad Gita. It also represents Para tattwa. Vyasaji hinted about Radha but did not mention about her in detail. Infact, nobody present in the congregation had the right to listen about her. That's why it says 'Atmaramascha Munayaha' - like the great sages who enjoyed bliss within them, in their inner soul. The human beings are enjoying the pleasures of the flesh. They feel that this body is Moksha. They derive immense pleasure when their wedding is finalized. Whether he is well educated or not, whether he is settled in a good job or not, he expects a handsome dowry. A peon in our office arranged the wedding of his daughter with a rickshaw puller paying a dowry of Rs.20,000. 'What does money matter' My Son-in-law will be comfortable. I am so lucky. My daughter will be happy (in a mocking tone). He requested me to contribute some money for the dowry. 'Okay, I will give the money but I would like to see the groom and his rickshaw once. I want to know whether he owns the rickshaw.' 'It is not his own, he has taken on loan. He will buy the rickshaw with this dowry.' See the irony! The boy pulls a rickshaw taken on hire. He is marrying the girl with the hope of buying a rickshaw with the money she would bring. This man is jumping with joy that his daughter would be married. This is the Jeeva's state! "

" Atmaramascha Munayaha - Great sages indeed who enjoy the bliss within themselves. We feel that is the highest. This is the thought of an ordinary person. Atmaramascha Munayaha nirgrandha pyurukrame - They are the great ones whose knots have been freed. God puts two knots for Man. We are unable to free ourselves from these knots and rise. Man takes birth after birth, life after life, yet unable to untie these knots. The Bhagawata says that even Brahma and Shiva could not free themselves from these knots. What are the two knots? 'Ego and Attachment' These two knots are enough to prevent us from rising. Lord Shiva who stays in the burial ground also could not remain detached. During hindu wedding, the groom ties three knots - Dareshana, Dhaneshana and Putreshana. Man is linked with these base modes, whereas Mahamunis have broken the knots of Ego and attachments. No wonder they are so great! "

" Nirgrandhapyurukrame - They have broken their knots and experience inner bliss. The Bhagawata hinted about Radhaji through Hladini Sakthi - the power of divine ecstasy. Suppose we are watching a hen. Suddenly an eagle pounced on it, lifts the hen and flies away. In the same way, Radhaji simply blows away the followers of Brahmananda. "

" Kurvanthyahaithukim bhaktim - If they attain Radha Bhava, they will also jump and dance, do bhajans, weep and become insane. One may wonder why we need this Bhakti. Afterall you crossed all stages and became a gyani. Then why go back towards this Bhakti . Well this is not Bhakti, I don't even know what it is! I can't explain what it is. Ramakrishna was in such a state of madness in Brindavan. Ramakrishna who we consider as Paramahamsa became mad during his stay for 6 months in Brindavan. He lost sense of the body. He will suddenly wake up and weep 'Hey Mother - Hey Radhe, I cannot live. I will die'. He would hit his head on the floor in that state. One day, he ran towards River Yamuna to end his life. This is the state he reached. Then he received a message from Kolkata that his mother was on the death bed. The shock of the news lessened the intensity of his fervor by Mother's grace. He gained his senses and left for Kolkata. "

" Generally, the Man who attains Radha Bhava does not survive. Many people died in Brindavan. The bhava is so intense that he develops a hatred towards his body. Not only the world, the body also is an object of his dislike. Man craves for this body and pampers it with perfume and other accessories. Well, how long will this body last? It is transient. The Wife who loves this body refuses to go near her husband's dead body because she is afraid. What happened to their love? This is only worldly love. When the inner spirit leaves the body, others are afraid to be near the body. "

" The power of Radhaji's hladini sakthi is seen from a divine incident at Imlital (tamarind tree). Krishna can never bear the intensity of hladini sakthi. One day, he was burning in the fire of yearning for Radhaji. Finally he fell in a swoon under a tamarind tree uttering 'Radhe Radhe' . While falling in this way; you will attain the form which you have in your bhava. 'Yadbhavo Tadbhvathi' - Krishna must attain Radhaji's form. She is all pervading and formless. We worship Her with name (Radhe) and form (Potrait). Actually she is formless. Radhaji is present here, near you and me too! While Rasamani was speaking earlier, she experienced Radhaji's aspect within her. Hence she was unable to continue her talk. It is very difficult to speak about Her. She is formless; there is more power in formlessness. Steam has more power than water. No wonder a steam engine can pull a rail engine along with 50 compartments. Water flows downwards, steam moves upwards into the sky. Formlessness has more power than form. Radhaji is formless, so Krishna cannot attain Her form. However Her colour is present. How wonderful! She showed Her colour because he contemplated on Her formless bhava and fainted near Imlital. This is a true incident. Whenever Krishna Chaitanya came to Brindavan, he would insist on doing Dhyana, eating and resting only in Imlital and nowhere else. Everyone wondered about the importance of Imlital. "

" Imlital is that place where Krishna forgot the world and his body as he was burning in the fire of yearning for Radhaji and attained Her golden colour when he fainted there in Her Bhava. That is our goal. Imlital shows us our final goal. That's why Chaitanya insisted on staying there only. It is an incredible place. 'Kurvanthyahaithukim bhaktim' - There is lot difference between the devotion granted by Radhaji and devotion of ordinary human beings. Our devotion is linked with desires. There must be some detachment also. When a hindu visits a pilgrimage like Tirupati, he shaves his head as indication of detachment. He does not really develop any detachment; it is a ritual to please God because they believe he would be angry if they don't offer their hair to him. So the bald head is due to desires and not detachment. "

" You must not step into Brindavan with any desire, particularly when you visit Banke Bihariji temple there. Just as you offer sweets to a little child, everybody offers sweets to the Lord in that temple. The sweet shop owner within the temple premises says that he sells sweets worth Rs. 2.0 lakhs everyday. Krishna does not eat the offering. The priest shows the sweets to Krishna and it becomes and Oblation (Prasad), just by his glance! We follow so many rituals while offering to God. Yet it remains as a sweet only , not a Prasad. Divine power prevails so strongly there. Banke Bihariji temple celebrates 4 occasions grandly. On one particular day, the Lord shows his feet. Normally the devotees see his face and not his feet, only those with desires seek his feet. The devotees approached him and said 'Lord, Many people have desires. But you do not encourage them. You said that nobody must come to you with desires. Who will fulfill their desires? Please show mercy.' He relented and granted one day for their desires. On that day, devotees pray to his feet. Hence the occasion is known as Charan Darshan. So many people visit the temple that day. Devotees who leave in the morning cannot return before night. It is so crowded. That is the only day to pray with desires! "

" On other days, Around 300 thousand devotees visit the temple without desires, to have a darshan of his face. They attain bliss just by glancing at him, they weep in ecstasy. When they see his face, they lose their desires, attain detachment and weep with indescribable selfless love. Such devotion is rarely seen in South India. "

In his speech, Nanna clearly differentiated between the devotees who gain happiness as in the verse 'Atmaramascha ..' and the rasika devotees who drown in the bliss of Rasa granted by Radhaji. The munis (sages) who have broken the knots of ego and attachment develop inwardness and enjoy the bliss of Moksha. 'We feel that they are the greatest and that is the highest state' There is a state higher than that. Then why isn't it mentioned in the Bhagawata? King Pareekshit approached Sri suka maharishi for Moksha and not Rasa Tattwa. That is why Bhagawata speaks upto the level of Moksha. Just as a school student cannot understand master's degree syllabus, one who desires Moksha that houses Brahamananda cannot appreciate the kingdom of Rasa. Brindavan directs us towards our goal. Nanna cautioned us not to enter Brindavan with any desires. Radhaji is formless. There is more power in formless than in form. Nanna preached us to have limitless and selfless devotion towards Mother and live only for her, a state of natural detachment.

" Radha Baba was a rasika mahatma who is blessed by Mother. One supreme court judge requested his children in his old age to take him near Radha Baba. He showed how Radhaji's power is! She is not present in dolls and idols; mantras or rituals. Just by touching him, miracles were taking place. They went by a car from Delhi to Brindavan. Radha Baba was in Samadhi. He remained in Samadhi, most of the time, not in our world. He is constantly in Radha Bhava. He comes out of that Bhava occasionally for a few minutes. When he was informed that the Judge came from Delhi to visit him, he said 'I was thinking of coming near him. Why should he come to me. I shall come to him. I received an inspiration from within me to meet him. I will embrace him.' When his sons brought the judge from the car towards Radha Baba, he cried 'Baba, you don't come near me. I am a sinner. I am coming to you.' Baba said 'I must come to you' "

" It may be possible that there is no heat inside the Sun but in Radhaji's presence, the fire of yearning for Her is constantly burning. So much yearning, we can speak for hours about yearning for the Divine. I will briefly tell you about it. "

" Radhaji is the embodiment of Yearning. Without yearning for the divine, one can never conquer prakriti even after millions of years. If you must conquer Prakriti and maya, he must develop intense yearning for God. Due to this yearning, he will totally forget the world. He would not think of the world, pleasures and even hi s body. One day, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was yearning for Goddess Kali. 'Mother, I expected to have your darshan on Friday but did not. I eagerly waited for your darshan on Saturday but you did not bless me so I cannot live anymore because you did not grant your darshan even today.' He took a sword in his hand to cut off his head. Two delicate hands held his hand and stopped him. Mother Kali said 'Why are you taking such a severe action? I am here only. When I am here with you, why do you take such a step?' and disappeared. "

" When you are in the state of deep, intense yearning for God, you don't think of your body, world, pleasures, family, nothing. The yearning that cannot be attained by giving lectures for millions of years can be attained by merely glancing at the servant of the servant of the devotee of the devotee who is blessed with Divine grace. You need not reach Mother! She is Radha! What is her origin? Radha and Krishna are one and same. Krishna and Radha are not separate from each other. They are only one form. Krishna decided to exhibit the intensity of fire within them. That is why, he became Radha, he only became Krishna also. This is the secret. People believe that Radha is female, She is a man! They believe Krishna is female, he is a girl! He dresses like a girl and she moves like a boy. Their divine plays are very strange. In Brindavan, Ras is conducted daily in one or two places. Recently Ras in the higher dham .. There are three stages of Brindavans like a three storeyed building - Bhowmya, Mann and Bhava Brindavan. Mann Brindavan is visible to Yogis only . Bhava Brindavan is visible to those who reached the stage beyond yogic state. The Leelas which I explained so far belong to Bhowmya Brindavan (On earth). The devotees are unable to withstand the intensity of the lowest stage. Mann Brindavan (Mind) is very difficult to absorb. One day a sage decided to show this world what happens in Mann Brindavan. He constructed a hall costing Rs. 25 lakhs and arranged Ras in that hall for 3 hours each day. This costs Rs. 1.0 lakh a day. If they enact a leela from 10 am - 1 pm taking place in Mann Brindavan the hall doors would open only at 10 am. One Ras would be enacted in early hours of 1 a.m - 4 a.m. People would flock in crowds, shivering in the biting cold to see the Ras Leelas which are shown at 8 different times. That is why, they are known as Ashta kalika leelas. How wonderful to see a leela at a different time (every 3 hours) in that world! One Leela depicts whether it is Radhaji's intention or Krishna's intention, who needs whose Grace? "

" Krishna's intention has no value there. Mother's decision is final. She represents Supreme Court and Krishna represents sub court or additional court. This leela in higher world pertains to chitralekha. Radhaji granted her a permanent boon. "

" This Leela is not an imagination. It actually happened in that world. Generally, I don't go to see the leela but on that particular day, I felt a compulsive urge to witness this leela. Vrishabanu, Radhaji's father had a son who was elder to her. He was friendly with Krishna. One day he asked Krishna to give him a portrait or photo of his because he was unable to live without seeing Krishna. He agreed. The 4 year old Krishna went near his mother and asked for his portrait. He sulked and refused to eat unless his mother gave his portrait. 'My dear, why does anybody need your picture when they can see you personally, carry you and fondle you?' No, I want my picture. Radha's brother want to have my picture. This is the epilogue of the Leela showing who is greater - Radha or Krishna. This is a play which both planned together only to show the human beings in the world. Well, Krishna insisted on his picture and cried till his father Nanda Baba relented. He enquired who could draw his portrait and was informed that Chitra lekha could do so. She was a yogini who could draw a portrait by seeing a face only one time. But she would not look at a Man's face that was her policy. When she was told that she must draw a portrait of a Man, she refused. 'He is only a boy. I will put a bindi on his forehead. People are eagerly waiting to grab my son. Try to convince her that he is only a small boy' she agreed. "

" 'My Son. Stand still. She will look at you once and draw your portrait in her house. It will be ready by tomorrow morning. 'Well, Krishna changes his form every minute. That is the yogic power of the higher world which is not found in this world. 'You did not stand properly' she complains. When She looks at him, his stance has changed 'Why did you change your stance?' 'Why are your eyes like that? 'His form changed so fast every minute that she was unable to capture a snapshot of Krishna! What would she reproduce in her Portrait? Yasoda said 'Krishna Stand stably in one position, she came here only to draw your portrait. If she leaves, you will weep.' Then he stood in one posture and asked her to draw the picture. She captured that image in her mind and left. "

" Well Krishna asked for his portrait. Radhaji mused 'Who can draw your portrait without my permission? Nobody in all the 14 worlds can do so unless I permit them' Krishna was 4 years old and Radhaji was 3 years old. Radhaji is known as Dwadasa varsheya because she does not exceed 12 years. She always grants darshan as a girl below 12 years of age. Generally 6-9 years. That is why she is normally adorned and dressed like a small girl. "

" The yogini tried to draw the portrait but she was unable to create his picture. Naturally, she did not obtain Mother's grace. She did not seek her permission. Being a devotee of Goddess Saraswati, she prayed to her. 'Mother Saraswati, I agreed to make Krishna's Portrait. I struggled a lot but was unable to draw it. I am unable to draw his nose or eyes or eyes properly. I don't know how to draw his feet. I am unable to think properly'. 'I cannot do anything for you. Though I am Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and arts for this world, there is another force behind me. She is obstructing your work. I can't do anything. Krishna wants his portrait but she does not want it. That is why you are unable to draw and I cannot help you. 'Who is she?' 'She is Radha' 'How can I attain her grace?' Lord Shiva composed 12 verses to obtain Radha's grace. They are popular as Radha Krupakatakshamala. We also printed these verses to distribute to all devotees. Mother does allow it to happen easily. Though we scrutinized carefully, a mistake or two would be detected and we would correct them and reprint. Again we found mistakes not detected earlier. This was a continuous process. Now finally the books are ready. We will distribute them free of cost after arthi in the afternoon. "

" Chitralekha chanted these verses in the higher world. Mother came down as a small girl of six years. 'You want to draw Krishna's portrait. You can do so now. You will be able to draw without any mistakes. You asked me for one blessing - the power to draw his portrait. I will grant you that power. I will also grant you another blessing which I normally don't give human beings. Because you wish to draw Krishna's portrait, you will get a special blessing from me. Chitralekha could complete the portrait successfully in no time. Soon after that, she became drowsy and settled down to rest. She had a vision of Mother in the form of Krishna, just like him but the colour is not his dark complexion but Her golden hue. She became Krishna with Her original colour and played the flute. He struggles to take the flute back. Finally he begs Her and then only she returns the flute to him. That is how; the flute also becomes a part of the leela. "

" Mother was very pleased with Chitralekha. That is why she granted her the vision of herself in the form of 6 year old Krishna. Chitralekha was in a swoon. She saw Mother playing the flute. Then she developed the yearning for her. The character who played the role of chitralekha depicted this yearning so intensely. We all wondered whether he would live or die in that state. Weeping Mother. Mother.. She hit her head on the floor, ran here and there, we all felt as if she would jump down from the stage. This unimaginable fire of yearning is the second blessing granted to her by Mother. 'You asked for one blessing. I am pleased by your devotion. I will give you another blessing. That is my own'. She forgot that world in that fire of yearning. I don't want to live in this world anymore. I want only Mother. I will go near her. Mother blessed her saying 'I accepted you as my sakhi from today' Chitralekha was included as one of the 8 sakhis (Ashta sakhis) in all the scriptures. The sakhis cannot live without Mother even for a moment. "

" Mother is an intense fire of yearning. Without Divine Love, nobody can surpass Maya. The Vedas say ' Bhakti re vainam gamayathi bhaktire vainam darsayathi bhakti vasaha purusha' The Lord can be conquered and controlled only through devotion. He will not yield to anything else. But which Bhakti will he yield to? He will bow only to the devotion given by Radha Devi. Will he come if you chant his name? Will he come if you burn yourself in rituals? No! Will he come if you chant Vishnu sahasra namavali - thousand names of Lord Everyday? No! 'Nayamathma Pravachena labhyaha na medhaya na bahunam sruthena 'The Vedas proclaim that the Lord will not be attained by any of these means - Spiritual talks or Intellects. This is the great secret revealed by Vivekananda. Many people hide this fact but we reveal it to the devotees. 'Yamevaisha Vrinatehe Thena Labhyaha' - The Lord must accept you. Krishna in Radha's form must accept you. Unless Krishna who accepted Radha's form blesses you, you cannot attain Krishna! That is the secret. Well, Krishna desired to have his portrait but it did not happen. Even Goddess Saraswati could not help her. When Chitralekha chanted Radha krupakatakshamala and worshipped Mother, she could complete the portrait with her blessings. We also are seeking the grace of such benevolent Mother. If you desire to have her, she will sit in your lap like a four year old little child. You need not do any penance or formalities like shaving your head. You can adopt Her and look after Her. "

" We will distribute the books of Radhakrupakatakshamala to all devotees, free of cost. They are printed specially for you. The thousand names of Mother are mentioned in the Vedas. They are available in Oriya language. We obtained them and are making a cassette. The lady who gave the talk earlier sang the names of Radhaji. We wish that these Sahasranamas (thousand names) are present in every house. This will ensure peace and serenity. We will not charge you for the cassettes however we will give it free but on the condition that you will whole heartedly adopt Mother in your family. You cannot buy Her with Money. Neither Brahma nor Shiva could buy Her! If you truly want to adopt Her, she will definitely come near you. This is my humble request. Radhe Govinda! Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna! "

Thus Nanna concluded his divine lecture. He told us about the touch of Radha Bhava and how the Rasika mahatmas who attain the touch burn in the fire of divine yearning. He stressed that without this yearning, one cannot conquer the world and maya even after millions of years. Hence each one must essentially possess this intense yearning. He says that this fire of yearning will ignite by glancing at the servant of the servant of the devotee of Her devotee. Well, what penance did we do that we are blessed with the loving grace of our Nanna, who is the personification of Sri Radha's hladini sakthi. Indeed it is his grace rather than our penance that we could obtain this fortune. Radhasakhi, who is constantly worshipping Rasa in Bhava Brindavan, unattainable even to yogis came to us in the form of Nanna. Nanna is the constant companion of Radhaji who is the highest, the Supreme Court! We are fortunate to hear Radhaji's leelas from him.

He narrated the leela of Chitra sakhi in an exquisite manner. Every word created a scene before the listener's eyes. He first stressed how unattainable Krishna is. Then he explained how such a Krishna at the highest state is obedient to Radha. As he narrated this incident, he repeatedly reminded us that ' This is happening in the higher dham, not in this world '. By saying so, he clarified that he is speaking to us as he is witnessing the leela in the higher dham. He also highlighted the importance of 'Sri Radhakrupakatakshamala'. He proclaimed the divine truth that Radhaji is great fire of yearning through Chitralekha's incident. To attain Her grace, she must bless us. Neither Radhaji nor her family are for Sale!


Bhavaroopini needu premaye na nauka
Ee maya jaladhilo ne munigi pokunda
Karuninchi kapadaro Radharo
Kanikaramu choopinchava Radharo

Mother, you are the embodiment of Bhava. Please bless me and shower your grace so that I do not drown in this world of Maya by giving protection in the boat of your love



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