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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 10

Our Association With Nanna - Part 10
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Divine Glory
2Yearning for Sri Radha
3Divine Play (Leela)
4Karma Sutra (Karma Principle)
5Radha Sakhi’s Glory
6 The all pervading supreme mother
8 Attachment and Detachment
9 Divine Message

1993 Guntur Ashram:

" Once a Guru told his disciple not to think about monkeys. ' Why should I think of monkeys when my Guru cautioned me about it?' Well, the whole night he dreamt only about monkeys. This never happened before. Whenever he thought of his Guru, he remembered the monkeys only. His thoughts about monkeys intensified. In the same way if you consciously think 'Forget this world, there is nothing worthy here. It is a rotten and spoilt world. Horrible world, your thoughts about the world will only increase. Hence, there is only one way to forget the world -thinking of Radhaji. There is no other way. Mother can turn things around in a split second. The scriptures mention that Radhakrupakatakshamala is very essential to obtain Her grace. "

" Some devotees feel that though they are doing mantra, they are not seeing any result. What is so special about this Mantra? Radha nama (name) itself is Radha Mantra, there is no other mantra. It is enough if you utter Radhe Radhe... such is its greatness! It is not only a mantra but the presiding deity of this mantra is none other than Mother Radha, the sovereign, Raseswari Radha! You must first visualize and describe Her form prior to Mantra. So far, we have been doing Radha Nama, we never talked about Her form. We only spoke about Her Leelas! Unless you know who she is, what is Her form? And what are Her qualities? The mantra is of no use. I will now explain how to contemplate on Her form. Listen carefully. "

" 'Hey Bhagawathi! Parameswari! Tum Ras mandal mein virajman rehte ho! Tumhe namaskar hai! Raseswari! Karunarnave! Tum trilokajanai ho, main tumhe namaskar karta hoon! Brahma Vishnu vadi samastha devatha tumhari charana kamalon ki upasana karthe hain Devi! Jagadambe! Tum Saraswati Savithri Sankari Ganga Padmavathi aur shasti mangala chandika -in roopon se virajman rehte ho, Tumhe namaskar hain! Tulasi roope! Tumhe namaskar hain! Lakshmi swaroopini tumhe namaskar hain! Sarvaroopini tumhe namaskar hain! Sarvaroopini tumhe namaskar hain! "

" Tum moola prakrithi swaroopa evam karuna ki sagar hain! Hum tumhara upasana karthe hain! Athaha tum in sansar sagar se hamara uddhar karne ko krupa karo Devi. "

" There is no other praise of God like this anywhere else in the whole world. The significance of Mother explained in this verse is unparalleled in mantra scriptures. "

"As soon as we address here, 'Hey Bhagawathi, She appears before us. The name Bhagawathi itself has lot of importance. It is not just a name; it is the way to reach the form. "

"5000 years ago, in the history of Brindavan, Radhaji came as a 3 year old girl and personally gave Her mantra deeksha to a great man! It is very difficult for ordinary men to describe his great life. I am including about 300 pages about him in the third volume of Brindavaneswari Radha Devi. Mother showed us many things through his life. One, She granted him mantra deeksha. Why did she do so? It is her divine transcendental play! 'My son, I gave you mantra deeksha with a specific purpose. Three jeevas are constantly doing penance for me. An old Brahmin has two daughters. My beloved Vallabha, Krishna, Gopala is trapped between them, unable to extricate himself from the clutches and hence not able to contribute for the welfare of mankind. The three of them have found my Krishna (with their love). I must bring him from there. I want to accomplish this task through you. I have chosen you as my instrument. You are only an instrument. A wire is an ordinary harmless when no current flows through it. When current passes, it is no longer an ordinary wire. The live wire may even take a man's life. You are an ordinary man till now. I shall give you some powers. Go to that house after I give you mantra. My job will be done. The three devotees have adopted my Krishna and he surrendered to their love. "

"God is easily bound by devotion. 'Bhaktirevainam gamayathi. Bhatirevainam darsayathi Bhakti vasaha purusha 'The Upanishads and Vedas declare that the Lord is not so easily attainable, he surrenders only to Bhakthi. "

"'My Krishna surrendered to their unstinted and one pointed devotion. He is growing up in their house . . "

The cassette ended here. Even in the little recorded speech, Nanna confirmed that Radha Nama is Radha mantra and described Her form. Speaking about 3rd volume of Brindavaneswari Radha Devi, he referred to Sir Hitacharya's life and how Radhaji showered Rasa on him. At Sri Radha's orders, Hitacharya married both the sisters. Their family transformed into Radhaji's family.

One day, I reached Ashram at 11 a.m. Nanna glance was very distant. When I went near him he said

" She tells us not to marry & She tells him to marry two girls! "

as if he was speaking to himself. 'Nanna, why did Mother say like that?'

" We don't know. Not only the Vedas, even Lord Krishna does not know what is within Radhaji. We must neither question here leelas nor argue about them. "

28.6.2001, Brindavan Dham:

Nanna was listening to Vol.6 of Brindavaneswari Radha Devi as I read aloud.

" Why did Mother Sulk? "

'Krishna was in a state of unconsciousness. He fainted by the ecstasy of Rasa. She wanted to bring him out of that state?'

" Will she really sulk? "

'Nanna, she pretended to sulk only to divert him from that state of swooning in Rasa'

" If she sulks, will he get up? "

That is what we think. In Ashtakalika leelas, they enacted a scene where in Lalitha sakhi asks Mother 'Why did you sulk on Krishna for no fault of his?' 'Why will I sulk on Krishna?' If I don't pretend to sulk, he will remain unconsciousness and the leela cannot continue. That is why I pretended to sulk on him

" Ah! "

My heart skipped to beat. I was trying to explain the secret of Her sulking to Nanna, who is always present in Rasa dham with Radhaji, as a partner in Radha Rasa! Well! Nanna did not say anything but conveyed so much through a single exclamation!

'When she sulks, Krishna suddenly gets up, holds Her chin and pleads with Her. 'What is my mistake? Why did you sulk?'

" That is what you wish! Because you wish it, Mother will say like that. That is the sweet power present in Her. The Vedas say that the power of all Goddesses is present in Radha. The power in each and every Goddess is present in Her. We must stress on this point. This must be remembered always "

'Realising Tattwataha Radhaji .. '

" Yes, we can only realize what is told to us. Otherwise, we cannot really understand tattwataha "

'Yes Nanna, it is impossible. Even Lord Krishna himself cannot approach Radhaji unless he attains Sakhi bhava'

" No, that is not how you must put it. "

'Then what shall we write Nanna?'

" Sometimes he approaches Her with sakhi bhava. That's all. "

'Okay! Lord Krishna also attains sakhi bhava sometimes, approaches Radhaji and worships Her'

" This is how he provides Her satisfaction and happiness. Whatever he does is only for Her happiness. The sakhis do everything to please Her. "

'. Such a supreme deity who resides in the depth of Rasa, who is greater than Krishna's own life, Sri Radha came down all Her levels with utmost kindness and love to uplift human beings on Earth'

Nanna asked suddenly....

" When did she come to earth? "

'We mentioned previously that she descended 5000 years ago in Dwapara yuga. Now we are writing that it is not possible for anybody to realize Tattwataha Radha. That is why; she came down with infinite love towards us. Through Her leelas and the experiences and visions of Rasika mahatmas, we are able to know a little about Her'

Nanna remained silent.

'Nanna, Can we mention here that Mother's incarnation is endless 'Sekhar asked.

" Did you mention that point. "

'No, we can mention here.'

" Yes, Rama came with a specific purpose - to take Ravana's life. As soon as Ravana left, Rama also left. Similarly Krishna also left the chariot and walked away. These are actual facts. There is no evidence of Radhaji leaving. She simply vanished. When the King (Her father) planned to get his daughter married, she vanished and installed Her shadow (Chaya Radha) in Her place. You may mention this fact if you want "

'Okay, we shall write that point. But how can we say that she is present even today? On one side we will write that she created Her shadow to remain on earth and left for Rasa dham. On the other hand, we will write that Her incarnation is endless. It may be confusing .. '

" Is Chaya Radha a fact or not ? "

'It is a fact, no doubt. But we can probably avoid mentioning it here, in this context. We can mention it elsewhere'

" Okay "

'We modified the sentence. It reads - She came down all Her levels and descended on earth in Dwapara Yuga. Till today our Supreme, loving Mother is all pervadingly present on earth'

'She established Her power of love here'

'She is exhibiting Her leelas till today ... '

" Paritranaya Sadhunam Vinasaya chadushkrutham - The other Gods came to destroy evil and establish dharma. Soon after destroying evil, they withdrew their incarnation. Mother did not come here to destroy anybody. She wanted everybody to be present and uplifted. That is why here incarnation continues . The welfare of the human beings is still being done. "

Anjani amma told us about Mudraji's visit to our Ashram.

'A leela every moment, increasing every moment... So difficult to express!'

'Amma, we must include the leela in our book '

'Such a strange leela!?'

'How did he come to our Ashram?'

'Well, he came to Brindavan thrice and returned without visiting us. Then he enquired from somebody and came to meet Nanna during his next visit. Nanna was sleeping. We spread mats for them to sit down. They all sat before Nanna. As they had to go back to Delhi at 4 pm, I woke Nanna, saying 'He has come for your darshan. Mundraji was astonished that Nanna knew his name even before he had introduced himself.'

Anjani amma told us about the incident in Jaipur when they went to make idol of Radhaji and how she was welcomed by the Jha & family. 'Nanna's thought to make Radhaji's idol and Jha ji's transfer to Jaipur is a part of Her divine play. We don't know anything. Jha garu said that it is indeed their fortune that we able to assist in the preparation of Mother's idol. That night, I clearly heard Nanna's voice 'Divine Mother is here 'I woke up and realized that it was 3 a.m. Later, I was told that at that time, our devotees in the ashram were speaking about Mother. I heard Nanna's words in Jaipur! When he heard about this, Jha ji was stunned. In the morning we described how Mother's idol should be made. Simultaneously I requested for two more idols - One with a tail and one with a trunk. (Hanumanji and Ganeshji) as they are Her sakhis. Ganeshji is a part of Krishna. Parvathi wished to have a son with such a beautiful form like him (Krishna) That child is Ganesha. He is a devout Brahmachari who possessed the powers of Siddhi and Buddhi (Astral powers and Intellect) While Krishna is the Lord of Gods, Ganesha is the leader of all sects. Well, that same day we received a call that Labour was arriving and the work commenced. Pappu sarma garu was the instrument in initiating this divine activity. He experienced so many leelas.

Mundraji's grandfather constructed Radha Krishna Temple. He narrated the leelas of the divine duo. See, Mother chose Radha Krishna devotees only for Her work. They follow Vallabha charya culture (Amma recalled the incident when RadhaRani enters as the seventh daughter-in-law and wears bangles) they were elated when we offered them the same bhog which they offer to the Lord daily. That is Mother's doing. We cannot plan and implement anything on our own. Infact, we cannot move single step if we plan by ourself. We must put Her before us and move behind Her'

Being a Friday, there was sankeertan for three hours. After Aarthi, Nanna asked Anjani amma to sing the last song he composed.

'Krishna leelala kella neevega moolamu'

" Mother sows the seed for every leela. Krishna develops it and enacts the play. In one old scripture, it is mentioned that there is not a single leela initiated by Krishna. All are only Her leelas. He only develops Her idea. Krishna Roopam - Krishna's form is Mother's form. He does not have any form. He became formless. So she gave him Her form. This is mentioned in one of the religious scriptures. "

Nanna began to speak about the building construction activities.

" The entire building is one complete unit. The engineer will get as much cement as he requires. Many people saw the lorry loads of cement and commented that the foundation work is as enormous as laying a bridge. Our engineer clarified that the building would last for 1000 years. He gave a cheque of Rs 5.0 lakhs for an ashram in Calcutta. They came and wept near me. I neither wept, nor saw his face, I slept. That is Mother! "

" Some of the phrases in that song are not mine. They were included without my knowledge so ... "

" In the second stanza, Sri Krishna Roopama was not written by me. I did not even know that I wrote these words. Later a mahatma told me 'Actually Krishna has no form, he is only formless. He went near Mother in a sad state. Feeling that he must remain without a form, she gave him Her form. So the form he has is actually Hers. I addressed Mother as Sri Krishna's form. The fact is that I did not write these words. That is the wonder! "

'Nanna, in another song you wrote 'Krishna mohini nee Krishna roopambu Okasari choopara'

" The meaning in both the contexts is different. The Upanishad declares that she is present as Krishna. This is different. He has no form at all. She gave him Her form .. "


" Mother's sakhis told me about this Mother's real form . "

'In another song, you wrote 'Murali loluni mohana roopamu' His form is Mother's and her form is Krishna's. Both are one. Anadyoyam purusha eka evasthi . '

" His form is zero . "

'Okay, zero is a circle, a complete entity. '

" Mother placed Her hand on the cipher and gave it a form. That is what they told me. It is mentioned somewhere. "

'In which book is it mentioned, Nanna? Can we see it?'

" How can I show you right now? "

'Ah! Does he need to search? Pranks!'

'Amma, he need not search. It means Mother told him. That is the highest proof, above all books.'

" If you see the Vedas properly, you will find the same meaning. It is mentioned somewhere that she was standing at one place with the form of two armed Krishna, playing the flute. "

'Yes, Nanna ...'

" Then Krishna came there. Strangely, there is no mention of Krishna's form. He came and garlanded Her. "

" The Vedas also said Swayameva Nayikaroopam vidhaya. He became the lead actress. 'Tam Radham Rasikanandam'. Finally they mention that she is Radha. Then who is he? There is no mention about his form. The Vedas remained silent. That is the evidence. "

The little child born yesterday is speaking about philosophy today. Anjani amma lovingly remarked.

Nanna's birthday falls on Ashada suddha saptami. We are fortunate to be in his presence on this day and listen to the extra ordinary conversation between Nanna and Anjani Amma.

Nanna explained about Radha Tattwa in 6th volume of Brindavaneswari Radha Devi. He said that many divine incarnations merged back into their original form after the purpose of incarnation was accomplished. However, the infinite Radhaji's incarnation will continue till the last human being on earth is uplifted. Nanna propagated this truth to the world. Mundra ji's visit to our Ashram, temple construction, Sri ji's idol preparation in Jaipur - all this is a clear indication of Sri Radha leela.

Saying that Krishna has no form and Radhaji gave him Her form, Nanna added 'this was told to me by Her Sakhis.' He also showed us evidence from Sama Vedas. Though Anjani Amma knows everything, she brought out all the answers from Nanna for our sake. That is why she lovingly said 'The little child born yesterday is speaking about philosophy today? This is all a Divine play. If we are able to visualize, it is indeed our greatest fortune!


Bhuvana mohanamaina nee prema thejame
Krishna roopamu dalchi venuganambaye
Krishna roopamu Neeve Krishna mohini Neeve
Venu Madhuri Neeve Pranaya thejamu Neeve

Effulgence of your love, which is the most elegant on earth took Krishna's form and became a song on the flute. You are Krishna's form. You are Krishna's mohini, you are the melody of his flute; you are the radiance of Divine Love.



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