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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 10

Our Association With Nanna - Part 10
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Divine Glory
2Yearning for Sri Radha
3Divine Play (Leela)
4Karma Sutra (Karma Principle)
5Radha Sakhi’s Glory
6 The all pervading supreme mother
8 Attachment and Detachment
9 Divine Message


Talking about human being's downfall from his one time elevated state, Nanna narrated the story of Jada Bharata. He was a king in one birth but even lifted the palanquin of the king in his subsequent birth. Nanna said 'That is downfall'.

" What is our duty? You have family-husband, children and parents-in-law. Must you leave them behind? What kind of relationship must you maintain with them? That is important. There are two aspects - God above and the world below. We must clearly understand how to love and serve God and the World. "

" You must serve the world with passiveness. Neither Love nor hate, both are dangerous. Even if you hate somebody/something, it amounts to attachment. Remain passive. Lord Krishna remained passive throughout his life. After he narrated the Bhagawad Gita, Arjuna asked 'My Lord' I listened to the whole of Gita and understood the tattwa. Now tell me in one word, whether I must fight the war or not. I don't understand the implications of Tattwa. I will simply follow whatever you tell me. What shall I do now ?'Lord Krishna remained passive. 'Yatecchasi Tatha Kuru' He replied 'Do whatever you wish, I will not tell you to fight or not' Krishna showed this passive bhava throughout. Though he is accused of being partial towards Pandavas, that is not true. He was not attached towards anyone. "

" We must not enter into the web of yearning for worldly objects. Remain passive and aloof. Don't go deep into relationships, even parents or children. How is this possible? Well! The scripture give the example of a great yogini, Madalasa. Malyala swami printed a book on her life 70-80 years back. He suggested that not only should I understand it myself but I must also propagate the same. She is known for her passive nature. She taught tattwa to all her children and enlightened them through her divine power. 'My son, don't stay in this world. Go to the Himalayas and do penance. Remain passive towards the world.' In this way, She taught her three sons yoga and sent them to Himalayas. When She was about to send her fourth son, the king stopped her saying that atleast the last son must rule the kingdom after him. Madalasa left the son and the kingdom. "

" All scriptures preach you to be passive towards the world because no object really belongs to you including the body which you must relinquish some day. Therefore, don't develop too much fondness for anything. If you become attached to something, you are bound to fall. Well, you must view the world with passiveness.How must you see God? 'God is mine. He is my closest associate.' Mirabai sang 'Giridhar Gopala is mine. I don't want anybody in the world except him. I have no attachment towards anyone else. I want only him' you must call God with such one pointed sight and intense affection. "

" This is what Dhyana Yoga teaches us. Arjuna asked Krishna 'I want to see God directly. I don't want anything else on the earth. Even if I see any object, I will not develop any attachment towards it. I will remain passive even towards my son. What should I do? How can I see God? What should I feel? I reached a state of Yoga. The time has come to utilize my knowledge. I reached the highest state. I am only lacking in divine knowledge. I must become a divine yogi. Please teach me such yoga. 'I will follow whatever you teach'. Krishna preached Dhyana yoga to Arjuna. "

Nanna stopped for the day. He gave the example of Madalasa and preached passiveness towards the world and yearning for oneness with God. In a state of yoga himself, he called upon us to accept his teaching of Maha yoga!


" Before his downfall, Jeeva's vision in the world of souls was very vast. Today, he cannot tell what his behind him and what happens tomorrow. The Jeeva has fallen and became downtrodden. In the Gita, Krishna said 'Mamaivamso jeevaloke jeevabhootasanatanaha' - All jeevas are parts of me. Being a part of God is not a small matter. He would possess extraordinary powers. Today, he lost all those powers and became an ordinary man. To regain his original state, he must realize his mistakes and conduct his life without committing those mistakes. Till then, Dhyana yoga will not continue smoothly. The first mistake committed by man is to think that he is this body. In reality, Jeeva is not this body or senses. He did not have any name or form initially. "

" Bharadwaja reminds us of this past glory. Before going into the forest, Rama and Sita spent a day in sage Bharadwaja's ashram. Bharata also reached there with 50000 people, horses and elephants. He spoke to sage's disciples. 'Is my brother Rama here?' 'Yes' 'I came to take the permission of sage Bharadwaja and request Rama to return back to Ayodhya which is like a cremation ground without him. 50000 people are weeping for him. They all accompanied me to request Rama to return home' The disciple said ' Our Guru knows that you arrived. He gave us instructions accordingly. He will meet you at 4.00 a.m. Your dinner will be ready in half an hour. Your entire group may have dinner and take rest'. 'We are not 2 or 3 persons like my brother. We are 50000 people as well as horses and elephants. The sage invited us for dinner. I do not see even one cook or utensils.' 'About whom are you speaking like this?' It is surprising that you are Rama's brother because you don't seem to be aware of the powers that sages possess. You are really ignorant.' At 8 p.m., all 50000 people were served a full fledged meal with many kinds of sweets. How astonishing. Hands appeared from nowhere to serve them. Nobody knows from where the raw materials came, who cooked the food and who served them. Such is the power of great sages ! "

" India is a country with such powers. Unfortunately it fell into the hands of enemies. It was ruled by muslims for 1000 years and british for 400 years. The Indians lost their freedom. They got food only if they had some work. Sage Bharadwaja know about this state of man. That is why, the Ramayana pointed out the weakness in man. Every human being must understand his original state from where he descended to the present state and the reasons for this downfall. He must set right the weaknesses and deficiencies which caused this downfall and move back to his original state on the same path. Jeeva was as powerful as a Maharishi at one time. "

" King Pareekshit threw a snake in the neck of a sage and insulted him. The 12 years old son of the sage cursed the king ' Are you a king ?' The king's duty is to protect the sages. My father was doing penance on his own, in silence. He did not interfere in your matters. Then why did you insult him? 'You will die within a week due to snake bite'. Nobody could stop his death. Pareekshit is not an ordinary body. He was very powerful. What happened to his powers? He lost them. We must not think how that 12 year old boy got so much power. Today, man lost all his powers. People are dying at a young age, some are living in poverty and hunger, woman lost their self respect . All Jeevas must ascend back to the original state gradually. "

" I moved with Annie Besant when I was associated with theosophical society. Jiddu Krishnamurthy, Yadunandan, myself and few others would sit under a tree and discuss with her. She would reply to our queries. One day, I asked her 'Why did India which was so powerful at one time decline to the present condition? Why doesn't man have any powers? Why did he face such an adverse state in this kaliyuga? What is our mistake?' My Guru is Madam Blavatski. She told me some facts, when she granted me her divine vision. Our Vedas are very important. The Westerners lack the power of Vedas. They have religious books written by human beings. Our scriptures are written by saints and those who are blessed with divine knowledge. They reproduced what is conveyed to them by the divine voice. It tells people how to conduct their life in the right way. Our life is on the declining trend. Truth and Righteousness (Satya and dharma) are lost. The day Dharma was lost, man lost his powers. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita. Dharma protects him who follows Dharma. The scriptures never said that God would protect man; it is dharma that protects man. Dharmovai Vishunh - Dharma is lord Vishnu. Today that dharma has depleted. "

" In a village 10 miles away, the idols of Rama and Sita which are being worshipped since 500 years were stolen by somebody. Many villagers wept and did not eat for many days. Some people want to end their lives if Rama would not return back to their village. Such a great crime causing so much agony to those who believed in God. Well, the idols were traced finally. Surprisingly, one of thieves was an advocate who was wealthy and even owned a car! That is the declined state of man. Where is dharma? They planned to share the money by selling the idols. In earlier days, nobody was worried that they did not have money because it came to them effortlessly. Sankaracharya went to a house for food. The lady was very poor. ' Oh great man, you came to my house for food. That is my fortune. But I cannot offer you anything. A gooseberry fell down from the tree in my backyard. That is only my wealth' She reverently put that goose berry into his bowl weeping that she did not have anything else except this gooseberry to offer him. Sankaracharya was clad in saffron robes; he had no money on his own. He prayed to Goddess Lakshmi and obtained her grace. Suddenly, there was a shower of golden goose berries in that house. That area is popular even today. "

" That is the tremendous power which the Rishis possessed. They never worried about money because they were confident that it would come to them. We lost those powers today. We also lost faith in God. So we must go back to our original state. The rishis told us that what we must do, how to do penance & how to worship God to regain that original state. We must conduct our life according to their teachings. The rishis worshipped God as the all pervading deity. For them, God is all pervading. 'Bahunam janmanamathe gyanavan mam prapadyathe vasudeva saravamithi sa mahatma sudurlabha!' The Gita is so eloquent! Such a great sentence! Only he is a Mahatama who sees God everywhere. We limit the existence of God by worshipping him only as an idol, by considering him as that limited size. God's size is infinite! The all pervading God cannot be confined to a limited place. When we worship the all pervading God, our mind will also expand. Right now, our mind is very restricted. This Rishi's mind is wide open; we also must achieve that state. "

" A Brahmin engaged some person to plough his fields and take half the crops towards their labour. One day, they found some wealth buried in the field. They went to the poor Brahmin's house and handed over the wealth to him saying that they found it in his fields, hence it belongs to them. The Brahmin refused to take the money saying that it was agreed that they would plough the field and give him half of the crop yield. Anything in the field would logically belong to them. They were lucky, so they found the money. Neither the Brahmin nor the farmers were willing to take the money because they felt that it rightly belongs to the other. Finally, they left the money at the end of the lane. How strange! Today we lost the truth and justice that they followed. We are plagued with so many desires which the rishis did not have. They had total faith in God. We must think that God is benevolent. God is all pervading. God is here, there and everywhere, such a God is my wealth. Then we shall never be poor! "

" When I still had two more years of government service, Mother came near me in the form of a little girl and asked 'When will you come into my service?' 'Ah, my Mother came near me to call me. I will come to you immediately'. I put my pen down and decided to quit my job. I would beg to live but not continue that job. I was in a miserable state of poverty; I had no money in my bank account. Yet because the all pervading Mother came near me, I bowed to Her. From that state of poverty where I had no money to pay house rent since two months, Mother has brought me to this present state. I never begged anybody during this period. She provided the money so that I need not ask anybody for anything. I decided to celebrate Her functions for five days every year on a grand scale. She provided lakhs of rupees for the celebrations. I made a vow that I would not ask anybody for money. My all pervading Mother will provide me everything. Otherwise, I will live only with Rs.10, but I will never ask somebody. She arranged lakhs of rupees for Her birthday function for two consecutive years. Strange Indeed! "

" The all pervading Mother and the power of righteousness of those days continues even today however Man lost the faith and devotion which he had at that time. That is our greatest weakness. I want to gradually retreat on that path. We descended; we must go back to our original state. What should we do? What qualities should we develop? How should we gain devotion and confidence in God? Lord Krishna told about Dhyana yoga in Bhagawad Gita. He mentioned clearly how the young people, elderly people and old people should worship God. 'Yagyanam japa yagyosmi' this is for the beginners. They are given mantra and asked to do japa-chant the mantra. For the next higher state, he did not mention about japa. 'Ananyaschintha yanto mam ye janah paryupasathe, thesham nityabhi yuktam yogakshemam vahamyaham' - "Worship me with one pointed devotion" I will look after your welfare from time to time. This is meant for older people. Those Jeevas who reached this highest state remain in penance for 10-12 hours a day. When they attained the Lord, what they must do to attain him, he said 'Dhyana Yoga'. That is what we will practice. "

" Dhyana Yoga! There is no other yoga equal to this, certainly not higher than this. Such is the significance of Dhyana yoga. Sage Narada practiced this yoga. Mother gave me that Dhyana yoga. 'Bahunam janmanamanthe gyanavan mam prapadyathe vasudeva sarvamithi sa mahatma sudurlabha' "

" That is our Dhyana yoga! We forgot the all pervading God. When you again regard God with his all pervading nature, you will regain your original state gradually. When Prahlada was in his Mother's womb, Narada taught the all pervading tattwa of God. Though, his father Hiranyakasapa harmed him in so many ways, it had no effect on Prahlada. Actually, Prahlada was defining God! He proved to his father that God is all pervading; God is present everywhere. 'My Lord is not small that he is present here or there only. He is present everywhere.' The truth is that God is present here right now, listening to our talk. He is watching all of you. Why should you limit him to one place. Narada gave this knowledge to Prahlada. Wherever you go office or home, remain in the bhava that 'My God is with me. I should not lie in his presence under any circumstances. He is near me only' This is the secret of Dhyana yoga. "

" The God who has filled all the worlds with nameless and formless consciousness is present here also. I am speaking in the presence of Mother. Then can he not look after me? He certainly can! Mother showed a leela while I was writing Her book in this very room. I believe that Her work must not be postponed even for a minute. Where is Mother and what does she do? She inspired and unknown person to come near me and convert this room into AC, so that I can continue Her work comfortably. The all pervading Mother is watching me here all the time. When I felt that we must have a mike, she arranged one without me spending any money. We will get everything if we have faith in Her. The people of that age did not know what injustice and wrong deeds are! Today, values have changed. People steal God's idols from the temple. The educated people fell to such a degraded state. If we want to go back to the earlier time, we must realize that all pervading nature of God. He is not limited to a box or a bottle. I am always in the bhava that Mother is with me wherever I go. You also must live with the same bhava . Nobody will believe but this is the truth. "

" When I was transferred to a small place (S.Kota) as deputy inspector, I had no place to stay. It was a small village with limited houses and none available on rent. I would have to live under a tree ! I located one house which was locked. I requested to vacate the house and give it to me on rent. I was informed that the house remained locked because there was a snake pit inside and a snake was living there. At my request, the lock was opened and I shifted into that house along with 14 people including kids. Mother told me that 'Your all pervading God is very powerful and very kind. Don't ask anybody for anything. He will take care of everything. He knows when and what to give.' I used to offer coffee to the snake in the morning and evening. Probably it was starving since three months. How could I drink coffee along while the snake is starving nearby? So, I put a cup of coffee near the pit. I was only thinking about Mother. Strangely, the snake lifted its head, drank the coffee and went back into the pit. I gained confidence. Why should I be so far, My Mother is here and there also. Let me hold the bowl in my hand. If the snake bites me, I shall die. The next day, I held the bowl of coffee in my hand. It drank the coffee and silently left without harming me. When you worship the all pervading God, there is no creature in the world which can harm you. I am seeing Mother in every object, God is everywhere. "

" Our Ashram is located on the banks of Yamuna River in Brindavan. Every year about 15-20 huge snakes flow downwards during storm and enter our Ashram. I gave instruction that nobody should kill the snake. Though the form of a snake is daunting, Mother is present in that Jeeva . "

Nanna speaks about one topic from various angles. Earlier, he told about Snake incident in S.Kota and emphasized on superimposition of Radha bhava. When Nanna who is always immersed in Radha bhava saw the snake, Radhabhava superimposed on it and he hugged it crying out 'Mother'. That bhava touched the snake and it gave up its venomous nature. In the present lecture, Nanna is explaining the all pervading nature of God. Hence he is highlighting the bhava that the all pervading Sri Radha is present in the Snake also. Whether it is Prahlada's story, his room being converted into an AC room, the snake in S.Kota- he always made the fact of Mother's all pervading nature deeply rooted in the heart of the listener. If the bhava of Her all pervading nature must be sustained, Man must regain his original elevated state. He must re-establish dharma and the powers of dharma. Nanna came down to earth only for uplifting human beings. All his lectures finally pointed towards Radha Dhyana Yoga, Her all pervading nature and superimposition of Radha Bhava. Nanna's love towards human beings is seen in each and every world.

" Some cruel people killed that snake. I did not eat anything that day. I saw Mother in the snake while somebody else saw a demon and killed it. The fourth day after the snake died, a girl came in my dream and gave a boon that we have no danger from snakes. This incident took place in 1947. In the last 53 years, even a single snake did not touch me. So, the truth of that day is present this day also. The all pervading God of that time is present now also. Only the mind of Jeeva is no longer present today. We must regain that state of mind. This is my only prayer! We must go back in the same path by which we reached this state. I do not practice japa, I don't chant any names. I remain in the bhava that my Mother is with me. Before sitting in the chair, think 'Mother, you are with me, here, now.' That's enough! Mother is here! 'Yadbhavo tad bhavathi' if you truly believe that Mother is present, she is certainly present. I realized this fact myself. In this world, as you move on the path of truth, Maya obstructs you in many ways. I explained about maya tattwa. If you move on in the path of truth, maya cannot do anything even it comes our way. Many people start many jobs but face some obstacles in their way. That is due to maya. But if you do something wholeheartedly, maya will not hinder us. "

" Dhyana is not japa; Dhyana is our life! "

" I am teaching you how to live.This is very important. You cannot attain God even if you preach spirituality for thousands of ages. Swami Vivekananda developed further on this Vedic sentence. He wrote letter in his final days that God cannot be attained by doing Japa and Tapa just as you pay money and buy vegetables. ... We must not lose our path ! "

" God is all pervading. So isn't the great God present here? Yes, he is! So there is no need to ask him anything; he will give you everything. I have that faith and confidence. One day, when my grand father was having dinner, a person came near him with a paper and started weeping. 'Why are you crying?' 'You wrote a note that you owe me Rs. 4000. The validity of that note is over. I did not realize it before.' ' The time limit is only for that paper, not for my words' He left his dinner half way, washed his hands, wrote a fresh note, handed the signed note to that man and then only resumed his dinner. This is what truth means! We must not drift away from Dharma, righteousness - 'Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitha'. Only Dharma can protect you. This is the essence of all religious scriptures. Krishna proved this by a leela which I always recall. During the Mahabharata war, Karna was repairing his chariot wheel. Krishna told Arjuna 'Karna is helpless now. Shoot him with your arrow' It is a fact that Pandavas cannot win the war as long as Karna is alive. Well, the powerful arrows of Arjuna transformed into flower garlands as they reached karna and adorned his neck. Krishna went himself near karna and prayed to the Goddess of dharma but she did not agree (for karna to be killed in this way). Krishna did this deliberately to show Arjuna how karna was being protected by Dharma. "

" There is only one divine principle for demi-gods and human beings. - protect Dharma. This is our prime duty. There is no doubt that God is everywhere. We were returning to Brindavan by train after one summer. We also took Mother's portrait with us, a beautiful and well adorned one! We had 43 items of luggage. We travelled 7 miles from Mathura by car and reached Brindavan Ashram. After sometime, I asked for Mother's portrait to offer milk. Then we realized that it was forgotten in Mathura station. Mathura is famous for hindu-muslim riots. People snatch away money forcefully from others. Mother's portrait is decorated so beautifully. Somebody might have stolen it by now! Immediately two persons rushed to Mathura station. Oh! Mother's portrait was exactly where they left it. They returned weeping along with her portrait. Doesn't the portrait have life? Yes, it has. The portrait does have life and consciousness. 'Ye yatha mam prapadyanthe tham sthavaiva bhajamyaham' Mother shows the same love towards us which we show towards her. How could the portrait remain intact in such a notorious place as Mathura? It will happen only if we believe that it will happen.We must go back on the path by which we reached here. Maya Devi is also moving with us, creating obstacles in our way. We will face many obstacles even in Dhyana yoga. But understand one point carefully. This body is our biggest obstacle. We forgot that we are actually the soul. We are thinking that this body is 'I'. We feel what we are really not is what we are! We forgot what we really are! Firstly, we must realize who we are. 'I am the soul, not this body.' Every Jeeva must accept this fact strongly and live accordingly. Even with this physical earthly body, when man abides by Dharma, then he is always accompanied by the all pervading divine conscious God and also by Dharma. Goddess of Dharma is very powerful. She will nullify the effect of Maya. That is why, we must retrace our path. I have faith in the all pervading God and all pervading Goddess of Dharma. I will hold both of them firmly. This is the main important point. "

" It is enough if you remain in Mother's thoughts constantly. Japa, Tapa is associated with name and form; that is nature! Prakriti and maya have name and form whereas God is nameless and formless. Hence this nature associated with name and form is not God's world. We are doing Dhyana daily - God is all pervading; he is the nameless and formless supreme consciousness. This is the first and foremost principle of Dhyana yoga. We are not worshipping God. If you truly worship him, he must become all pervading. We lack that thought. Therefore, the highest mantra is the 'The supreme God, who is present everywhere, who is all pervading, is always with me only.' There is no mantra greater than this! The all pervading God is near me! "

" Srilanka was ruled by Ravana. The people of that country have hatred towards Rama and Sita till this day. They burn the edifices of the Lord. I became upset when I read about this in the news paper. I took a Vow and prayed to Mother for five days. 'Mother, You must re-establish Dharma in Lanka and be installed in a temple.' Well! A temple was constructed and her idol installation ceremony was celebrated with joy and splendor. There is nothing which is impossible if you have complete faith in the all pervading God. The Impossible becomes possible. Nobody ever imagined that such a change would happen in Srilanka. "

" The first principle in Dhyana yoga is to worship the all pervading God. Now, I will tell you about an important aspect. Each and every thought originated in you forms an impression on your mind. We have passed through the cycle of birth and death innumerable times. So, thousands of impressions have been formed on the mind over all the births. That is why; our mind lost its powers and is unable to see God. When the mind is pure, divine love is born. The power obtained from this divine love is divine power. Today, there is no divine love, hence divine power vanished and divine wisdom does not exist. In order to re-establish divine live, divine power and divine wisdom, visualize only the all divine, all pervading God ...As I continue this lecture, many facts will be revealed. I don't want to that right now .. Mother's instruction. "

" I am the manifestation of Mother. I am that form in which you can see Mother ... "

" Whenever you do some work with Mother's name, Maya will not obstruct you. Let me explain the effect of Maya. Saubhari Maharishi did great penance and was endowed with great spiritual power. But he was too enveloped by maya. It created a disturbance in his mind and he fell. Maya is present alongside us also, why? You must strongly believe in your heart that the all pervading God, the merciful God is always with you; he will not allow you to do unrighteous acts. There are innumerable incidents which prove that Dharma will always be with us. Mother is present here with us always. I am determined to celebrate Mother's birthday function as long as the Sun and Moon exist. My only confidence is that Mother is with me. You must contemplate on such a Mother daily, in the morning and evening. We will lose all our powers due to impressions on the mind. They must be wiped off. This is possible only by silence. 'Satyam Tapas Mounam Tapas' The Vedas said Truth is penance; Silence is penance. From this very moment, you must retreat into silence. Be passive towards the world and develop intense devotion towards God. This is what Mother preached us. You must have the firm faith that my Mother is with me. Don't develop hatred towards anybody. Mother is everywhere. Take her along with you wherever you go. Move with the bhava that Mother is with you. You came to the world alone but will go along with Mother. Though you cannot see her, She is always with you. I wish you that you live with such faith. Otherwise, maya will cheat you in many ways. You will be unaware that maya is taking you away from God. Your confidence in Mother is your protection from maya-My Mother is all pervading, supremely powerful and merciful. You cannot see maya, hence you cannot counter it. We must face the invisible maya with our invisible Mother's powers. Then maya cannot touch us. "

" The life of those who believe and follow Mother and her principles in mind, word and action will move according to her rules. This life is full of yogamaya. The life of those who do not believe in and follow Mother's principles will move according to the rules of karma and remain restricted to them. This is a life of great maya. You must make your life full of yogamaya. "

" Many ladies do Dhyana here for 10-12 hours daily. 3 hours back, I received a call from a devotee in Vijayawada that an engineer wrote 'Nanna, I am weeping involuntarily. My body is filled with Mother.' As man moves nearer to God, he will feel like weeping. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was weeping as he jumped into the river. He was not even aware of what he was doing. I am also like that. Weeping is not a negative aspect. Whenever we think of Mother, Her hladini power draws us towards her. When Mother goes near any tree in Brindavan, the trees shed tears. The trees weep due to her bhava and her touch. That is sweet weeping! Everybody who do Dhyana on the all pervading supreme sovereign Mother must reach that state. "

" Do not associate with anything in the world except Mother. "



Jaya Radha Jaya Krishna mohini Sarveswari Radha
Jaya Brindavana Rani Jaya Jaya Radhe Jaya Radhe!
Nimishambaina ninu maruvani premanosangumu Devi
Anni roopamulu Ninne ganchuchu Ninne cheredanamma!

Supreme Radha of Brindavan! Grant me the love by which I do not forget you even for a moment. I shall see only you in every form and reach you.



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