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Rasa Nidhi
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Mathaji's Message
Rasa Nidhi

Mathaji's Message

Many Great Souls of Vrindavan, experiencing the transcendental love of Sri Radhakrishna have extolled the Grace of Sri Radhaji in their Divine Literature. Due to our great fortune many of us have been acquainted with an extra ordinary Mahatma who has been acclaimed by the saints of Vrindavan as an inner confidential sakhi of Radhaji. He is Sri Radhika Prasadji Maharaj. He is the embodiment of Grace of Sri Radhaji. He has blessed us with the great path of Rasopasana or worship of Radhaji. Sri Maharaj recently left for the Abode of Sri Radhaji(Sri Nikunja Dham ). Maharaj during his earthly journey always used to be replete with great power of Divine Love. He has concealed his extra-ordinary powers to a great extent and moved as one with ordinary beings. Now after reaching Sri Nikunja Dham He is showering his love and affections even upon those devotees who haven't physically seen Him. He told us before leaving for Sri Nikunja " I will look after each one of you even though I stay at the Abode of Divine Mother". Gurudev is not only taking care of each one of us but also those who entered into the devotion of Radhaji after his leaving the earthly plane and their lives are filled with Divine Happiness. Many such instances have come to my notice and I have saluted the incomparable Love of Gurudev.

To behold a Sakhi of Radhaji, to listen to Her extra-ordinary presentation of Divine philosophy and to experience Her prema madhurya- these are very rare happenings on this Earthly Plane. Once in thousands of years the earth gets such rare Divine Opportunity. And that Sakhi's Love upon the helpless and feeble beings is unfathomable. Like Radhaji she too is anxiously waits to confer Her Grace upon the Devotee. She is BHAKTHANUGRAHA KATHARA.

Sakhi's manifestation lasts upon the Earth as long as that of Sri Radhaji. That is to say both are endless Divine Continuities. Sakhi swaroop Maharaj and Sri Radha are not two they are one and the same. Sri Nikunjeswari Sri Radhaji's manifestation is Sakhi. She expands the love of Radhaji. To indicate His endless love upon the beings of earth he said "My power of Meditation at Guntur and Brindavan Ashrams will remain unaffected for hundreds of years to come".

We hope the earnest readers of this Website, would follow the extra-ordinary Divine Path of Sri Radhika Prasadji Maharaj and elevate themselves to higher planes of Consciousness.


Radhamahalaxmi Devi


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