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Raso Vaisaha

Raso Vaisaha



Raso Vaisaha

He Is Rasa


-Taittariya Upnishad 


This Upanishad pronounced the supremacy of RASA. The VEDAS while expressing inability to explain the Supreme Nature of the Lord uttered the words NA ITHI...NA ITHI- Not this .. Not this. 

Another Upanishadic proclamation as sacred and as authoritative as 'Raso Vaisaha' is 'Krishnena Aradhyatha ithi Radha' BECAUSE KRISHNA WORSHIPS HER SHE IS KNOWN AS RADHA.  She is the repository of RASA( Supreme ecstatic features).  She is the Ahladini Shakthi (invincible power that creates Divine Ecstacy ) She  originates, enriches and controls the 'Divine Play' of Sri Krishna.  Krishna's Leela (play) is Radha. Krishna's Prem (Love) is Radha.



Manushyanam sahasreshu kaschidyatathi Sidhaye
yathathamapi sidhanam kaschimam vethi Tathvataha

Even among realised souls, the Lord said, only a few fortunates can understand me 'Thatvataha'-(His inner philosophy and Form).


-Taittariya Upnishad Bhagavath Gita


The Lord's origin and His " Tathvataha" swaroop is Sri Radha- The ocean of Divine Love. The Sacred Book Sama Veda Rahasya also leads us to this Truth.


Anadyoyam purusha eka evasthi
thad ekam roopam dwidha vidhaya
sarvan rasan sama harathi
swayameva nayika roopam vidhaya
samaradhana tathparobhooth
thasmath tham radham rasikanandam vedavido vadanthi

The Parama Purusha (the Foremost Divine)with a view to manifest all His latent ecstatic features (the Rasas )in His transcendental Play Him self became Goddess Sri Radha. To immerse in the worship of His own beautiful form he also assumed the form of God. He is Sri Krishna. Also declared the Vedic Scholors in this hymn that Sri Radha bestows Divine Bliss upon the devotees of Rasa.


-Bhagavath Gita 


The Rasaswaroop descended to the Earth as Radha and Krishna in Vraj and manifested their Divine Play about 5000 years ago. Sri Radha Krisna are not two but they are one and the same. In the Highest Transcendental Plane ( Rasa Dham) Sri Radha bestows Divine Bliss to Krishna and through Sri Krishna all the universes derive Happiness. The Supreme Lord promised 'vrindavana parithyajya padamekam na gachathi '- I will not move even a single step leaving Vrindavan. The sanctity of Vrindavan the nucleus of Vraj - the Rasa Bhoomi, is inexplicable.

Brahmadeva in Radhikopanishd said with humbleness - Even if I extol the pre eminence and prowess of Radhaji throughout my longevity, it will never be complete. Brahmaji's longevity is 311040000 millions of earthly years. Radhaji's power is infinite. Her compassion on the hapless is infinite. Her play is ever new and ever charming.

Revealing the indomitable Rasa Shakthi of Sri Radhaji 'Devi Bhagawatha' declared: "Radhnothi sakalan kaman thasmath radhethi keerthitha".

She fulfils what is insurmountable to great Gods and Goddesses with ease. The heart of Srimad Bhagawatha- ' Rasapanchadyayi', reveals the omnipotence of Divya Yoga swaroopini Sri Radha in the following Leela.

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