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Rasa Nidhi
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Madan Mohan Mohini Leela

Madan Mohan Mohini Leela

Manmadha (the God of Prakrithic beauty or the cupid )having humbled great Gods like Brahmaji, Mahadeva and Maharshi Soubhari intended to convert Krishna into an an addict to worldly pleasures so as to conquer the universe. Having this intention in mind the Cupid visited Krishna. Krishna amused at the intention and said smilingly, " Manmadha I am shortly going to conduct the Maharas ( Great Transcendental Play ). At that time you can find hundreds of young and innocent Gopis (cowherd girls) dancing in the Maha Ras Mandal. If you are able to generate the feeling of desire(kama) even in one single Gopi I will accept my defeat and surrender to you. "Isn't this an excellent opportunity for you".

Manmadha felt very happy and gladly accepted the invitation of Sri Krishna to Maharas. He thought ' I have defeated renowned Gods like Brahma, Mahadev and many other Rishis with ease and comfort. Can't I find a single vulnerable Gopi?. Certainly, I will defeat Krishna'. Brimming with confidence he left the place of Krishna.

Moments later Krishna dwelled in deep after thought. 'Did I commit a mistake. Among hundreds of Gopis can't there be one single docile and fallible Gopika. No, it is very uncertain. Manmadha's power is not an ordinary one. If anything goes wrong I shall have to become a servant to Manmadha. At this moment who else can save my honour except Sri Radha" contemplating this way Krishna meditated Sri Radhaji. Next moment Sriji appeared before Him.

"Sri Radhe, at this moment of disturbance no one except you can protect me. Your Ahladini Shakthi will transform even an addict to earthly pleasures into a Jithendria( one who overcame senses )and Kamarahitha".

"Why should you at all worry for a small thing Kanhaiya, I will protect you from everything untoward" comforted Radhaji smilingly".

The MAHARAS was commenced. To fulfil his vow Manmadha employed all his five flowery arrows. At that very moment Sriji radiated the Hladini Shakthi all around. Manmadha failed to disturb the mind of even a single Gopi. The Cows, Cowherd boys and girls ( Go Gopa Gopikas ) all experienced a new wave of unprecedented Divine Ecstacy that day. On the one hand Radhaji neutralized the earthly or prakrithic kama shakthi of Manmadha and upwelled new currents of Divine Bliss on the other. This was the Divine ecstasy that arisen from taming and neutralizing the outward Kama shakthi which entangles the Being to Prakrithi( Nature ). This was BHAVAJA MOHA BANDHANA SUKHAM. At last Manmadha lost his entire kamasakthi and the Lord's Divya Swaroop (transcendental form) attracted him. His body and mind filled with Divine Bhav and himself became a Gopika and prostrated before the Lord.

This is an amazing leela of Sri Radhaji. Since then Krishna is praised by his devotees as Madan Mohan. And Sri Krishna lovingly addressed Sri Radhaji as Madan Mohan Mohini. Thus the entire universe realised the invincibility of Hladini Shakthi. Even today many Rishis recite Radha Kripa Katakshamala Sthotram (verses praising the Divine form of Radhaji) to overcome desirliness.

Only Krishna knows the mysterious and extra-ordinary powers of Radhaji.

Sri Radha leads the RAS initiated by Krishna to its consummation by bestowing RASA. While elevating the devotee Lord Sri Krishna at an indefinable blessed moment takes him to Sri Radhaji. With the grace of RADHAJI and Her SAKHI the fortunate devotee attains the Rasa Bhav or Sakhi Bhav and enters into the Eternal Play or Nitya Ras. SRI RADHA IS THE SOLE CONFERRER OF "RASA" to the devotee and to the Lord himself. She is RASAPRADAYINI.

The Bhav(inner devotional feeling) of devotees such as Santha, Dasya, Sakhya, Vatsalya and Mathurya(Gopi Bhav) which are enunciated by the Bhagawatha are in fact not attached to the worship of RASA. In these Bhavas the goal of the devotee is the Lord. Unless the Supreme Grace takes the devotee to Sri Radha, the devotee cannot have the touch of RASA. Though Himself is Rasa swaroopa, the Lord is not the GIVER OR BESTOWER of RASA. Only Sri Radha who is the PARAMA PURUSHA BHAVA, who is the embodiment of all the RASAS of the Foremost Divine is the BESTOWER of RASA.

The Lord shows the way to the devotee to RASA Bhav or Sakhi Bhav by His personal example. The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna is the first and foremost devotee of RASA. He is nourished and enriched by RASANIDHI Sri Radha.

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