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Rasa Nidhi
1'Raso Vaisaha'
2Madan Mohan Mohini Leela
3Role of Sakhi
Mathaji's Message
Role of Sakhi

Role of Sakhi

The Maharas is the call of the Lord to the Jeevas of the prakrithic and aprakrithic universes to be alert so that they may experience the ecstasy bestowed by Him.

The jeevas and Lord are eternally engaged in RAS. All the beings in the prakrithic and aprakrithic realms are involved. The prakrithi is the seat of His nimitta leela or passive play (Srimad Bhagawatha). In the aprakrithic realms His Leela is impassive. But the neither passive leela or impassive reaches their consummation unless the jeeva or soul experiences the presence of Rasa. At an indefinable blessed moment enters the worship of RASESWARI RADHAJI in the life of aprakrithic or prakrithic soul as a result of Grace of Sakhi or of the Lord. Sakhi the embodiment of Rasa installs the devotion of Raseswari in the mind of jeeva or soul. This moment beckons the pinnacle of the RAS between the Divine and the Jeeva.

The prakrithic fortunate jeeva develops attachment to the manifestation of Rasa Dham i.e. Sri Vrindavan. The transcendental Ras Dham casts its shadow on the earthly Vrindavan. Sakhi the The Transcendenta Yogic manifestation and the embodimento of grace of Sriji blesses even the earthly fortunate jeeva who came into contact with the Name, Dham or Leela of Sri Radha. The good fortune of that jeeva is indescribable.

In the Nitya Ras the Lord depends on the SAKHI for the early arrival of Sri Radha into the Ras Mandal. In the Divine-soul Ras too the Lord depends on the Sakhi the representative of Rasa for its consummation.

"Why should you at all worry for a small thing Kanhaiya, I will protect you from everything untoward" comforted Radhaji smilingly".

The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna's tendency is to lead the soul to Radha or RASA.

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