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Rasa Vrindavan

 Rasa Vrindavan
Sri Radhaji's Abode

Rasa Vrindavan

Rasa Vrindavan is the plane of Sri Radhaji's eternal play. It is the plane of Rasa and is embodiment and quintessence of of Sakhi Bhav. Here the Lord and the Sakhis worship Sriji.The Radha Sudha Nidhi says:


Vrindani sarva mahathamapahaya doorad
Vrindatavee manusara pranayena Chetaha
sattarani krutha subhava sudha rasaugham
Radhabhidana miha divya nidha namasti

Oh! Mind, Leave all the renowned paths and follow Vrindavan with love. There you will find a Goddess of Divine Love who is ever ready to elevate the righteous. She is Sri Radha.


-Sri Radha Sudha Nidhi Verse 7


Sree Dham Vrindavan is resplendent in three planes. In the MANIFESTD Universe it is the Earthly Vrindavan. In the UNMANIFESTED realms it is Mano Vrindavan and in the PARA( beyond manifested and unmanifested) it is Bhava Vrindavan. The blessed Saints of Vrindavan behold the eternal play of Radha Krishna in the Man Vrindavan and they serve Sri Radhaji by singing the ever new and ever charming splendors of Her Plays.

The earthly Vrindavan is the reflection of Higher Vrindavan. The ineffable and eternal Divine Ecstasy emanating from the Leela (Plays) of Sri Radhaji cast their reflection and impression upon the Vrindavan Dham on the Earth. That is why the very soil of Vrindavan is so sacred and is different from rest of the world.

We are all familiar with the name of Sri Haridasji, the Guru of singer Tansen. He was a great Rasik Saint and was a manifestation of Lalitha Sakhi. Once a devotee from Punjab came to Vrindavan to have the Darsan of Haridasji at Nidhivan. Swamiji was immersed in Divine Bhava and was looking at the shrubs of the Vana. The devotee came up to him and said ' Swami please take this perfume bottle It has excellent fragrance'. ( The devotee expected to use it in the daily worship of Radhaji). Swamiji took the bottle and next moment threw it into the nearby shrub and went back into Divine Bhava.

The puzzled devotee could not comprehend the act of Swamiji and felt disturbed. After sometime this devotee visited Biharji Temple in Vrindavan. As he was approaching the temple he started feeling the fragrance of the scent bottle that was offered to Swamiji. When he was within the temple he had immersed in intense fragrance.

Immediately he came to Nidihivan and prostrated before Swamiji and prayed him to condone for his misunderstanding. The devotee prayed Swamiji to reveal the play of Radha Krishna that he was viewing in his Divine Vision. Swamiji replied " in the Divya Dham Holi festivities are going on. Suddenly Radhaji was left without any fragrant water in her hands. And I threw that scent into Her hands. The play continued".

The devotee got astonished at the Divine State of Swamy. Swamiji was watching the Higher Divine Play of Radhaji while he was physically present on the Earthly Vrindavan. The scent bottle that was thrown into the bushes reached the Higher Plane.

This is an example as to how the Higher unmanifested Man Vrindavan reflects upon the Earthly manifested Vrindavan.

Singing the glory of Brindavan, the Radha Sudha Nidhi recites:


Radha karaavachita pallava vallareeke
Radha padaanka vilasan madhura sthaleeke
Radha yasomukhara matta khagavaleeke
Radha Vihara Vipine ramatham manome.

Oh! Mind, Leave all the renowned paths and follow Vrindavan with love. There you will find a Goddess of Divine Love who is ever ready to elevate the righteous. She is Sri Radha.


-Sri Radha Sudha Nidhi Verse 13


My mind gets pleasure in the Vihara Bhoomi (place of roaming) of Radhaji. There theleaves of the plants and the shrubs are blessed with the majestic touch of Radhaji. There are glorious places having the imprints of Here Lotus Feet. There are groups of birds engrossed in singing the glorious plas of Radhaji. Only here dwells my mind.

To be continued ..

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