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 Welcome to Rasa Nidhi
1The Ancient State of Jeeva (Being) - Powers it possessed
 1.1Maharshi Bharadwaj
 1.2Kanva Mahamuni
2How the Powerful Jeevathma (Soul) deteriorated?
 2.1Jaya and Vijaya
 2.2Jada Bharatha
 2.3Brahma Deva
 2.4Soubhari Maharshi
3Sarweswari Sri Radha
 3.1Who is Sri Radha?
 3.2Hladini Skhathi
 3.3Madan Mohini Leela
 3.5Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.6Sriji's Jaipur Leela
4How to attain grace of Sri Radha Parameswari
 4.1What is real sadhana (Spiritual Practice)?
 4.2Radhaji's Grace and Devotees
  4.2.1 Boy Rehman
  4.2.2 Shyamananda
  4.2.3 Gulab baba
  4.2.4 King Kulachnadra
5Divine message to readers
How to attain the grace of Sri Radha Parmeswari

Boy Rehman (Continued..)

Mirja Saheb understood the depth of his boy's attachment to Shyamaji. He threatened his boy that he would kill him unless he chanted 'Allah's name and left. The shattered mother said, Rehman If you are adamant even now what would befall on you." He further told his Ammijan "Allah is not my enemy. He too cannot stop the Name coming out of my heart. Though parents did not give me food and the body is bleeding by scores of whips, I cannot leave the sweetness of Shyama Nam said the boy in a choaked voice.

Crying loudly Mother said "without feeding you, how can I take food ? I will fast alongwith you. You are our only son. What a misery befallen on you my dear. We are not your parents. You became an orphan when your mother is alive" saying these words the mother fell unconscious.

Later from within the boy heard "My mother lost her consciousness. This mother is not my real mother. Shyama Nam is my real mother. I have no peace here. My house is not Mathura but Vrindavan. This mother fears at the cruelty of the father. That mother is lovingly calling me. I cannot stay here even a single moment". At the sametime 'Come to vrindavan leaving everything' heard the boy his inner voice. He saluted the mother, fell on the floor and also saluted the house where he was staying until then.

Thus the tiny boy of 8 years started walking towards Vrindavan braving cool breezes of hostile wrinter. Without having taken food for five days, with stains of blood spread our the tender body due to cruel whipping and wearing a small wioin clothe around, he was gently walking towards Vrindavan.

Mother, father and house all got erazed from his memory. After traversing about 8 miles the boy reached Vrindavan. There sitting on the banks of the Yamuna the boy was weeping for 'Shyama'.

That might be around 2 'O' clock in the night. Rehman suddenly saw a circular light in the sky. Through the magestic circle descended a 12, 13 year Divine Girl on the banks of the Yamuna. She came upto Rehman. She had a silver bowl containing a liquid food on one hand and wool clothing on the other. "Lala ! Don't weep. I came here from Shayma. She sent me here for you only. Take this Kheer" saying this way she kept the bowl in his hand. The boy drank it immediately. She tied the wool cloth around his head and ears. "Lala, how are you now "questioned the Divine Girl. "Now, I understood the greatness of this sweet liquid Amma'. All my body pains due to the wounds disappeared. Five six days of hunger vanished. Ma, what is your name? Even hundred mother's love cannot match the love shown by Shayma. By sending you she has removed all my sorrows. Saying this the boy wept inconsolably. The Dive Girl hugged the boy and told, My name is Champakalatha. I am one of the eight sakhis of Radhaji. Dear, what else do you want, tell me ? Then the boy replied 'Ma feeling the love shown by you, my love upon Shyama intensifeid' I cannot live even a moment without beholding Shyama. Ma when will you take me to Shyama. If I cannot see Her I will jump into this Yamuna and die." Said the boy, weeping.

Patting on his shoulder, 'Don't weep my child' I came here only to take you to 'Amma'. I will come again tomorrow night at this time. Near to this place there is a pond called 'Radhakund'. Go there and sit on its bank. A few Yogis are meditating Shyamaji, considering the pond as Shyamaji herself" Champakalathaji said, lovingly. Sister, How great is your love, How great is.... while Rehman saying so, disappeared the Sakhi of Radhaji.

A little distance away from Rehman a disciple of Sri Aurobindo - Shri Pramod Kumar Chatopadhyaya was in meditation. He saw the boy and asked "who are you Dear, How did you come here ? The boy told his entire story to him. The devotional intensity in the boy's life moved the heart and soul of the Yogi. "I have been meditating for a long time. But I am a poor man who cannot get the Grace of Sri Radhaji. Any amount of study or adulthood could not lead me to Her Lotus Feet. I am still here in this world. Oh ! Small boy what a good fortune you got, noneotherthan Radha Sakhi came over here for you, thought the Yogi while tears rolling from his eyes.

That night was passed away. Pramodji took the boy to Radhakund. Next day it was between 2 and 3 hours in the night. Pramodji stood at some distance away from Rehman. As She had promised Champakalathaji descended near Radhakund. She held the hand of Rehman. Both walked a few steps together and both disappeared. Promodji searched all corners of Radhakund and its surroudings until Sunrise. He could not trace Rehman. From there he went upto Sriji Mandir of Vrindavan and wrote a vivid essay on the Divine Life of Bala Rehman. "this is a Great Leela of Sriji" said Pramodji and gave it to the publisher. This essay was later appeared in their magazine 'Sarweswar'.

In the life of Rehman the element of human effort was not present. From the beginning to the end, Radahji's grace followed him. This is one of the unique powers of Sriji. Those devotees who attained Her grace, will not face obstructions in their spiritual progress. 'Karma' cannot enshackle them. She takes that devotee into Her transcendental play (The Nitya Nikunja Leela) who surrenders unto Her with singlemindedness and with Prema Bhakthi. This truth was also revealed in the lives of Shyamandaji Gulabbaba and Maharaja Kula Chandra.




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