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Sri Radhika Prasad Maharajji's Speeches

We are very fortunate to be able to record some of the speeches given by Sri Radhika Prasad Maharaj Ji during the course of his extra-ordinary life spanning over 102 Years. The volume of this recording is very low, you might have to listen to this with significant amplication (loud external apeakers attached to your computer).


Science Of Spirituality
Aspects and Secrets of Science of Spirituality

Language: Telugu

S NoMedia NameDescriptionMedia TypeDownloadDuration
1Nanngaru Speech - Science Of Spirituality 1Audio Download Link  Mins
2Nanngaru Speech - Science Of Spirituality 2Audio Download Link  Mins
3Nanngaru Speech - Science Of Spirituality 3Audio Download Link  Mins
4Sri Krishna Janmastami Speech 31.8.83 (Hindu)Audio Download Link 33 Mins
5On Yearning for Divine - Part 1Audio Download Link 32 Mins
6On Yearning for Divine - Part 2Audio Download Link 31 Mins
7Only Mother....Audio Download Link 33 Mins
8Mind is the reason for man's bondage and liberation - Part 1Audio Download Link 31 Mins
9Mind is the reason for man's bondage and liberation - Part 2Audio Download Link 30 Mins
10Power of Divine Consciousness -Part 1Audio Download Link 47 Mins
11Power of Divine Consciousness -Part 1Audio Download Link 47 Mins
12On ServiceAudio Download Link 33 Mins
13Glory of Yoga - Part 1Audio Download Link 47 Mins
14Glory of Yoga - Part 2Audio Download Link 47 Mins
15Effortless Sadhana - Part 1Audio Download Link 46 Mins
16Effortless Sadhana - Part 2Audio Download Link 46 Mins
17Effortless Sadhana - Part 3Audio Download Link 35 Mins

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